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i'd like to know if we can see the upgraded forum formats in guilds and pm's soon. because the difference in coding is quite obnoxious at times.
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Hope staff and everyone had a good day~ This is one of the very few posts I've ever made in the ATA. So uhm, Hello! heart

Hello and welcome to the AtA - glad you could stop by! biggrin
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Hoshina Utau120
Are you really going to get rid of Towns 1? D:

Yes, please see my post below.
but what about the flower's, paper's , and bugs? how will alchemy work for cases and cache? are you making it completely different? O.o

Flowers, trash and bugs will be included in Towns 2. It won't affect alchemy.
i dont see how it will work unless they lower the amount needed being the towns 2 is smaller and people cant just go from barton to barton collecting like the wind it will be alot harder to get the 50 of each kind to make a cache, let alone the case's with 200 of each or will there be a insain amount of trash in towns 2 and will they spawn only after towns 1 will be gone?

Just wait for the update.
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Could someone be assigned to fix the Shadowlegend stocking glitch? The item isn't out of the system. We have holiday stockings that show male's toes, so you don't even have to work to hard to find a good example of the end result. I realize the artist may not work for you any longer, but it's still a file. Had a recolor had been planned, you'd still be able to recolor it using that file.

*The preview only functions as advertised on female bases. Male bases have the whole stocking, toes covered*
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I would like more achievements as well.User Image
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I was wondering if there were going to be any "updates" for Phin Phang.

Last I had heard, fish would regularly rotate in the store, and I've seen a few fish come in, but most seem to leave.
(We could especially use to see those Catfish come back in. My cat-themed tank has, well, tanked since they haven't been in the shop. cat_crying )

They should maybe do a new fish every month!!
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Second question, actually...
Let's say that I made a custom profile banner, thing...and I used the Gaia logo on it...is that allowed? o_O
~King Awesome
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Someone I met told me that they were able to buy back a banned account from gaia.
That seems really strange to me. Is that a real thing?
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Uncle Kenny
Are we going to have a Valentine's Day event this year?

Indeed you are.

Yaaaay! 4laugh
Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays, and I cannot wait to celebrate it with the event! I wonder what it's going to be like?
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Hello! are you removing town or it's still unclear?

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Hi everyone! I usually always miss AtA so I'm really glad I made it on time today.
I want to say three things today:
1) I know it's late, but I just wanted to say that this year's Christmas event was the most fun I had on Gaia since the vampire's Halloween event of I don't know how many years past. Thank you for all the fun and interaction.
2) I like Heralds of Chaos. It's still glitchy at times but it passes time. Just like puzzles or word bump used to do it for me. The graphics are great and the gameplay is addictive. ZOMG is still my favorite though because I got to hang out with total strangers for the time of a fight or two and that was awesome.
3) I think there's something wrong with the Social Vibes videos in cash tree. It keeps on showing so my tree is never off, but it always says that they're out of videos for today. It'd be nice if it shut off like the others when there's no offer active.

Thanks a lot!
Oh and here's a question: Do you have milk or lemon in your black tea?

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Opera Phantomess
Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

I hope everyone's weekend was fine and dandy! The play I have been helping out with ended over the weekend, so I had been busy, which also meant that I spent the weekend at my friend's house and away from home (which is only about ten minutes from home, regardless).

I am too scatter brained to think of questions other than the obvious request for Rocky Horror items... XP

Hide your face so the world will never find you.

Sounds like a fun time - how did the play go over? I miss doing plays!
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I don't think I've ever ever seen Lanzer change his avatar, but how often do other admin / staff change theirs?
In the computers/tech forum, our two mods have gone MIA and now daily we have several different companies spamming offsite ads.....any chance of getting someone to hop by for an hour a night or so?

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