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Why is there no actual report feature on site?
That seems kind of silly. :/

~King Awesome
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Tanillia lacrimosa
Tanillia lacrimosa
happy monday gaia staff :3. I wanted to talk to you guys about the New Rally Racing System. First of all I really Thank you guys for giving it attention. I rally race a big hobby on gaia and the TLC is most appreciated. Now here's where I have some concerns:

With the Number of people jamming together in 1 rally, its hard to race pc wise. My processor lags, slows down and even much as freezes in rally and this problem has effected even when the old rally was here. Is there anyway you guys could fix the system in the racing so that the lagg doesnt cross over . this would really help for ppl like me with "moderately old pcs". I'm not saying its like '95 old but more like 2006 and upish to the best of my knowledge. but i know that this effects all kinds of pcs through the racing community. new or old.

To put it in example: the average racer on the new tracks finish at around 1:24-1:30. But my pc laggs so much that if i finish the race it hits 4 mins. a very radical difference. Thank you for your time.

Hi Everyone. Sorry I'm late.

Hmm. Interesting problem.

I am going to get back to rally soon. I'll have to have a think about it and see what I can do.

For the record codemonkey especially I thank you very much. Many of my friends who have been racers Come to this forum to talk to you guys about our racing issues and you have been the one to answer at least most of them. I also thank you in advance for any future things you decide to so.

on a side note. Anyway we can get more vehicles into the mix like a christmas sleigh or a MOTORCYCLE or at the least more colors and decals for the cars we have now?

Lol, those vehicles sound like a lot of fun. I think the car system may need looking into. We have a very busy year ahead as it is, but I think it is something worth discussing.
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Reiko Iwamaru
Hello Gaia Administrators!

I was reading the TOS and...just curious, since Trolling is against the TOS (And I honestly have no interest in doing this), what is your definition of "Trolling" on Gaia?

Good question! Trolling is deliberately making comments or statements to provoke, aggravate, annoy, or abuse other Gaians. Basically, it is deliberately posting content you know will offend other Gaians, and taking pleasure in making people feel lousy.

Ah. I see, like those trolling memes I see quite often.

Funny in picture though XD However, if the trolling is legitimate, such as here on Gaia, I can see why trolling can be on the TOS.

I've seen a few trolling threads in the Chatterbox, but that was months ago...XD They're all behind in the very back of all those pages now...XD

Thank you very much for your time.

By the way your avatar is adorable. heart
Good evening Staff!

A question I must pose to you.

Considering the Ultimate Game Cards, the ones that I find available to me are $20 cards. Is there any chance that the Payments page is gonna get updated soon so that we can use them?

It is frustratingly difficult to get Zeevex cards and I am ready to give up. But I cannot use the UGCs until the Payments page gets updated.

Sorry the link is actually hard to see, but on the Payments page, don't click on any tabs and look for the button on the bottom right that's labeled "More Options". You'll notice the logo for UGC on the button itself, but pretty hard to see. We'll be improving that flow soon. Sorry for the trouble.

fix that friend invite in monster galaxy its been to long not have a single friend in the game to use the whistles i even invited my self .this problem all started when you removed nova as our friend
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
i has a question sometimes when i log in it says uh oh incorrect log in info but when i type in the words and get logged in none of my items or gold was taken so i think its some kind of glitch in my opinion

Are you just sure you weren't typing in your password incorrectly? Maybe just added an extra letter on accident?

no i made my browser remember my username and password after i type it in so i just type in the letter my name starts with log in and i get logged in

Might have been just a temporary glitch, I wouldn't worry too much as long as you were able to log back onto your account and you haven't lost any items/gold.

oh ok ty
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Luna Rousse
Well admins, here we are once again. Another monday=another question.
RANDOM: If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be and why?
I should have probably reserved this for a site question, but I can't think of any right now.


A wombat or a platypus. Either one would do fine! If I had a platypus though, I'd get a male platypus since they are poisonous. I'd use it as an attack platypus to defend myself against ne'er-do-wells! People would learn to FEAR the poisonous platypus of DOOM and CUTENESS! eek

It's crazy that something so cute is deadly
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Hello everyone!

Valentine's day is coming! Is anyone excited for that?
I never had a valentine but I always love the holiday [:

Also if I could ask,
Is the Rally and Virtual Hollywood combining with no choice of server a permanent change? I guess I just was more fond of the way it was before the change.
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Ciao, ciao~! I am curious, would it rude to ask if we can have some more short, boy style wigs or hairstyles availible on Gaia? I've been personally wanted something in a reddish brown shade, nothing long since we seem to be getting a lot of long wigs lately. Just dropping a suggestion and also...

Recolors of the Idiot hair please? <3
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Will people not from the USA ever be able to get the conventioneer achievement without actually having to travel to the USA?
Not that i don't want to visit your country >.>

You could see if your friend who goes to a convention on the convention tour can get an extra gold card for you.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.WHAT? You mean my....
Oh forget to ask a question XD.....I know HOC is the new and still in beta testing and what have you but is there anything BIG coming to Gaia anytime soon!?
monkey is...missing!!User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Hello everyone!

It's Super Bowl Sunday this weekend. How many of you are planning on watching? I can't help but to notice all the excitement with all the 49'er fans around where I live. I just hope they have better commercials this year. xd
Sorry i did not just the other post i did not want to make a really long post that took up a lot of page space.

So i want to say thank you so much is there any way that i can ether just ask you next week or pm you sometime next week or can you make a topic when you know more about this and let me know what came out of talking with everyone so i can post it in the topic in my sig seeing as i am keeping a log of what is said here so people in the C and T and others can see what steps are being taken to fix what we are trying to have fixed.
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Uncle Kenny
hello admins, any hints for the upcoming valentines event?

There will be love, and hearts, and items, and artwork, and yeah, you'll just have to wait and see for actual details wink

add in waffles for moar love >u
or predapupss

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King Awesomolocity
J 4 C K
Corinth Maxwell
While we're on the subject of "achievements"......I'm hearing talk of a so-called "365 consecutive days" log-in achievement, which is supposed to come directly after the already exceedingly-difficult "Perfect Attendance" achievement. If this is true, then the question I have is this.....Why, exactly, would you create such a ludicrously impossible-to-get achievement, knowing that:

    a.) you have zero guarantees that this site will actually be around long enough for everyone who hasn't yet even dedicated themselves to the "Loiterer" achievement to begin such an arduous task, and
    b.) you know that not everyone on Gaia will even be capable OF logging in every single day for a full year?
It's called an achievement because you're supposed to work for it...

Oh god, I'm so sorry. I always tip posts that I agree with, and I didn't pay attention to who you were until right after I clicked tip. :c
~King Awesome
No worries. That's the only tip I've gotten from you so far.
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Hey I wanted to know are all gaia gold generators fake?
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Evening Gaia staff!! I have a profile issue and a couple of suggestions.

1. First off whenever I try to move pictures on my profile, it only moves inch by inch. And I can't seem to shrink or enlarge my pictures either. I'm not sure if it's my browser, I'm using Google Chrome by the way. Because when I switch to IE everything works just fine with my profile. So I'm wondering if it's the browser or something else.

2. Black recolor of the Juno's Lace.

3. Melon pan!!! heart

4. Can we someday have a carnival/circus RIG! Full of carnival backgrounds, prizes, food stand, more carnival food, etc. And the RIG pet could be a lion.

5. I'm absolutely happy you added the white G-Lol set to our recent GS update. Maybe in future can we get recolors of the stockings and boots that go with the recent set. emotion_kirakira

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