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Hello everyone!

How many of you get a day off at Martin Luther King Jr Day? Since there's no school today BigLanky was able to drop by Gaia HQ for lunch and hang out with everyone. He said hi to everyone and said he's introduced a student to Gaia, so he's doing his job. biggrin

Let's get started with today's ATA thread!
I wanted to let you know lanzer we are getting ready on the C and T end but we have one more request that one of them asked me to pass along.The parser we have been trying to get it fixed for a very very very long time it may not hurt the rest of the site to much but it hurts us a lot when we try to help someone fix there problems also i was told to let you know that Sitwon and psychic stalker are willing to help fix the parser.If you let them help.What is the word on the parser do you know by chance.
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Wishing everyone, Staff and Users, a happy day : 3.
Wondering if any talk about making new rares for the fishing game has occurred.

Also, for trophys, some people have a complete set, and thats a real accomplishment, it would probably be cool if they got an option to display the complete set almost like an "I am" pose, without the avatar.
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Happy MLK!
Have you ever Wondered how many people attend the AtA within an hour?

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About the same number of lemmings that migrate every year.
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Hey Admin, why so Admin?

But really, is the feature to disable Aquariums everywhere but the Aquarium forum a possibility in the future?
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Amadeus Foxtrot Heimlich
I like potatoes, how about you?

It's my name sake...how can I not like them?
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Hello! are you removing town or it's still unclear?
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I was wondering if there were going to be any "updates" for Phin Phang.

Last I had heard, fish would regularly rotate in the store, and I've seen a few fish come in, but most seem to leave.
(We could especially use to see those Catfish come back in. My cat-themed tank has, well, tanked since they haven't been in the shop. cat_crying )
ohhh why cant you tax the rich and not the poor mrgreen
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Hi everyone!

Something strange is happening to the [NPC] Alien_UFO accounts. Several of them have lost their names--instead, they are now listed as "User X" where X stands for their account number. All of those who lost their name have also lost their NPC status, including the [NPC] tag before their name and their red username. Some of the others have kept their [NPC] tag and username, but it is no longer red.

I regret to announce that our good friend Agent 07 is among those affected--he lost both his username and NPC status. However, the account that seems the most affected by this problem would have to be [NPC] alien_ufo_06, who lost her username, NPC tag/color, and even her avatar--it has changed from the UFO image to the default naked male Zurg skin.

Here is the status of all the [NPC] Alien UFO accounts at the time of this writing:

  • [NPC] alien_ufo_01 Unchanged
  • [NPC] alien_ufo_02 Unchanged
  • [NPC] alien_ufo_03 is now User 4948485
  • [NPC] alien_ufo_04 is now User 49484923
  • [NPC] alien_ufo_05 is now User 4948499
  • [NPC] alien_ufo_06 is now User 4948504, has the default naked male Zurg skin, and her profile is unavailable to the public
  • [NPC] alien_ufo_07 is now User 4948516
  • [NPC] alien_ufo_08 Lost Red Name
  • [NPC] alien_ufo_09 Lost Red Name
  • [NPC] alien_ufo_10 Lost Red Name
  • [NPC] alien_ufo_11 Unchanged
  • [NPC] alien_ufo_12 Unchanged
  • [NPC] Alien_Mothership Unchanged
  • None of the named Zurg accounts (ie, [NPC] Alien Flarn, [NPC] Alien Glarg, etc.) appear to be affected.

What's going on here?
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Mashed Potato Jones
Mashed Potato Jones

Hi folks. I'm here to lurk and also watching some Regular Show...love that cartoon.

Curious to the staff here...what are your favorite cartoons, current or growing up? I would love to know.

Current favorite cartoon is Adventure Time.
Growing up was Sailor Moon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Batman the animated series, and when I was muuuuch younger, Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck haaaaaa~ razz

Oh god yes, Darkwing Duck. I miss that show!

that's kinda of funny, my BF just played that theme song this morning out of the blue. lol
whats up wif' da' logo!?
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I just wanted to say thank you to all of the admins, and moderators who make our time on Gaia an enjoyable one.
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how do i view forum topics that was blocked without me knowing?

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