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Zero Omega
i was stalking lanzers post at 11pm my time, then i looked at an old ATA and saw it starts at 12 because of daylight savings. rofl

i have received 2 big donations from the same person at different times. one being 1m+ in gold & an item worth 2m.
im kind of scared this gold is not legit.
can someone help me find out about this? gonk
i dont want to be banned!

If the gold ends up being illegitimate, and you aren't connected to the way it was obtained or to the person who sent it, then the very worst that will happen is that you'll have your trades temporarily disabled until we can remove it. If you don't trust the source of the donation, send it back, otherwise, just feel free to use it.
it was a donation. xD
the guy seems to be donating to everyone. his comments on his profile are all 'thanks so much'
and stuff like that.
the account join date was 20th January & he was selling a pair of DJ's, now hes giving away the gold he got from the DJ's.
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Stupid Reasons
Why does npc flynn get to generate items and sell them?
and why do half the people that bid on them dont exist?

Im a vender and it just bothers me a little

Flynn generates items off of unused / banned accounts to try to regulate prices. Personally I don't care, unless they start releasing Angelic Halos or some other s**t, because any person who deals with the economy on Gaia will NOT be happy.

And I'm fairly certain that the people who bid on them DO exist. If the account is a dummy, it's probably a mule that they use for fear of getting hacked or something.
~King Awesome

thanks for the info but about the unused accounst because i have an old account im still trying to get back and i dont want my stuff sold same with my friend they left to go on a lds mission for 2 years and is coming back and wont be happy to lose items>? thanks for awnsering
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega

How far in the PM queue am I? xd

Its not super important but I would like to know if I'm doing it right. o.o b

If you just sent it today, probably a day or two, if not a bit longer. xd

Not bad then. lol

6 minutes before midnight cool


Don't get your hopes up too high. ;P
What are the chances of Gaia Ever obtaining Slavic Themed items.As An American of Serbian Descent id like to see some of these items.
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Why is it so hard to get good cards in Heralds Of Chaos? And now the packs are kind of expensive.
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Are there any plans to make the way we accept or decline requests on the My Gaia page less irritating? It's a big hassle that you have to click through two screens now instead of just the one click and your done.

I second this, it's been really making me angry that I have to do more steps to do something that was a one click and your done before. Why would you guys make something harder?
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Uncle Kenny
Update the guilds system pretty please, it could really use an easier way to search for posts and keep track of when someone has posted. I'm always forgetting to post and the guilds get so cold >.<

Updating Guilds is on our list of to-dos for this year so it'll happen eventually!
Yay!! at least it's on the list. What the top of the list??
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Back when the Zurg invaded, there was a new area added to the Maps, just west of Gaia Towns (which was also added) it included a hill with a house on top. What is to become of it? Barton Trench I believe...

What are the odds of new items for hair ribbons appearing if I had to ask?
Also, when can we expect the Mutual Friends button to be back to functioning conditions?
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I have two questions.
Bloodlust within the zOMG instance has a glitch popularly called the "g glitch" because she follows right on top of anyone who has her aggro, such as someone continually pressing the g-key in game. Is this in the plans to be fixed? As well as the fact that none of her bats show up in som instances?

Next. I there any plans to release a 10 dollar EI soon?
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Hello good sir,

As an old regular who stopped coming on as much a couple years ago. I started logging in again recently and ended up buying a MC just for old times sake.

I noticed that doing so no longer removes ads from the site. sad

Ever consider bringing an option to have them removed again for people that buy so much in gaia cash?

You can check the option here.
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Hey, can you re-think some of the ignore-list updates?

I don't think I'm on anyone's ignore list but I'd be pissed if I couldn't see the threads of someone who did ignore me. What if someone elects themselves to make a guide/resource or an item list and you're barred from seeing it just because they've ignored you? Fair enough if you can't reply but it's not like people are allowed to make multiples of item lists or guides and people can 'ignore' you for stupid reasons such as your sexuality.
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i contribute.....why do i have to see annoying ads on the log in screen?

I'd have to imagine because it's because... You're probably not logged in.

more to the point...why are there ads on the log in screen? we're ad inundated as it is. rolleyes
When will the app be updated?
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How do you report mod abuse?

You can send an e-mail to usertalk@gaiaonline.com

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