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Easter E-CORP Envoy here.

So Easter...you guys have any plans yet? Is it too late to make suggestions?
Can the community help in any way?

Haven't even started planning for Easter yet. We have other big events to plan for first!
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I was just curious to ask about old mule accounts. Like say I left gaia for a while, and like... came back and only remember main account pw. Is it possible to get the old account without the old email working? >":
Where is my bomb explosion? You can't tease us with bombs for events and then not explode them!
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Can I get a hug from one if not all of the Admins please? ( O w o )
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Could we have a bit more kimono/longer traditional Japanese dresses? I was making a requested avi for a friend and I had the worst time trying to find a traditional dress that was long enough thanks <3
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How do/did you guys choose your ad providers?
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Uncle Kenny
Complicated Personalities
Okay I don't know if this was asked yet but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try anyways right? So like I was wondering; because it was mentioned that Towns was closing soon. Is there a predicted date for said action? I know a lot of my friends were saying that they you guys would close it by the new years but that clearly didn't happen.

Once we're able to finish adding the content we want it to have before closing down Towns 1. We're planning for "soon" but I can't really give you a definitive date.

Thanks a whole bunch. I just wanted to confirm that it is still going to happen. Not just something that was started and dropped later.
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Zero Omega
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Just wanted to check back, see if there was any new information about the issues with my accounts. Has been around 3 months now and I still have not gotten a response from my ticket or from the email I sent you guys.

Know Zero Omega has mentioned he is looking into it for me, have an estimate on how long it's going to take?


Was on vacation recently, so catching up on everything that I had to get done. Which includes this.

Welcome back! Did you enjoy your vacation? I'm digging the slippers, by the way.


I did, went back down to Southern California to visit family.

Very nice! I'm looking forward to some much needed time off from the stresses of my job towards the end of March. Heading to the frozen north of Canada to visit some good friends that I met here on Gaia. Glad to have you back! Did'ja get anything fun or do something interesting with your family?
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can i ask a question? :O because whenever i do no one answers me so im just asking if i can :/...

You can ask a question, but there's no guarantee we'll be able to get to it. sweatdrop
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gaia_angelleft gaia_star gaia_nitemareright
Greetings all. I was wondering when if ever gaia was planning to go back to the ways it was back in 03/04 when the stories were based around the Gambino's and Von Helsons....Also curious if the who angelic and demonic monthly themes has been completely tossed out. I could be a bit of an oldie speaking, but I do miss a few of those themes.

And also I was wondering when we would be having a shop update? The Phin Phang (Aquarium Shop) shop doesnt have many fish to offer. I would love to pitch some ideas and offers suggestions for new fish to make those who keep a tank for the beauty and those who have a tank for booty grab to have more diversity within there tanks.
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lol so.... tell me... who idea it was to change the dev notice name? xD rofl AND

Will we get any more animal avi items? *coughscoughs* like a blue tiger *coughcoughs*

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Can you add the option to change quantities in Gold Shops?
We've needed it for a long time now.

I need to horde Skin Tyte potions emotion_0A0
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WAIT, wait, 10 years!? xD

- When will the celebration start? Or has it already and I just wasn't paying attention? :V

Still a few months XD, but we expect a build up ninja
A huge build up. And a party worthy of a huge build up ninja

That hopefully involves the DDR thing emotion_kirakira
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Hello everyone! Happy New Year!

Glad to see everyone again after filling my tummy with sushi. biggrin It's finally 2013, where the world continues after the Mayan calendar expires, where we brave the fiscal cliff even though we have no idea what it really does, and best of all we get to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Gaia.

What are your new year's resolutions for this year? Here at Gaia we've written down everyone's resolutions on our chalkboard wall, and I can see that it's going to be a fun year as some of us have "master dragon punch" and "fly a chopper" as their goals for 2013. biggrin

Thank you for being a part of Gaia on 2012, and let's begin another great year of fun!

If i pay MY MONEY for Gaia cash then why must i wait for my item to be unfrozen.... I would like to be able to use MY BELONGINGS that i paid for with MY MONEY.... Explain the long period of waiting time plz cause i lost alot because of the waiting period
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Why can't we trade gaia cash? o . o
I have a friend that needed 20 more gaia cash for an item, and It's sad I can't help her out even though I have it.

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