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How far in the PM queue am I? xd

Its not super important but I would like to know if I'm doing it right. o.o b

If you just sent it today, probably a day or two, if not a bit longer. xd

Not bad then. lol

6 minutes before midnight cool


Don't get your hopes up too high. ;P


I know what last minute means. hahaha

Like at work today. Got there 2 minutes before my shift started.

The boss totes noticed. <<;;
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Castiel Lover
Waffles companion!

Couple ideas I have brewing around:

1. Separate Gaia Exchange forums. I've noticed an air of "if you aren't selling cheap to resellers, you don't belong here. Go to the Marketplace" around the Gaia Exchange. It would be nice if there was a "Sell fast and cheap" forum and a "sell without tax for decent prices" forum, separate from each other.

2. What do you think of having a soul bound gold shop, where you can buy expensive rare things for quite a bit of gold, still, but they cannot be traded to other accounts, ever? Things that are so rare you can never hope to get them would be attainable through this, and it would be a gold sink because the items are not tradable.

Not a football fan.

1. It's something we can consider if we see an actual need for it.

2. Dunno, not my place to say on this one.

1. Try setting up a shop in exchange and see all the horrible offers you get. Then say you want near marketplace prices. See the reactions you get from some of the "exchangers." It's beyond rude how some of these people think you don't belong there unless you are selling for around 30-40% off market prices.

There's not too much me can actually do about people giving you bad offers, the whole idea between Exchanging and Vending is to buy low and sell high to make a profit. However, we'll take a look into things and see if it's something we can do.

I get that, and that's why I suggest two separate selling places. One for the venders who are there to make profit off desperate sellers (isn't that what all the "buying with $$$" threads in Wanted was for?), and one for normal people who have more than 20 items to sell and want to avoid the tax, but still sell at decent prices.
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Hello, hello! 4laugh

Have you found a specific date for the Valentine's Day event yet? If you haven't so, that's okay. Valentine's Day isn't until February 14, so I'll wait and see!
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hello admins, any hints for the upcoming valentines event?
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So, I have two suggestions...
1) Is there anyway we could add a magnet to the game, Booty Grab?


2) Is it possible that you create a button to add to all the other formatting buttons that lets you save formatting so it is easier to do - and you don't have to go through the annoying copy and paste method everytime.

Thank you!
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Sooo you did a nice job with the backwings. Mad props there. Are you planning anything else on that level for alchemy?
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Drop Dead Andy V2
I remember when siskataya was a cber #whathappen?

Nah, I wasn't. I was a "Word Games" person which at the time was part of GD. So I guess I was a GD'er. Mull THAT one over! #rollinglikeaboss #ohhaiGDitsSisky

Mostly, I was a C&T'er - that was my "home forum" biggrin
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what is the best way to make custom items good enough for crossstich shop?
and how can i get things voted on and accepted quickly?
Hello good sir,

As an old regular who stopped coming on as much a couple years ago. I started logging in again recently and ended up buying a MC just for old times sake.

I noticed that doing so no longer removes ads from the site. sad

Ever consider bringing an option to have them removed again for people that buy so much in gaia cash?

I'm sure this will be answered multiple times but click the box that says disable ads.

Thank you, I'm a silly person.
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OuO what ish the fabulous new rare prize in the nomination?
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i has a question sometimes when i log in it says uh oh incorrect log in info but when i type in the words and get logged in none of my items or gold was taken so i think its some kind of glitch in my opinion
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          So it's exactly three weeks until you guys celebrate birthday number ten for the site. Surely you guys must be getting excited around the office. Do you have any big to do planned for around the office on February eighteenth? Also, will the celebration on the site be a big blow out or a quiet affair like past years? It's not every day a site like this one survives for ten years.

Il SeA lI
User Image

For years the "Scar of the Coward" User Image item has created dispute in the Gaia Community.
The Gaia Staff has explained what the real meaning of the concept "Scar of Coward" is ,
it comes from a Japanese Anime Concept User Image.
There are quite a few people who watch anime and are familiar with all those concepts but for some the concept is unknown.

There have been quite a few threads addressing this item and interpreting it to be a insult to those that have a history of past suicide attempts and or cutting, a simple fix to this would prevent any future forums on this subject.
This minor change will only take a couple minutes of your time.
can you clarify in the description that this item is anime related?

Suggestion for a New Item Description:

"Cowards run away to fight another day. This doesn't mean they won't stand up for what's right, they'll just do it with trembling knees." User Image

Suggestions for the Name Change:

A) Scars of Life

B) Battle Scars User Image

C) Scars of Bravery User Image

D) Survivor's Scars

E) Fake Scar

F) Scar of a Liar

G) Scar of Remembrance

H) Tattoo Scarring (Forearm)

I) Scarface

J) Scar of shame

K) Scar of war

L) Scar of the weakling
no offence bro but people who cut themselves are cowards. -Swag

Thanks, i hope Admins see this comment to help them make a better decision. heart

Lanzer? are you there ?
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Stupid Reasons
King Awesomolocity
Stupid Reasons
Why does npc flynn get to generate items and sell them?
and why do half the people that bid on them dont exist?

Im a vender and it just bothers me a little

Flynn generates items off of unused / banned accounts to try to regulate prices. Personally I don't care, unless they start releasing Angelic Halos or some other s**t, because any person who deals with the economy on Gaia will NOT be happy.

And I'm fairly certain that the people who bid on them DO exist. If the account is a dummy, it's probably a mule that they use for fear of getting hacked or something.
~King Awesome

thanks for the info but about the unused accounst because i have an old account im still trying to get back and i dont want my stuff sold same with my friend they left to go on a lds mission for 2 years and is coming back and wont be happy to lose items>? thanks for awnsering

Personally, I don't really bother with Flynn's store. Most deals aren't too great because all great deals get noticed early by other vendors. xd
~King Awesome
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Is it already that time again??? gonk

No love for it here; my sport du jour is baseball. smile

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