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Hello everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed the recent shop update and the manga update. We're on track in rolling out more manga update soon, and for those of you who are spending time on the new art request forum, please give us continual feedback so we can keep making improvements.

Let's get started with this week's ATA!
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Hi, Lanzer.

1. When is Case of Pietro going to evolve?

2. When is it going to have its awesome finale?

3. Why isn't Reapersun's workload being lightened so she can finish this ei?

4. If we can't have a finale any time soon, could all the poses from each gen down be opened? Many of us are just wanting older poses to be unlocked.

Edit: Also, dumpster dive and the manga update are awesome! Thanks for getting them out to us heart
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

AskED the Admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
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Gonna start this off with some positive notes
Thanks so much for the manga update!It was too funny.
I'm loving dumpster dive!I had just as much fun cleaning out my invo as I did diving for stuff
Thank you thank you thank you for gold shop belts that layer OVER out shirts!

1. I'm loving dumpster dive, but why was the "trash item" option taken away?
2. Is Zhivago going to get what's coming to him? Is Gino gonnakick his a**?
3. Any guild updates in the future?
4. I found a year old pack of crackers in my pantry that were still good. Pass it along to Jelldgy so he can take care of it please?
Hi hi Lanzer and everyone! I brought spaghetti! Why spaghetti, you ask?...well, my brother ate all the cookies. sweatdrop

-Look what I got! biggrin
-Whatever happened to the days when the plot was the focus of the site? We want [old-style; serious, engaging, myth-arc-type] plot! sad
-Are you suuure you don't have any openings for a coffee-and-donut-fetching intern? ninja
-Has anyone ever noticed that Kaya the Cat resembles Majora's Mask? Compare here.
-What's the hidden criteria for featured avatar selection? Does it need to be expensive? Do those in charge favor clutter over streamlining? Does it have to have one or more very recent cash items? Does the person selecting them just really hate blue? There is obviously some secret checklist, and it needs to be made public.
Hello everyone!

I wanted to start by thanking all for the fishing update, new fish, new items; love them! Specially hellfish!! 3nodding On that note though, Fishing was soft launched on Dec 16, 2010. The dev notice said that if everything went ok, the full announcement and a landing page would be released the following day. Since that date till today, there have been plenty of "following days", yet nothing has been done. xp Any ETA on when will fishing fully updated? crying

Also, what happened with the new rods? The fishing update promised new rods, are those coming anytime soon?
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Hi Lanzer! ^_^ Hope your Monday is going good.

Thank you guys for the new fishies last month, they're sooo cute! 4laugh

But I had a question about that. We got all the pretty fishies, but we didn't get the Angelic Rod cry Panagrammic even said the announcement and everything was ready to go out last month:

Panagrammic on December 17th, 2010
Fishing Bug Fixes
We've soft launched the fishing again -- this fixes problems with IE8, chat, and bucket saves. Please try it out -- if this looks good we'll roll out the landing page early next week. Rumors that your catch rate improves if you wear an ugly Christmas sweater are unsubstantiated.

Did Gaia forget about the Angelic Rod and our announcement? I thought all of that was supposed to come together sad
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Hi Lanzer, thanks for the new manga.

Any more manga in the next two to three weeks?
Will we have new NPC Valentine photo this year? (Really want a new one of Gino)
How's Towns v.2 coming along?
What will come first to connection zOMG more, manga or achievement?
Really like the 15 dollar EI, why was it price that way?
Will Peyo conclusion be a R.I.G?

That all I have to ask.
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Asks the Admin

Here are some questions from one of Gaia's biggest and best zOMG! clans!

1) If zOMG!'s development does come to a permanent end, as has been threatened lately, what would that mean for the game's beta status? Would there never be a proper Version 1.0 release?

2) Are there any plans for future zOMG! expansions to allow for us to increase our Rings beyond CL 10?

3) Other than the Sweetheart, Fortune's Favor and Sugar Rush Rings, there are still plenty of copies of the original forty Rings that are not soulbound. I think they're mostly used as investments by hardcore Marketplace vendors. Is Gaia content to let those unsoulbound Rings lie around as they are, or will we wake up some day and find out they've been auto-soulbound as well?
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Yes I have a question with Tiles.

