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Hello, hello! 4laugh

Have you found a specific date for the Valentine's Day event yet? If you haven't so, that's okay. Valentine's Day isn't until February 14, so I'll wait and see!

We have.

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Is it possible to eat the entire internet?
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Darc Nightgale

I really like the flowing princess locks, but any hats that I wear do not layer correctly. Anyway we can get a fix for that? emotion_kirakira

Postin' again since I was skipped on page 1.
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Should be fixed~

-Hugs- Omg! Thank you so much.
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J 4 C K
Corinth Maxwell
While we're on the subject of "achievements"......I'm hearing talk of a so-called "365 consecutive days" log-in achievement, which is supposed to come directly after the already exceedingly-difficult "Perfect Attendance" achievement. If this is true, then the question I have is this.....Why, exactly, would you create such a ludicrously impossible-to-get achievement, knowing that:

    a.) you have zero guarantees that this site will actually be around long enough for everyone who hasn't yet even dedicated themselves to the "Loiterer" achievement to begin such an arduous task, and
    b.) you know that not everyone on Gaia will even be capable OF logging in every single day for a full year?
It's called an achievement because you're supposed to work for it...

Oh god, I'm so sorry. I always tip posts that I agree with, and I didn't pay attention to who you were until right after I clicked tip. :c
~King Awesome
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Will people not from the USA ever be able to get the conventioneer achievement without actually having to travel to the USA?
Not that i don't want to visit your country >.>
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Hi Gaia, I have a question? Do you guys still sell the $10 cash cards in stores? I have been looking almost everywhere like CVS, 7-11, & Walgreens but the cards are not there or sold out already. Is there any other stores that does sell Gaia Cash cards & where especially the $10 ones?

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I see you

You see nothing~
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Heil Ausy
Back when the Zurg invaded, there was a new area added to the Maps, just west of Gaia Towns (which was also added) it included a hill with a house on top. What is to become of it? Barton Trench I believe...
In case this hasn't been answered yet...the game zOMG! expanded on this new region. If you're not interested in zOMG!, all you really need to know is that Rancher Bill (remember him?) lives on the northeast side of that area, and the vampire Zhivago uses the house on the hill as a fallback home. Barton Trench splits their properties.
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
How do you report mod abuse?

You can send an e-mail to usertalk@gaiaonline.com
To inquire about how to report or to actually do the report itself?

To actually report it.
Why is there no actual report feature on site?
That seems kind of silly. :/

Because we find e-mail more reliable for this type of thing.
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hello admins, any hints for the upcoming valentines event?

There will be love, and hearts, and items, and artwork, and yeah, you'll just have to wait and see for actual details wink
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Ix Belleza xI
So, I have two suggestions...
1) Is there anyway we could add a magnet to the game, Booty Grab?


2) Is it possible that you create a button to add to all the other formatting buttons that lets you save formatting so it is easier to do - and you don't have to go through the annoying copy and paste method everytime.

Thank you!
If you download the tektek toolbar for firefox, you can do #2.
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Luna Rousse
Well admins, here we are once again. Another monday=another question.
RANDOM: If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be and why?
I should have probably reserved this for a site question, but I can't think of any right now.


A wombat or a platypus. Either one would do fine! If I had a platypus though, I'd get a male platypus since they are poisonous. I'd use it as an attack platypus to defend myself against ne'er-do-wells! People would learn to FEAR the poisonous platypus of DOOM and CUTENESS! eek
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okidoki ty very much

the tickets have been open for a while and after a talk with a mod one was un-blocked but the other wasn't, claiming it wasn't mine, and i'm still confused as to "why"

so i just wait more?

i think it's strange that you think i’m funny 'cause he never did

Zero Omega
We're getting through them ASAP, we don't have a specific time-frame because we're trying to get through so many tickets from many different directions.

Shoot me a PM with the ticket IDs and I'll help you out.
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Zero Omega



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Hi lanzer c:
Idk why my friend got hacked, but she tried to file a hacking and a ticket and we never got help or a response. Can you explain this because she had more than 1m worth of things in her account.

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