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are they gonna ever pull zomg out of maintaince mode so those of us who are locked out of it right now can ever play it?
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could he artists try to make more pokemon items??
like gym leader knockoffs etc.
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Happy MLK day Admins, I have a few questions

1. Is the forum clean up that was going on finished or will there be more?

2. Can we get a clean up in the books sub-forum. I know its a little ignored but there are old poll threads in there from past sponsors that can be removed. It’d really clean the forum up if those were removed.

3. Can we get knock offs from Rune Factory
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Any plans to make the weekly Going Postal feature actually weekly? I would like to send more thingies.... 3nodding
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Yesterday, I was talking with someone in the CB and the conversation escalated from joking banter to a little bit more serious banter. When the conversation was more a joke, I put a youtube video of me covering a song at a bar (I'm a musician) and the video was unlisted in YouTube. My plan was to remove the link later on, because I also teach, and singing in a bar might not look the best (ultimately that is why I unlist everything on Youtube but yeah.) Anyway, the big concern I have is, after the conversation turned more serious, the user ignore listed me.

So I understand why he ignore listed me. The thread had gone from joking to serious, and he wasn't interested in serious conversation. But because of the new changes to the ignore system, I was unable to go back to that thread and edit out my posts and remove the youtube link. =/

So, is there a way I can edit my post so I can remove the link I put in despite being on this guys ignore list? =/ While i posted the video, my intention was to never keep it up. Gaia cache's images now, so I didn't want my image posted, and even when I used to post images (before the cache) I would remove them. Mostly I just want the video down, so I can turn the video back to unlisted.

Sorry there isn't a feature for users to edit their own post once it's marked as ignore by the thread owner. The issue can be resolved by the help of a moderator though. Often it's a fine line between joking banter and serious banter depending on who's point of view it is. I hope that you can have everything resolved soon.
Yeah, I felt like we were joking at first, and then things turned a little seriously. My intention was to remove the youtube link (or at least edit out the link) but now I'm unable to do so, and as a teacher, I need to be very careful as to what I post. I have a really odd first and last name (my first name is my user) so yeah. It's easy for me to be found. gonk

I appreciate the help and will contact a moderator to have these removed.
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Any sneak peak for other Towns 2.0 places, like Durem, Aekea and Gambino? emotion_kirakira
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Mashed Potato Jones

Hi folks. I'm here to lurk and also watching some Regular Show...love that cartoon.

Curious to the staff here...what are your favorite cartoons, current or growing up? I would love to know.

Current favorite cartoon is Adventure Time.
Growing up was Sailor Moon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Batman the animated series, and when I was muuuuch younger, Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck haaaaaa~ razz

If that's the case, have you heard about the new Sailor Moon anime? It's being created based more on the manga.

Yes I remember reading up on it and I'm excited! biggrin
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Just to make it simpler. We've discussed the possibility of free-standing runes but would prefer to do a first pass without adding that complication.

I'll see if I can rope some of the staff in for a Hoc-specific ATA.

This would be awesome, expecially if we get to see more of the team, would love to see who else is working on this. ^_^
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I'll take a few of these.
5) Yes, thanks for the feedback. Definitely in consideration though I'll need to consult someone else who has the expertise in that area.
6) They should be closest to their former similar essence counterpart. So bronze = bronze, silver is in between ruby and diamond, and gold is completely new.
7) Yes. Rare - 3 star.
cool It's a pretty good chance.

Gavyn the Mighty
For any and all of the developers and artists here, if you play HoC, what is your favorite faction?


1]Has there been any discussion since the prior ATAs on the possible implementation of an ignore list in HoC?

2]After the new herald additions last week.. the factions are unbalanced unit wise (Avalon 25,

3]Flameborn and Hellspawn 24), the unit icon thread however, shows an unused icon for each of the latter two factions… when can we expect for those cards to be implemented/the factions to be balanced again unit wise?

4]Any update on the proposal to change the essence rewards… i.e. have there been any conclusions made on it?

5]Gracewar7, if you are here… I sent you a PM the other day; I know you haven’t had time to fully respond to it addressing what I discussed in it… but I was wondering if I could get a quick answer as to whether that is something that could possibly be considered? (There is no need to give full details on what was discussed in the PM, however, as it probably isn’t relevant at this time.)


6]With regards to the very, very new pack update… I know odds aren’t given out… but if you could compare the three new packs to the packs prior to the update…what are they most similar too?

7]The gold pack says ‘moderate’ chance at a rare… is that a 3*?

8]For the gold pack, is the moderate chance, just that… a chance instead of assuring a rare?

So now the only way to get a 4 or 5 star is to buy Iona's? Or is there a chance of these cards in gold packs as well?

It seems pretty ridiculous to pay 3000 essence each for common or uncommon cards.

What is "a pretty good chance"? How many gold packs must you buy to insure you get a rare card?

Hmm, something must have gone wrong. I tried to answer about the tea. I put milk in my black tea and enjoy Earl Grey or Typhoo the best.
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Do you have the Gaia Labs "notification" widget on?

i keep getting a glitch on my computer saying ________ has updated their avatar. it pops up every 60 seconds or so and no one is changing their avatar. Is there any way I can fix this myself?
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are they gonna ever pull zomg out of maintaince mode so those of us who are locked out of it right now can ever play it?

Maintenance mode is more a figure of speech than an actual block of the game. We didn't add anything to prevent players from getting into it. What issues are you having that prevent you from playing it?
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Helloe Guys Hope you are all well! 3nodding My one question today, is there a list around that would tell me which Gaia Artist made any CI? I'd just like to know which artists made some of my favorite items. I do know of the various EI and REI Artist lists though. I would like to know about CIs Artists too though.
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well i have a feeling this will ruin alchemy for me and many people and ive talked to other alchemist and they are in agreement with me so if i dont like this update i might just quit gaia :/
there is a LOT of stress for our staff already, and there are a lot of parts of gaia that need attention constantly, including alchemy. everyone, including myself, is on gaia for certain features, and we all have to wait patiently for our feature to get attention. sad we are all waiting patiently, so please wait with us >__<; it's only polite.
yeah but why would they do a update that would ruin something? unless they dont care about it?

Why would you assume that the update will ruin alchemy instead of making it better?
it was about them moving to towns 2 me asking codemonkey how the trash would spawn
but he cant answer it to me. saying just wait x.x
Maybe telling you would contain spoilers? xD

It won't be long now until the transition, and I bet there will be a lot of cool new things. :3
Contest and Guild
I wanted to let you know lanzer we are getting ready on the C and T end but we have one more request that one of them asked me to pass along.The parser we have been trying to get it fixed for a very very very long time it may not hurt the rest of the site to much but it hurts us a lot when we try to help someone fix there problems also i was told to let you know that Sitwon and psychic stalker are willing to help fix the parser.If you let them help.What is the word on the parser do you know by chance.

Sorry but what are you referring to as parser?
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Sisky ajd admin....
this is just a suggeston you should every holiday you should give us all 500 gold at least (: like a christmas bonus

Interesting idea, but there are so many holidays! I like having contests though where people can win super big prizes, and hang out and make friends too! biggrin

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