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Hello everyone!

How many of you get a day off at Martin Luther King Jr Day? Since there's no school today BigLanky was able to drop by Gaia HQ for lunch and hang out with everyone. He said hi to everyone and said he's introduced a student to Gaia, so he's doing his job. biggrin

Let's get started with today's ATA thread!
Have you ever Wondered how many people attend the AtA within an hour?

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For any and all of the developers and artists here, if you play HoC, what is your favorite faction?


1]Has there been any discussion since the prior ATAs on the possible implementation of an ignore list in HoC?

2]After the new herald additions last week.. the factions are unbalanced unit wise (Avalon 25,

3]Flameborn and Hellspawn 24), the unit icon thread however, shows an unused icon for each of the latter two factions… when can we expect for those cards to be implemented/the factions to be balanced again unit wise?

4]Any update on the proposal to change the essence rewards… i.e. have there been any conclusions made on it?

5]Gracewar7, if you are here… I sent you a PM the other day; I know you haven’t had time to fully respond to it addressing what I discussed in it… but I was wondering if I could get a quick answer as to whether that is something that could possibly be considered? (There is no need to give full details on what was discussed in the PM, however, as it probably isn’t relevant at this time.)


6]With regards to the very, very new pack update… I know odds aren’t given out… but if you could compare the three new packs to the packs prior to the update…what are they most similar too?

7]The gold pack says ‘moderate’ chance at a rare… is that a 3*?

8]For the gold pack, is the moderate chance, just that… a chance instead of assuring a rare?
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- zOMG! Glitch Fixes: Make any new progress?

- Enchanted Trunks/Magical Giftboxes: When we claim these, can there be an option added that allows us to click a link that takes us back to what we were doing instead of to our inventory?

- Gaia Glitching on Chrome: Gaia is still acting weird on Chrome for me. Thread about the problem can be found here.
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How are developments for the big 10 looking. Is there a good chance of "year of joining" items?

Do we we have a prize and joy update coming this quarter?

No real question on the HoC front, more watching on that side atm.
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Had the day off from work.
Any chance of gettin' more facial hair? User Image
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evening everyone surprised
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Hi folks. I'm here to lurk and also watching some Regular Show...love that cartoon.

Curious to the staff here...what are your favorite cartoons, current or growing up? I would love to know.
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Lurking. Also, distracted, because we're resolving some issues with the HoC store and I have a flu, so please don't be alarmed if I drift spiders running quickly alongside puppies.
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Profile Glitches

The glitch is with the Current profile content editor. It glitches a few different ways. One of which is very common and easy to fix. It'll grab content from the media and/or custom panels and throw it into the default CSS background. The other, not so easy to fix and fairly rare. It moves content to areas of the profile is should not be in. For instance, column_3 into column_2 or column_3 into a panel of column_2. It also can cause duplicate panels, panels inside of panels, panels completely out of the three columns. It'll also grab other parts of the HTML and put them into places it should not be in as seen in the image in the spoiler below.
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That glitch happened on this users profile, http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/precious-miracle-bunny/35431995/. I have seen these types of glitches before, one of which grabbed the column_3 and made it a sibling element of what is suppose to be the parent element

That user still has their profile glitched
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So you guys have removed the IE6 support and now IE7. That's great and all, but does that mean we can have the CSS [at]import rule now? Last time I asked about it Carbonphyber said it was being filtered out because IE6 allows "CSS Expressions", which can cause XSS in IE6. You don't support IE7 let alone IE6, so can we can we have it back already?

The reason is, this opens up the possibilities for people. Advanced profile creators and shop owners can give their clients one line to work with, then the rest of the work is up to the person hosting the CSS file.
Some benefits of the [at]import:
  • Can earn more gold for hosting services if they own their own domains.
  • Can easily update a clients profile per-request; i.e. no more copy and paste (confusion).
  • Browser specific declarations
  • It's easier to work with, don't have to use the Gaia editor (which is seriously glitched, mentioned above).

It's just a pain. So if you're removing specific code support for it then you should remove the specific filters that are in place for it.
For instance, this profile I've made for someone (heavily styling and use of the spoilers, check it out). Yeah, I used Firefox's native developer tools and extensions and stuff to work on it, but for the client they can't see what I've done until they update the profile. It has 160 rules over 967 lines. Do you know how much of a pain it is for not only myself but the client to copy and paste to see changes. Then to have the client want other changes and have to copy and paste it all again after I make them. Whereas the [at]import rule would simplify everything.
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Uesugi Ankit
Sisky, Zero or Kenny should read my PM's. emo

So sorry if we haven't gotten pm's yet! We are super busy right now and get lots and ltos of pm's. Not to worry, we'll look for it and try to get back to you soon! biggrin
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There seems to be some confusion about the ignore button and "abusing" it.
Knight Yoshi
Site Feedback Rules and Guidelines
Creating threads that bar other members from posting; example: "If you don't like my idea you can GTFO", will result in your thread or post being removed from the forum.

This also applies to using the ignore feature to block people that disagree yes? I thought it was an official SF/discussion forum rule, but could not find it specifically listed in the R&G. If I just missed it, awesome, if not, can this be made an official part of the rules? I think that abuse of the ignore system in discussion forms and SF specifically should be a reportable offense if it isn't so already. But, overall, I'm glad to see that things on the To-Do list (which must still be a mile long) getting worked on. Thanks guys.
Being able to report somebody for ignore listing them would be self-defeating. As you could not like somebody have a thread, ignore list them and then they could say you're ignoring them from being able to post in your thread. This would get you in trouble, even if that wasn't the case.
You should view this, it's by an ex-moderator
You can add anyone to your ignore list for any reason you wish, this list is your own personal blacklist of any and everyone you don't want to deal with. There is no such thing as ignore button abuse.


^_^' I didn't really understand everything that you wrote. But, there is a such thing as ignore system abuse, it is reportable under certain circumstances, and unless a more recent/official link is presented, I'm afraid I don't see how anything I've mentioned would 'get me in trouble'.

How can there be such a thing as abusing the ignore list feature. If you don't like somebody and ignore list them while you have a thread they could just report you and say they're ignore listed so they can't post in the thread. So my question (to clear up confusion) is, is or is it not a reportable offense

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