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gonk Got bronchitis, so sick. Hope you guys have avoided this season's bugs.

Anywhoo, any chance we'll be able to try on potions in the MP, shop, and dress up areas any time soon?
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Hope staff and everyone had a good day~ This is one of the very few posts I've ever made in the ATA. So uhm, Hello! heart
You guys ever try to invent your own item ideas?
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hello! is there going to be a gold shop update tomorrow? ;A;
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Hello, Lanzer and everyone. I return with my question from last time I was here.

Who did Ciro's art for the second Love Charm RIG? I'm curious as it bugged me for almost 2 years. Thank you for reading this and thanks for Rosamund's Redemption
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Yesterday, I was talking with someone in the CB and the conversation escalated from joking banter to a little bit more serious banter. When the conversation was more a joke, I put a youtube video of me covering a song at a bar (I'm a musician) and the video was unlisted in YouTube. My plan was to remove the link later on, because I also teach, and singing in a bar might not look the best (ultimately that is why I unlist everything on Youtube but yeah.) Anyway, the big concern I have is, after the conversation turned more serious, the user ignore listed me.

So I understand why he ignore listed me. The thread had gone from joking to serious, and he wasn't interested in serious conversation. But because of the new changes to the ignore system, I was unable to go back to that thread and edit out my posts and remove the youtube link. =/

So, is there a way I can edit my post so I can remove the link I put in despite being on this guys ignore list? =/ While i posted the video, my intention was to never keep it up. Gaia cache's images now, so I didn't want my image posted, and even when I used to post images (before the cache) I would remove them. Mostly I just want the video down, so I can turn the video back to unlisted.
I like potatoes, how about you?
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Are we going to have a Valentine's Day event this year?
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Mashed Potato Jones

Hi folks. I'm here to lurk and also watching some Regular Show...love that cartoon.

Curious to the staff here...what are your favorite cartoons, current or growing up? I would love to know.

Current favorite cartoon is Adventure Time.
Growing up was Sailor Moon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Batman the animated series, and when I was muuuuch younger, Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck haaaaaa~ razz

Oh god yes, Darkwing Duck. I miss that show!
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Darc Nightgale
Had the day off from work.
Any chance of gettin' more facial hair? User Image

Nice! What did you do with your day off?

I made chicken soup for my mom, she is sick with a cold and flu. I also had to shovel the driveway, and sidewalk. We got some more snow.
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Why did it seem like a good idea to make gold packs in HoC 15,000 essence?

There's no way anyone would pay 3000 essence per card, especially if there's only a "moderate" chance at a rare.

(By the way, they're broken anyway. They act like the old gold packs and don't have the new odds or the new price.)

I have brought a few of the 25k packs previously....but the rares in them were like the most common rares XD...
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When are all of the items going to be added when we go to "dress up" our avatars? About a third of the items I look for aren't even there.

Yes, I do have "all gaia" checked. It's hard to check layering when the items won't come up. razz
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How to stop Staff Alerts?
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Hello staff (and everyone else)

Just curious: Are there any plans for changes to Booty Grab / Phin Phang?
We haven't had too many changes for quite some time. emo It's like BG is dying! (Though that may have something to do with school and such)

But if there are any plans for new things, I might suggest bringing back Momos and Gwees; we don't care if you nerf them super hard, just don't make them [lite]. >_>

ANYWAYS, have a good day. ^_^
~King Awesome
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Was wondering if you guys could ever make a forum folder for Cooks to share recipes and stuff?

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