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This account in zOMG doesn't work. Can't click on Elizabeth. What do? D:
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thanks!! Love Gaia BTW
Blaze Star Fire
Why can't you subscribe to forums in guilds?

It's because the guild system's backend is different than the forum's. In the future they will be united though that'll take a while as it's a big system to migrate.
I'll take a few of these.
5) Yes, thanks for the feedback. Definitely in consideration though I'll need to consult someone else who has the expertise in that area.
6) They should be closest to their former similar essence counterpart. So bronze = bronze, silver is in between ruby and diamond, and gold is completely new.
7) Yes. Rare - 3 star.
cool It's a pretty good chance.

Gavyn the Mighty
For any and all of the developers and artists here, if you play HoC, what is your favorite faction?


1]Has there been any discussion since the prior ATAs on the possible implementation of an ignore list in HoC?

2]After the new herald additions last week.. the factions are unbalanced unit wise (Avalon 25,

3]Flameborn and Hellspawn 24), the unit icon thread however, shows an unused icon for each of the latter two factions… when can we expect for those cards to be implemented/the factions to be balanced again unit wise?

4]Any update on the proposal to change the essence rewards… i.e. have there been any conclusions made on it?

5]Gracewar7, if you are here… I sent you a PM the other day; I know you haven’t had time to fully respond to it addressing what I discussed in it… but I was wondering if I could get a quick answer as to whether that is something that could possibly be considered? (There is no need to give full details on what was discussed in the PM, however, as it probably isn’t relevant at this time.)


6]With regards to the very, very new pack update… I know odds aren’t given out… but if you could compare the three new packs to the packs prior to the update…what are they most similar too?

7]The gold pack says ‘moderate’ chance at a rare… is that a 3*?

8]For the gold pack, is the moderate chance, just that… a chance instead of assuring a rare?

So now the only way to get a 4 or 5 star is to buy Iona's? Or is there a chance of these cards in gold packs as well?

It seems pretty ridiculous to pay 3000 essence each for common or uncommon cards.

What is "a pretty good chance"? How many gold packs must you buy to insure you get a rare card?

Yes, there's a chance (albeit small) to get a 4 or 5 star in the gold packs.

If you're looking to buy common or uncommon cards, the best deal would be the Bronze packs. The Silver packs will give you a small chance of a rare (for those who wish to try their luck) and the Gold will give you a pretty good chance if you want to save up for those.

I can't give you specifics other than it's better than in the previous system.
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I can't be super specific about the percentages. All I can say is that the new gold pack makes it slightly easier (in terms of amount of time) for everyone to earn a rare than the previous system (and yes I include the 25K Ionas in the previous system).

XD I know you cant be specific which is why I try to word my questions without asking specific to stats.

Like essence for essence, I assume packs are still roughly inline odds wise.

Aka gold is roughly 3 times better than silver, and previous Ionas is ~1.66666 times better than current gold in a purely essence for essence sense.

I look forward to the description you will be giving on packs which pan mentions in the update thread.Will you be doing that today in the heralds thread. Or was that more reffering to here?
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Late facial hair post!

HA! I already spoke for you. Not to worry, we all now always think of you whenever someone mentions facial hair. It's just a given *pat pat*...
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Kalista Alice Raine
This account in zOMG doesn't work. Can't click on Elizabeth. What do? D:

You've gotten the unfortunate silent NPC glitch.

The only thing to do is start a new account and start over.
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Hey Admins!
I was just wondering if we'd have special items, maybe even in Global imports, for the Chinese New Year?

Narumi Misuhara: If you see this. Just wondering if you looked into the idea I posed in the last ask the admin. About two different avi looks, one just for games like Zomg and one for everything else.

Narumi Misuhara

Yeah, it's in my list of potential projects.
This sounds amazing.
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Darc Nightgale
Darc Nightgale
Had the day off from work.
Any chance of gettin' more facial hair? User Image


It would be nice to get some more.

Maggot has been asking since forever ago,if anyone got the word of wanting facial items across it wold be him. xd

They know we want facial hair but fail to produce such items,I guess we can see a new beard on a 1mill doll next year again. gonk

Not true, a bunch were made, it's actually a technical limitation currently keeping us from releasing them.
If this is true then why are there already a few facial hair items? Wouldn't the technical limitation keep you from releasing those?
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My question to you folks is this, when well we be able to sit on our sofas and chairs, that we buy for our homes. Or are they suppose to be show pieces.
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Contest and Guild
Contest and Guild
Sen Natsu
QUESTION/FEATURE SUGGESTION: Any chance of in-post spell check? It would sure help the OCD users.

Interesting - my post displays potential typos before I post by underlining the word with a red squiggly line. Do you not see this?

You use chrome prehaps?
firefox and chrome both have spell check i think opera may but i am not sure on that i take it your using IE.

Nope using chrome...hense the previous comment sweatdrop
Check there add on market place look for a tool see if you can find one to help you.

Why do I need it...I was awnsering someone elses question, and asking if sisky saw similar things to me, because she uses the same system sweatdrop
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happy MLK day everyone!!!!!

so about my question...i have a ticket open to get an account back due to a 2 year hiatus

how long does it take you to get through that??
'cause it's still as "open" and not being looked into and i kinda want the account back to play :/

PS: repost. i'm kinda desperate /pouts

i think it's strange that you think i’m funny 'cause he never did
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will the FMI sticky in site feedback ever be updated?
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Angel Ein
Anything you can say about alchemy?

Only what's here: http://www.gaiaonline.com/journal/?mode=view&post_id=34246199&u=13865022

Okay i see what you mean (: uhh but my thing is what items do you find awesome?
because the items are find for males that are cool are EXPENSIVE cry
like the items are like are : Jekyll, Shinjuku /Shibuya, La Bella Figura those items
they make me look sophisticated. But what items do you like for males?
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it's probably the spellcheck of your own browser
i have it on my firefox too

english is not my first language so it helps a lot :p

i think it's strange that you think i’m funny 'cause he never did


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