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ok so i had this account frozen due to my hiatus, i finally was able to talk to someone directly about my long ticket wait and here i have it back

the problem is, my mule, where i hoarded a lot of my stuff because i was so paranoid about hacking / scamming, is still with a ticket open and unresolved...

how long does it normally take you to get back to someone with a long hiatus and all the info that just wants to recover their account??

i think it's strange that you think i’m funny 'cause he never did
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gonk Got bronchitis, so sick. Hope you guys have avoided this season's bugs.

Anywhoo, any chance we'll be able to try on potions in the MP, shop, and dress up areas any time soon?

It's being looked into 3nodding
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Profile Glitches

The glitch is with the Current profile content editor. It glitches a few different ways. One of which is very common and easy to fix. It'll grab content from the media and/or custom panels and throw it into the default CSS background. The other, not so easy to fix and fairly rare. It moves content to areas of the profile is should not be in. For instance, column_3 into column_2 or column_3 into a panel of column_2. It also can cause duplicate panels, panels inside of panels, panels completely out of the three columns. It'll also grab other parts of the HTML and put them into places it should not be in as seen in the image in the spoiler below.
User Image
That glitch happened on this users profile, http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/precious-miracle-bunny/35431995/. I have seen these types of glitches before, one of which grabbed the column_3 and made it a sibling element of what is suppose to be the parent element

That user still has their profile glitched

The profile system in general is very old and needs a lot of work. XD

When time allows we'll see if it can get some much needed fixes but at the moment I can't say when that would be. :/
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Hi! I've heard many people complain about how Gaia is releasing too many items. Around 20 per week on average. I mean, to all the hoarders and vendors out there, they find it difficult to deal with. With all the new items coming out, they all forget about the old items.
So, is there anyway you guys can change that?
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Just lurking cat_4laugh
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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

I hope everyone's weekend was fine and dandy! The play I have been helping out with ended over the weekend, so I had been busy, which also meant that I spent the weekend at my friend's house and away from home (which is only about ten minutes from home, regardless).

I am too scatter brained to think of questions other than the obvious request for Rocky Horror items... XP

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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Are we going to have a Valentine's Day event this year?

Indeed you are.
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Are you really going to get rid of Towns 1? D:
It would be nifty if you could clean up the tattoo shop screen... I mentioned last ATA about making an icon for each tattoo you could get, with a drop down box for each colour you could get it in, like the poses for an item

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ohhh why cant you tax the rich and not the poor mrgreen
Because that's not fair.
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Hello! I usually read these afterwards, but I decided to drop in today.

Mostly cause I have things to ask about the Gaia Blog team. I think it could be fun, but I'd like to know how often a team member would need to contribute an article. Personally, I think I could write up something once a month, although not for certain. Also, would an advice column parody work? Because I love writing humor.

Whether I decide to join the team or not, I do have one particular article that I really want to submit... but it would be best for a certain date in a couple of months. Would that be fine, say if I submitted it a week or two in advance and added the request for that date?
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Any progress on the Timid achievement glitch being fixed?
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Hello! are you removing town or it's still unclear?

We will be, but not until Towns 2 is ready.

Narumi posted today:

Towns 1 won't be removed until I'm satisfied most issues, missing features and concerns have been addressed. I intend to give Gaian's a full 1 month notice via announcement that Towns 1 is going to be removed before actually doing so. It's our hope that Towns 2 will be so awesome that when that time does come most will have already left it.

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Uncle Kenny
gonk Got bronchitis, so sick. Hope you guys have avoided this season's bugs.

Anywhoo, any chance we'll be able to try on potions in the MP, shop, and dress up areas any time soon?

It's being looked into 3nodding
emotion_awesome AWESOME, thanks!
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So this isn't so much a question as a concern.

I recently tried to buy Gaia Cash and.... it didn't work.
I reported it in the bugs forum and found out that I'm not the only one having this problem.

So I'm just kinda wondering if your aware of this issue and if your doing anything to resolve it.
'cus I'm not sure if I was charged for the purchases and didn't get the cash, or if I wasn't charged at all. And... well... I tried a few times so I kinda wound up purchasing more than I really meant to. sweatdrop

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