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Finally I get to post something biggrin
(every time I go to ask its already done . ___ .)
Ok, so I know this question has nothing to do with the site in general, but here it is:

The RL shop Gaia use to have where you could buy actual clothes and stuff...what ever happened to that?

The company we had contracted to help us took our merchandise and ran off with it and owes us money, essentially. However, the Gaia artists have a Red Bubble shop you can check out.
Thanks for the info. I'll be looking into the problem with the team to see if they are all just bugs. I know that there are some changes made for security reasons to remove javascript and what not, but not all of them should be related to security changes.

Contest and Guild
Hello everyone!

It's Super Bowl Sunday this weekend. How many of you are planning on watching? I can't help but to notice all the excitement with all the 49'er fans around where I live. I just hope they have better commercials this year. xd
Hey lanzers remember last week when i said the parser needs fixing and if you can fix it or give us in the C and T an update on when it by chance can be fixed.

This topic right here is a list of the things wrong with the parser.


This is a small idea with out going to the link of what we are asking for and what we know is broken.

Some of the problems i know about:
- it removes semicolons after closing parenthesis.
- it removes backslashes, one at a time. That is, if you have a double backslash one of them stays until you edit the post or it is quoted.
- it completely ignores the number of spaces in code tags
- quotation marks followed by a parenthesis usually causes a smiley (More specifically the smiley that comes from semicolon + closing parenthesis. That's probably because the quotation mark is broken down into a string of characters that ends with a semicolon and then the parser ******** up.)
- there's some more funny behavior with certain characters, but i can't remember any specifics atm.

I asked the regs and people who know the most in the C and T in this topic.about what is wrong with the parser and ways to fix it.

I also want to know that people here have told me that panagrammic did some poking around on this topic at one point but no changes or fix had been made.

What I would like to know is.Is there any chance that the things listed can be fixed.So that we in the C and T can use the system to help the people with there tech problems and questions.We in the C and T main forum need these fixed more then the rest of the site needs it i think and i feel that way.
I am looking forward to what you have to say on this matter.

You asked for a better understanding of my question last week here it is.
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happy monday gaia staff :3. I wanted to talk to you guys about the New Rally Racing System. First of all I really Thank you guys for giving it attention. I rally race a big hobby on gaia and the TLC is most appreciated. Now here's where I have some concerns:

With the Number of people jamming together in 1 rally, its hard to race pc wise. My processor lags, slows down and even much as freezes in rally and this problem has effected even when the old rally was here. Is there anyway you guys could fix the system in the racing so that the lagg doesnt cross over . this would really help for ppl like me with "moderately old pcs". I'm not saying its like '95 old but more like 2006 and upish to the best of my knowledge. but i know that this effects all kinds of pcs through the racing community. new or old.

To put it in example: the average racer on the new tracks finish at around 1:24-1:30. But my pc laggs so much that if i finish the race it hits 4 mins. a very radical difference. Thank you for your time.
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I have clicked on the link at the bottom of the screen that says "Advertise with us" and used it to send e-mails several times to advertise my book, 7th Moon, but I have yet to get a response, either yes or no. Is there any way I can get a formal advertisement on this site?
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hi admins i had a question about a possible item idea that me and a friend thought of
Me and my friend had created a group entry that is entirely devoted to dolls. I decided i wanted to do and original entry of a broken doll. Looking around for items i realized that there are doll items such as little lucie, lovely lucie, couple of marionette items, but not a single item for broken dolls.
So what i am asking is
Is it possible to create an item with broken doll parts?
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How do you report mod abuse?

You can send an e-mail to usertalk@gaiaonline.com
To inquire about how to report or to actually do the report itself?
Zero Omega
Pandy Quin
hello staff
it has been 3 weeks since I filed a ticket regarding my account that was taken from me permanently due to the misunderstanding in the ip linking system. please tell me if theres a chance it will be looked at? do i need to file another?

thanks =]

Send me a PM with the ticket ID and I can see where your ticket is.

sent..thanks for replying 3nodding
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so about my question..i gave an account blocked due to a 2 year hiatus

how long does it take you to get through that??

i think it's strange that you think i’m funny 'cause he never did
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Niccolo Ammaniti


Sooo you did a nice job with the backwings. Mad props there. Are you planning anything else on that level for alchemy?

Omg I like the art! Where from? Shop link?
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.WHAT? You mean my....
Hola xP
monkey is...missing!!User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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I want to ask something about the 2012 Christmas event. Unlike most events, there were more prizes for one side than the other, and getting the achievement for one side took fewer moves than the other. Events are usually balanced, what was the reason for the change?
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~King Awesome
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hello admins, any hints for the upcoming valentines event?

Sorry, I know nothing about this! Nothing! ninja
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Hello Gaia Administrators!

I was reading the TOS and...just curious, since Trolling is against the TOS (And I honestly have no interest in doing this), what is your definition of "Trolling" on Gaia?
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any chance we'll get more tarot items?

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