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Actually, I lied. I do have a question... just not HoC related.

Has there been anything looked into on a potential partnership with Nickelodeon/Viacom for items that are Avatar: the Last Airbender related.

Guys, seriously... if there is a thread or a post around here that you don't like... leave it be. Spreading hate and trolling people has no place in this community. Certain people may have been in the wrong, but when you troll or hate on them you get in the wrong too. Don't prolong it or add to it; let it go. If it is blatant trolling, a misplaced thread or anything that violates the ToS, report it and move along. Don't feed the trolls and don't add to the hatred. This is a nice, clean and happy community. Please, don't dirty it.

I am Gavyn the Mighty and I approve of this message.
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Is there any way that we can have a "saved sellers" tab in the marketplace ? Thank you

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Helloe Lanzer! Waffles is the cutest cat ever. That pictures like the gold. Theres so many of him that would be the cutest item ever to have.
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is it possible to remodel the inventory system so its easier to organize please cause the old system is soooo hard
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D'aww... waffles! heart
All kidding aside,
will we be seeing the 'edit' button in the Avatar Arenas fixed so it doesn't show a broken link? :<

It always reads:
We cannot process your request right now. Please try again later.(Arena__circuitmodel does not exist)

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Good evening everyone!
Hope everyone is having a good night. I'm just sitting around taking it easy myself seeing if I end up going into labor tonight or not. (Had my cerclage removed today after having had it in for 4 months.)

Have to thank the artist who came out with the SDPlus Joey Fuschia doll! I love Prince and the reference is outstanding so again thank you so much. :3

Now could I perhaps get my knock off John Lennon Doll?
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Mashed Potato Jones

I'm here to lurk...and lurk I shall! I might have a question in a bit...depends on how I feel about asking it.

Maybe you could ask a question about lurking! ninja

Are lurkers really lurking when they say that they are lurking?
~King Awesome
Sweet Angel Mary
Can we get a chinese themed gold shop update?

Will tomorrow's MCs be epic?

It's my birthday tomorrow, do I get anything good from the devs?

Every MC is epic, so will the next one. blaugh

Happy birthday!
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Can you make an "I am..." easy bake oven item?
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Its been months and still no response from the devs. Can you point them in the direction of this thread?

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Can you create some One Direction items? Maybe a parody to them or something? Like a "harry buddy" or something.
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- Enchanted Trunks/Magical Giftboxes: When we claim these, can there be an option added that allows us to click a link that takes us back to what we were doing instead of to our inventory?

- Gaia Glitching on Chrome: Gaia is still acting weird on Chrome for me. Thread about the problem can be found here.

- Potions: Can you provide us with an option to try on potions? Thread about this can be found here.

Yeah can try the potions out at tektek.org. Also a great site to try on items too.
I know. But some people would like to try potions on without having to go to tektek.
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Can we get Butt Bow recolors to match all of the Serafuku uniform colors?

It would be absolutely lovely if we could ~ ≧ヮ≦

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I'm not seeing a problem...

What's wrong with auto-password fillers?
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Can we please get blasphemer as an achievement title? Oh please! emotion_kirakira

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