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ive waited weeks to get my account unbanned "PhillipMccune"
I was told it would be unlocked soon by A guy named Thomas. What can I do to get it unlocked?
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i have had a ticket open for nearly three weeks for a re activation of an acct, can someone tell me why it is taking so long to release my acct?

PM me with your ticket ID, I'll take a look at it.

here is the info you requested

Ticket #: 5630-10287816
Email Notification: Yes
Status: Open
Date Created: 12/28/2012 11:53 PM PDT
Last Updated: 12/29/2012 12:06 AM PDT
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I am very excited about it and I joined Gaia myself on Feb 7th, 2010. biggrin

1) Will there be bunk beds in Towns 2?

2) Can there be some bundles just for revives and doubles orbs for zOMG! and possibly deluxe revives?

3) How is everyone doing with the cold weather? It’s been in the 20 degrees Fahrenheit here.

1. You mean in the houses? No plans at this point.
2. no Idea. not my area.
3. It has been a bit chilly here. Some of my friends and family are struggling in the below 0 Fahrenheit, and others are experiencing 95 degrees.

Thank you for answering and yes in the houses. I guess double beds like king size would be cool too. Wow big range in weather. I hope your friends and family are staying warm in cold weather and cool in the warm weather.
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Question: How do/did you chose you ad provider?
Can we get more achievements? Besides event based ones.
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Any of you admins play Team Fortress 2?
Hello everyone!

Welcome to this week's ATA! We're getting closer to our 10th anniversary and I'm excited for the upcoming event! Anyone excited about the anniversary also?

I know waffles is excited
Hey Lanzer remember how i asked you last week the questions about the removal sticky and site mods in the computer and tech main forum.Can you tell me where we are at with that what did you find when you poked around like you said you would for me.
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Why have you guys made it so the [ Quote ] button becomes unavailable when a topic is closed? emo

I was so happy back when you made it so the Quote button would stay even though you couldn't actually post...it made it so much easier for me to maintain AskED...and now it's gone again... crying


Sparkly Nerd

                    Would it be possible to get a seperate sub forum within Barton Town for onexone/group request.
                    These types of threads seem to get lost among all the OOC chat and profile threads in Barton OOC.
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ive waited weeks to get my account unbanned "PhillipMccune"
I was told it would be unlocked soon by A guy named Thomas. What can I do to get it unlocked?

Send me a PM with your ticket ID and I can check into it.
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And now to business wink

I was wondering how some of the bug-fixes for HoC are coming along...
Specifically the Specials Glitch which see's players not receive Essence for kills made by Specials, Damage Auras and a few other means. redface blaugh

Also, how's the changes to the Heralds coming?
I'm getting really tired of Keljana knocking out my Specials, and can hardly wait for her Special to be modified.

And finally, the concerns around Pack Drop Rates is not improving as more and more people report in the HoC Forum that they are pretty much getting nothing that justifies their time and effort.
Any word on any modifications that might make buying Packs attractive again?

Thanks! smile
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You know the 'Number 2 Pencil' item? I was thinking, an additional pose should be added so that the item can be equipped 'behind the ear' of the avatar. I'd really love that; I bet other folks would too. c:

Thanks! whee
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Hi Gaia staff!

No real question from me, but I am excited about Gaia's 10 year anniversary coming up. We need to have a huge party!
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How is everyone?

Just found out tha I have 5 wisdom teeth.... Ug what a drag. They said they may have to removed unless they decide not to grow anymore...
I hope they don't start hurting anytime soon.
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Mashed Potato Jones

I'm here to lurk...and lurk I shall! I might have a question in a bit...depends on how I feel about asking it.

Maybe you could ask a question about lurking! ninja

are certain zomg glitches ones that you have to fix individually, like Leon won't talk to some of my mules so they can finish the village greens quests?

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