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you KNOW many of us don't want it to remain dead forever- what do you think of the old, unused hideout suggested in earlier posts being activated? I mean surely it's possible to reshuffle some of the current people to it for a few days each week...

zOMG is written in languages that no one on the current team knows how to do so people can't just be assigned to it. It's something that will be considered but I wouldn't be working on it so I can't tell you what the chances are of it actually happening.

if you don't know the chances of it happening, why do you answer the zomg questions then?

What is your official gaia role? I just associate you with events.

He doesn't know because I have yet to make a decision who would do this. His official role is whatever I tell him to do. razz

so i guess sometime this year you'll make a decision? I'll assume it'll take a while.

He's your personal slave? eek

The decision is based on A) What all needs to be learned and B) who is best suited to learn it. We're still working on A. If A is not too complex then one of the devs will be assigned to learn it and make updates when they have time. If A is too complex then no one will be trained on it. It's taking a while because the person we need to contact about this has been very busy with other stuff.

...He's paid... with food... and ...cotton, just like the others. razz
Thank you for joining us on this week's ATA! Stay warm and don't get sick like the half of us at Gaia HQ! gonk See you all next week!
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sdplus dolls. swarf doll.
That could be our 10 year anniversary present: A Swarf doll and put the real Swarf back on zOMG where he belongs.

if that happens then obby pose sdplus marshall is this year's zomg bday item. wink

ive heard about this "marshall" fella. I heard he's a molester of ankles and a stalker of the sea :O
why would you want him in mini form :O :O :O

because he is an interesting character that has a possibly good unknown backstory. sure he likes getting "too" close when in game but he's a nice guy. ^_^

so he's Creepy Scoutmaster? :O
what if marshal is related to that guy who works with cindy IO.oI


well, we know marshall has children and his wife is a pirate queen. *can't stop laughing at link*

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