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- Enchanted Trunks/Magical Giftboxes: When we claim these, can there be an option added that allows us to click a link that takes us back to what we were doing instead of to our inventory?

- Gaia Glitching on Chrome: Gaia is still acting weird on Chrome for me. Thread about the problem can be found here.

- Potions: Can you provide us with an option to try on potions? Thread about this can be found here.

Yeah can try the potions out at tektek.org. Also a great site to try on items too.
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I am very excited about it and I joined Gaia myself on Feb 7th, 2010. biggrin

1) Will there be bunk beds in Towns 2?

2) Can there be some bundles just for revives and doubles orbs for zOMG! and possibly deluxe revives?

3) How is everyone doing with the cold weather? It’s been in the 20 degrees Fahrenheit here.

1. You mean in the houses? No plans at this point.
2. no Idea. not my area.
3. It has been a bit chilly here. Some of my friends and family are struggling in the below 0 Fahrenheit, and others are experiencing 95 degrees.
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The following questions are in concerns to Heralds of Chaos:

Card Expansions:
•Can you give us an estimate as to when the next wave of cards will be introduced into the game? (By wave, I mean to say a more substantial supplement of cards, not like the recent addition of Heralds released to offset the new Hero reassigning.)
•When you do release a new major wave of cards, can we expect to see specific expansion packs akin to other trading/collectible card games, or will the new cards be added to the packs already existing?
•Does the dev team expect to consistently add new cards/expansions to the game, or should the players expect only to have a final circulation of cards to pick from?

•I am aware that the developers have been planning/working on two additional factions for the game. Will these factions be optional starting faction for new players, or see their core generals in the Shop, or will these faction cards be available solely through packs?
•Can any matters about these new factions be spoiled? (I.e. can you speak of what the theme of these factions will be, or can you give word on what some of these new factions’ core mechanics are going to be?)
•Do you have any estimated time frame as to when these new factions will be released?

•Can you speak at all of how this Runes feature will function? In what manners will this allow a player to improve upon their units?
•Will the rune be applied to all cards with the same name, or will the rune improve only one card?
•Will the runes be reusable between decks, or are they expended once applied to a card?
•Will runes alter the cost of the unit that the rune has been applied to?

•I believe that I recall something being said about creating variant-colored “foil” cards. Any word on this?
•Some time ago I saw something stated about a Gaia achievement being granted to HoC’s Beta Testers, can we still expect that, or was that merely hearsay?
•When can we expect co-op play, or a choose your map option?

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Buying nnk of higher packs should produce better results than nnk of lower packs.

This week sometime -- it's one of many things on the list.

Pan on page one :epic:

So that means that ionas pack is counted in line with respect to other packs in relative position to price though? aka 1 ionas should be better than 4 diamonds rare wise?
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Monster Galaxy question if anyone can answer it:

I play Monster Galaxy on this site (not facebook) and I have been without neighbors for a few weeks now. I know I have neighbors, as they can send me things, but many people seem to have this issue and I was wondering if and when it would be fixed. Thanks for even reading this. :3
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can i haz friday XII plox
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Hi Lanzer. I would love it if you would one day visit my charity and say hello. The Gaia Wish Foundation.
My project is to get you in there to say hi to everyone.
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It's become standard for me to ask this every ATA I catch--Next plot update?

Are we going to have to wait until Easter for the next chapter?
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Hi, guys! Happy new year! I see Ohayocon isn't on your list of cons this year. I'm going too miss seeing DJ Helsing this year! Will you guys attend next year?
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Harbinger of Pandamonium
- Potions: Can you provide us with an option to try on potions? Thread about this can be found here.
It is definitely something we can look into.
Thanks for the reply.
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Ren Orenji Doragon
Hi AtA!

Just pretty much dropping in to say hello! biggrin I often forget about this. ^^;;

Heya! Long time no see - glad you could stop by! biggrin
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Why are you guys changing everything to suck? Towns 2, Rally, VH. All of the new stuff sucks, and I am pretty sure if you took a poll mostly everyone would agree with this. Not trying to be rude, but this is how I feel. :/
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can we trade our ridiculous amount of gold in for some gaia cash>? that would be cool I guess
Sorry if you guys get asked this alot but will the green goo on the horns of the demon ever get fixed?
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HoC questions:

- Beyond the Herald changes, any other balance change coming soon?
- Can you say anything new about the "runes"?/When will details on "runes" be revealed?
- Is it possible to get a card rarer than rare as an end of match drop?

Nice update btw~

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