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Draygon vs Snake
Was wondering if you guys could ever make a forum folder for Cooks to share recipes and stuff?
this sounds good! ((if we dont already have one))
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How long do you have to wait for a ticket to have a solution suggestion?
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do you have plans to fix the backwing formula drop rate from alchemist cases? i am trying to get the fallen back wing quest and ive opened 19 so far and gotten nothing over 25k x.x i know you planning a update for alchemy but i dont know much about it and im wondering how what that update is as well
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SiCotic Oz
Wondering if any talk about making new rares for the fishing game has occurred.

Also, for trophys, some people have a complete set, and thats a real accomplishment, it would probably be cool if they got an option to display the complete set almost like an "I am" pose, without the avatar.

We don't have any plans to update Fishing currently.
Why are the flash spaces so slow now? Nothing was wrong with them and they worked great - now the loading screens take forever and sometimes time you out, then every screen your speed is automatically set to the default turtle speed. It's a big inconvenience now sad

Also when is Alchemy going to be worked on? I'd like to get into it but most individual ingredients are worth more than my entire avatar.
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Uncle Kenny
Are we going to have a Valentine's Day event this year?

Indeed you are.

Very nice. User Image
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Hoshina Utau120
Are you really going to get rid of Towns 1? D:

Yes, please see my post above.
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Hello, first time posting in ATA but it was suggested in the Q&A forum so here it goes; bear with me.

Anyway, here's my story: right after Christmas I noticed that when I click on the Gaia Cash tree and then select "Watch Videos" that all of the sites that offers GC like Socialvibe (I believe that's the name of one of them) would disappear much like it does when it doesn't have any videos available. I thought that this was perhaps because of the new year and that eventually they'd have more videos available. It's been almost a month and still just about every site except for two (Volume11 & TokenAds) disappear and don't let me complete offers. Aside from that though, when it comes to completing offers via the two sites that remain, they do not grant me the GC they claim I have earned.

As suggested by one user I contacted the site that provided the offers but all they wanted to know was if I wanted to use their services to advertise my own (non-existent) site. Nonetheless I filled out a message for them explaining my situation but have not heard back from there nor have they granted me any of the GC that they had said I had earned.

Another thing I find bothersome is that Gaia offers support for traditional offers like surveys but not for videos which are the only offers I complete on a day to day basis. Please fix this if you can and if you're not able to please take this up with someone who can. I'm afraid that no one is aware of this problem despite there being multiple posts about it in the Q&A so I know that I am not the only one.

Thank you for your time.
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Any progress on the Timid achievement glitch being fixed?
it was fixed a while ago, i believe ; o;
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Why can't you subscribe to forums in guilds?
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hi staff and admins,
Im wondering how my friend's request of lifting ban doing?
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Are you guys going to make anymore cool items? LOL JS
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Draygon vs Snake
Was wondering if you guys could ever make a forum folder for Cooks to share recipes and stuff?
this sounds good! ((if we dont already have one))

I don't think we do
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great bundles to starting this new year Gaia! (: and, happy Martin Luther King day! Can't wait until towns 2 is fully developed with the homes and glad that towns 1 is going to be gone!
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Hello everyone!

How many of you get a day off at Martin Luther King Jr Day? Since there's no school today BigLanky was able to drop by Gaia HQ for lunch and hang out with everyone. He said hi to everyone and said he's introduced a student to Gaia, so he's doing his job. biggrin

Let's get started with today's ATA thread!
the founder of gaia surprised
hello! c;
whats it like to be 1 in 4 founders of Gaia Online?
you were, right? xD

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