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how much gold can you make in a day by playing zomg
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Another quick question. Is there any way to see ALL of your items at once (on one long scroll down), so things that would normally be on separate pages can stack? The inventory arranger doesn't count because it's too small and items don't stack in it. It'd make it a lot easier to edit invo pictures for inventory sales. sweatdrop
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Corinth Maxwell
While we're on the subject of "achievements"......I'm hearing talk of a so-called "365 consecutive days" log-in achievement, which is supposed to come directly after the already exceedingly-difficult "Perfect Attendance" achievement. If this is true, then the question I have is this.....Why, exactly, would you create such a ludicrously impossible-to-get achievement, knowing that:

    a.) you have zero guarantees that this site will actually be around long enough for everyone who hasn't yet even dedicated themselves to the "Loiterer" achievement to begin such an arduous task, and
    b.) you know that not everyone on Gaia will even be capable OF logging in every single day for a full year?
It's called an achievement because you're supposed to work for it...
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Zero Omega
i has a question sometimes when i log in it says uh oh incorrect log in info but when i type in the words and get logged in none of my items or gold was taken so i think its some kind of glitch in my opinion

Are you just sure you weren't typing in your password incorrectly? Maybe just added an extra letter on accident?

no i made my browser remember my username and password after i type it in so i just type in the letter my name starts with log in and i get logged in
Good evening Staff!

A question I must pose to you.

Considering the Ultimate Game Cards, the ones that I find available to me are $20 cards. Is there any chance that the Payments page is gonna get updated soon so that we can use them?

It is frustratingly difficult to get Zeevex cards and I am ready to give up. But I cannot use the UGCs until the Payments page gets updated.

Sorry the link is actually hard to see, but on the Payments page, don't click on any tabs and look for the button on the bottom right that's labeled "More Options". You'll notice the logo for UGC on the button itself, but pretty hard to see. We'll be improving that flow soon. Sorry for the trouble.
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I see you
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Sleet Tempest Snape
Evening Gaia staff.

I really only got one question, or perhaps two really.

Are we gonna see special Chinese new year items? And are we gonna see any special, and new, valentines day items?

You'll have to wait and see~

Ok, sounds good. ^__^
Hope you have a good Valentines day.

Does "donor status" (i.e., 160k nerf in zOMG! after a 250+ Gaia Cash purchase) last for 30 days after the time of purchase or until the end of the month? I've heard both.

Thanks for your time! I appreciate it, whether or not you answer my question! biggrin

invisifly heart
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King Awesomolocity
~King Awesome

You know it! scream

I tease, I tease! How are you today? Glad you could stop by ^^

Pretty good.

I try to stop by each week. :3 If I can't think of any important questions I usually ask about their Gaia hobbies. User Image

I also end up spending close to 1,000g on good questions / witty replies. For example, Uncle Kenny's answer to the Valentine's Event starting "next month" was pretty humorous to me.
And the Admen thing.

ANYWAYS, I'm good. And how are you?
~King Awesome
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Hmmm...Superbowl. Not worried about who wins, as long as we all have yum_bacon BACON! yum_bacon Also bacon flavored products!

So, who are the admins pulling for? Any office pools going on there yet?
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Darc Nightgale

I really like the flowing princess locks, but any hats that I wear do not layer correctly. Anyway we can get a fix for that? emotion_kirakira

Postin' again since I was skipped on page 1.
User Image
User Image

Should be fixed~
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How did the tires get into the lakes cuz they where here way before cars?
RepubIika Srbija
What are the chances of Gaia Ever obtaining Slavic Themed items.As An American of Serbian Descent id like to see some of these items.

Our recent gold shop update has some items with a northern Slavic flavour.

As for southern Slavic, if you have some examples in mind, it never hurts to make a suggestion thread about it. 3nodding

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