In the game of Tiles the game goes and keeps a score so I would like to know dose Gaia plan on making some kind of trophy and such the way they have for the Fishing? Or is the score just something put in for the fun of it?
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Do not skip this please!

What’s going on with the Timmy EI?

Why did Timmy suddenly stop having full evolutions? The last real one was May 12th. Since then it’s been mini-evo after mini-evo. Unless you own a 1st gen Timmy, you’re screwed. People who have later gens of Timmy haven’t received an update in more than half a year.

Why is this EI being treated so horribly? Last I recall you guys offered us the option to vote on Timmy’s fate and part of those choices was to make Timmy an EI. Well the majority won out and Timmy was made into an EI. So why now are you guys only doling out 1 pose and calling it a full evolution? Last I checked a full evolution triggered an update to all later gens, not only the first.

We Timmy owners would either like a REAL evolution of Timmy that triggers later gen updates (this can be done by updating it per awkward phase instead of per pose), or make all later gens a 1st gen and unlock all previous poses.

And when I mention phases and poses, I don’t mean pre-existing ones. Regardless of a difference in a pixel or two, it’s basically the same pose that already exists in another item. I’m talking about the Goatee in particular. Gro-gain already has it. There is no point in placing it in this item. The person in charge of Timmy really needs to check out the feedback concerning this item. There are multiple threads showing great displeasure in how this item is treated, giving suggestions, and it also helps to look up Timmy via search to see more:

Timmy 2nd gen (this is getting ridiculous)

I want to talk to somebody with authority about Timmy

Timmy: you call this an evolution?


This is unfair treatment of this EI and cheapens the point in buying/owning one. We owners would like to have a full evolution the next time it evolves.

Sorry it’s a bit long. But this has been building up for a while and I feel this really needs to be cleaned up and put back on track.
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Feelin'better? °3°

Would you happen to be working on some Journal post detailing what's to come, what Gaia is working on?

Has Gaia grown too big?
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▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄
Oh, iℓ teмアo ƒuori è teяяibile,
мα iℓ fuoco è così 「beℓℓo」,

Woot first page...

Now on to serious matters because well, what I have to ask is rather important (regarding the rules)

Earlier today, there was a thread in the SF about these shops that sell sigs. I know that we have a lot of sig shops. But the shops the user was talking about were the ones that were selling Gold for sigs with pictures of a girl's chest (she is wearing a bra in all of these).

The issue with these shops is that there are many users here on Gaia who are under the age of 18 and if a minor creates a shop where they are selling picture of their chest, it can be considered distribution of child pornography.

But then there are alos userw who are over the age of 18 and they could as well be making these shops and giving them to minors (and vis versa). Do you plan on fixing this issue because I personally do not feel that a minor should be viewing that, especially when they are still giggling at the proper terms of the sexual reproductive organs.

Which also brings me to an other matter, because it is too long, I will just leave a link. Very first post on that page.

This is very frustraiting for me, and other users. I have family that is around 13 and they do see me on Gia. But I do not want them no Gaia because of how Gaia treats their own rules. Can you please reinforce them or at least make them more clear for all of us because there is obviously something the matter when something this simple is split so severely.

Also, if you are still sick, I hope you get better soon.

E アoiché αββiαмo иessuи アosto dove αиdαre,
ℓet It Sиoω, ℓet It Sиoω, ℓet It 「Sиoω」!

▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
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One of Gaia's most vexing problems, a failure to communicate with itself, struck in fantastic style with one of this month's Monthly Collectibles. Depending on where you look, the Ascended Demon is based on two very different concepts:

Item Description
By way of a strange blessing ceremony, this once sultry demon has become an agent of justice. Her horns and wings, as well as a temper as sharp as her tail, still remain, though they gleam with holy light.

Monthly Collectibles ad page
Many an innocent soul has been corrupted by the voluptuous Ascended Demon. She masquerades as an angel, tricking unwitting lads into a night of regret. And though it looks like she'd get cold being dressed so scantily, the fires of damnation keep her uncomfortably warm even in the deep of winter!

How could this have been avoided? What needs to change in Gaia HQ so that information collisions like this don't happen?
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Any chance that there will ever be a shop for facial hair? Maybe an extension to the Salon?

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