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The Enforcer666
Got a couple of questions.

This questions is directed at siskataya. When y'all dropped the notice about the new sponsors for the Gaia Cash, it was also said that there was going to be a contest. The deadline was MONTHS ago but no word yet on who won. Did the winners get notified on the sly? Cause there was no notice that the winners had been chose yet.

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry - I thought I had wrapped that all up! Thank you so, so much for bringing this to my attention. I'll make sure that gets resolved by tomorrow. My apologies for that - certainly I don't want to leave anyone in the lurch! biggrin

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-Will we get soccer jerseys of club teams,like you did in WC 2010?

-Is there a possibility of getting something like VJ?

-I live in Turkey and i rarely see gcash videos. Solution,maybe?
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Zero Omega
How do you report mod abuse?

You can send an e-mail to usertalk@gaiaonline.com
To inquire about how to report or to actually do the report itself?

To actually report it.
Why is there no actual report feature on site?
That seems kind of silly. :/
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okidoki ty very much

the tickets have been open for a while and after a talk with a mod one was un-blocked but the other wasn't, claiming it wasn't mine, and i'm still confused as to "why"

so i just wait more?

i think it's strange that you think i’m funny 'cause he never did

Zero Omega
We're getting through them ASAP, we don't have a specific time-frame because we're trying to get through so many tickets from many different directions.
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how much gold can you make in a day by playing zomg

50,000 gold is the limit :}
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User Image

Is there any way that we can have a "saved sellers" tab in the marketplace ? Thank you ^^

User Image

This is an interesting idea.
I like it.
~King Awesome
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Tanillia lacrimosa
happy monday gaia staff :3. I wanted to talk to you guys about the New Rally Racing System. First of all I really Thank you guys for giving it attention. I rally race a big hobby on gaia and the TLC is most appreciated. Now here's where I have some concerns:

With the Number of people jamming together in 1 rally, its hard to race pc wise. My processor lags, slows down and even much as freezes in rally and this problem has effected even when the old rally was here. Is there anyway you guys could fix the system in the racing so that the lagg doesnt cross over . this would really help for ppl like me with "moderately old pcs". I'm not saying its like '95 old but more like 2006 and upish to the best of my knowledge. but i know that this effects all kinds of pcs through the racing community. new or old.

To put it in example: the average racer on the new tracks finish at around 1:24-1:30. But my pc laggs so much that if i finish the race it hits 4 mins. a very radical difference. Thank you for your time.

Hi Everyone. Sorry I'm late.

Hmm. Interesting problem.

I am going to get back to rally soon. I'll have to have a think about it and see what I can do.

For the record codemonkey especially I thank you very much. Many of my friends who have been racers Come to this forum to talk to you guys about our racing issues and you have been the one to answer at least most of them. I also thank you in advance for any future things you decide to so.

on a side note. Anyway we can get more vehicles into the mix like a christmas sleigh or a MOTORCYCLE or at the least more colors and decals for the cars we have now?
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Will there be anymore collaborations and if possible, can there be more anime collaborations?
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Good evening Staff!

A question I must pose to you.

Considering the Ultimate Game Cards, the ones that I find available to me are $20 cards. Is there any chance that the Payments page is gonna get updated soon so that we can use them?

It is frustratingly difficult to get Zeevex cards and I am ready to give up. But I cannot use the UGCs until the Payments page gets updated.

Sorry the link is actually hard to see, but on the Payments page, don't click on any tabs and look for the button on the bottom right that's labeled "More Options". You'll notice the logo for UGC on the button itself, but pretty hard to see. We'll be improving that flow soon. Sorry for the trouble.

No no

My question was, will you be updating the page to add the option of using the $20 cards? There is a 25$ option, but those cards I cannot find. There was a question about this before and was answered. But there are those of us that would like to know if that option will be added soon.
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Zero Omega
i has a question sometimes when i log in it says uh oh incorrect log in info but when i type in the words and get logged in none of my items or gold was taken so i think its some kind of glitch in my opinion

Are you just sure you weren't typing in your password incorrectly? Maybe just added an extra letter on accident?

no i made my browser remember my username and password after i type it in so i just type in the letter my name starts with log in and i get logged in

Might have been just a temporary glitch, I wouldn't worry too much as long as you were able to log back onto your account and you haven't lost any items/gold.
I have a question. Does buying Gaia Cash from the Gaia Online App work? I recently purchased 500GC for $4.99. It never came, plus it was deducted from my iTunes account. I already submitted a ticket though.. Still want to know though.

Many Gaians purchase through the app on a daily basis, so we're pretty sure that it works, at least most of the time. sweatdrop Please PM me your email that you made the purchase with or your order number and we'll be able to check for you ASAP.
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This is also pertaining to the Ignore update. So now we can't see people that have us on ignore. I know for a pretty good fact that the people I inform their threads are breaking some rule probably have me on ignore. All this does is open a whole new can of worms. Because I can't see them, I can't report their threads for breaking some rule or another. Will we now have more moderating in the forums? Just cause I can't see their threads, doesn't mean they aren't doing things breaking the rules.
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Hi Everyone. Sorry I'm late.

Hmm. Interesting problem.

I am going to get back to rally soon. I'll have to have a think about it and see what I can do.

How are all the towns games looking?

Can we chess yet? (I dont towns enough emo )
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Does "donor status" (i.e., 160k nerf in zOMG! after a 250+ Gaia Cash purchase) last for 30 days after the time of purchase or until the end of the month? I've heard both.

Thanks for your time! I appreciate it, whether or not you answer my question! biggrin

invisifly heart

I believe it is the purchase date.

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