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Narumi Misuhara
Angel Ein
Anything you can say about alchemy?

Only what's here: Thanks!]http://www.gaiaonline.com/journal/?mode=view&post_id=34246199&u=13865022
Thanks! mrgreen
Thank you for joining us for today's ATA! We'll see you all next week!
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1. Yeah, but it's not on the short term list. Another issue is there is no way to have "friends" between FB and Gaia -- not sure what to do about that.

2. Unit icon thread? There's shouldn't be any missing units at this point.

4. Well, we've tried to fix some of the egregious stuff (i.e., forfeit out of battle not granting essence for the units in battle). There also didn't seem to a real clear consensus in the discussion thread. We'll take a look after FB.

Gavyn the Mighty
For any and all of the developers and artists here, if you play HoC, what is your favorite faction?


1]Has there been any discussion since the prior ATAs on the possible implementation of an ignore list in HoC?

2]After the new herald additions last week.. the factions are unbalanced unit wise (Avalon 25,

3]Flameborn and Hellspawn 24), the unit icon thread however, shows an unused icon for each of the latter two factions… when can we expect for those cards to be implemented/the factions to be balanced again unit wise?

4]Any update on the proposal to change the essence rewards… i.e. have there been any conclusions made on it?

5]Gracewar7, if you are here… I sent you a PM the other day; I know you haven’t had time to fully respond to it addressing what I discussed in it… but I was wondering if I could get a quick answer as to whether that is something that could possibly be considered? (There is no need to give full details on what was discussed in the PM, however, as it probably isn’t relevant at this time.)


6]With regards to the very, very new pack update… I know odds aren’t given out… but if you could compare the three new packs to the packs prior to the update…what are they most similar too?

7]The gold pack says ‘moderate’ chance at a rare… is that a 3*?

8]For the gold pack, is the moderate chance, just that… a chance instead of assuring a rare?
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Okay i see what you mean (: uhh but my thing is what items do you find awesome?
because the items are find for males that are cool are EXPENSIVE cry
like the items are like are : Jekyll, Shinjuku /Shibuya, La Bella Figura those items
they make me look sophisticated. But what items do you like for males?

Well, I admit, I am not into fancy-type clothes - I kind of like chunky Jack'd pants, and some funky gold shop stuff. If you want to continue this discussion, please pm me because I'd love to know more and have more feedback. Alas, I have been up since 4am today and have to go home now biggrin

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