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Gimme Enviro links and I'll make avis emotion_awesome

But really, when are we going to learn who Peyo's father is D<
shh you'll spoil the valentine's day event surprise for this year!
As if, they should have done something last year
They always surprise us when we least expect it. XD
I'm new to the whole 7-day item freeze policy, I was just wondering after 7 days, would that policy wear off of the remaining CG I have as well?
No all cash you have that is in that 7 day window will put that effect on any thing you buy until you use your cash pool up till 0 again is in the pool then next time you do not need to worry.
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Zero Omega
Don't know about everyone else, but I cannot wait to see the winning female AVI for Zero! xd

I had 430+ entries. gonk
Awwww..what's worse. Going through all those...or teaching 254 freshmen Algebra 1? I will be watching to see your new avitar, btw...heh heh XD

Probably Algebra 1... xd
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11b. To clarify, Pan means it'll continue to exist on Gaia but not in the FB version.

Card Statistics and Details - Compiled
Card Averages: Faction, Mana Cost and Type. & Fun Facts
HoC Forfeit System Revision Proposal

That is very good to know!

Guys, seriously... if there is a thread or a post around here that you don't like... leave it be. Spreading hate and trolling people has no place in this community. Certain people may have been in the wrong, but when you troll or hate on them you get in the wrong too. Don't prolong it or add to it; let it go. If it is blatant trolling, a misplaced thread or anything that violates the ToS, report it and move along. Don't feed the trolls and don't add to the hatred. This is a nice, clean and happy community. Please, don't dirty it.

I am Gavyn the Mighty and I approve of this message.
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
i was wondering me and my friend have a trade that wont cancel or accept like nothing will go through D":< What do i do?Quote Me Back?

File a ticket at http://www.gaiaonline.com/help

i tried and there isnt anything that talks about it neutral quote back plz.

just file it under "Issues with gold/items"

D: im confused ..............idk what i cant find it D:
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Big Blue Nation
In a contest of adorableness, which would win? A kitten sleeping or, a penguin with a top hat and monocle?

My Tonberry doll, with a green lizard doll sitting on its head. There's no contest.
*steps towards you*

That avatar, friend, is 9999 damage points of win, lit up with a shaking lantern of justice. biggrin
Wehhh, thank you. When I equipped the "gentleman's walk" pose from Petit Cherie, it kept making me think of how Tonberries step ever so slowly toward you. I knew this avatar had to be made. XD
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I was just very lucky to have nice players teach me to play zOMG! It helped having my brother playing it since it came out to public. My first shallow seas run, I didn't die once, then I dazed a lot with following runs. By now, dazing or mess ups in game doesn't bother me anymore. I just love meeting new people and the game is so silly it makes me laugh a lot. Just enjoy playing the game and the experiences you find will be priceless while playing it. I still find it the most sociable game Gaia has to offer, it is just a shame more on Gaia don't play it especially since it is an extension to the Gaia storyline.

I just did my first shallow seas run a few days ago. I'm pretty good at it, I didn't get dazed until the lantern fish, but I was told to then. I was stupid and actually attacked them XD I haven't made a lot of friends from there (I'm quite antisocial) but I've been playing since it was released to the public also. Papa Saw seems to be the most popular lately.
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Necron 420
Necron 420
What do admins do with spare time?
They probably have hot girlfriends.
Even the female ones? :0
LOL no, the ones like Pan & Lanzer.
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You wish you were a Grandma like me. I've got less than a month for my 9 year

I really do, In the future when I go back in time...Im getting my halo.

Nice. I did a big(ish-kinda) giveaway for my 8th...you got big plans too?
Never been a fan of the Halo
I've already given away about 2 billion in worth on this site. Everyday is a big plan for me emotion_awesome
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Hello patient and hardworking Gaia staffers,

How are you dealing with the plastic bag ban?
Everyone has their reusable shopping bags now? I had to dig mine out of storage when the ban went into effect here in Alameda Co. It was surreal. emotion_0A0

I'm waiting for Gaia to come up with cute baggus with Kiki and Coco designs biggrin

Our plastic bag ban has been in effect since January of last year. I always carry around reusable bags but then OF COURSE... 50% of the time I forget and leave them in the car. At least the supermarket we do most of our shopping in still uses bags for those times I forget.

I made sure to bring a huge pack of StaterBros plastic bags when I went shopping at a store in my aunt's state. I got some weird looks.
I'm honestly shocked California hasn't banned them yet.
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Sweet Angel Mary
Sweet Angel Mary
Sweet Angel Mary

ok, just making sure, though i find it hard to make 160k a day on zomg when i have donor so i guess i'm safe. i even felt guilty getting all that gold from heralds of chaos in the early beta days before the cap. Here I am questing all the cat items on gaia and i try to keep my earnings under 250k a day, since that's what booty grab, zomg and hoc could net you but i only like zomg)

I actually made a guide about nerfing today: zOMG! Nerf Guide So rough estimation on how long and how much you'll get each instance. I hope this helps you figure out how much for 160K. Good luck on that quest, there are lots of cat items. I love playing zOMG! too.

i just smob or smeb for it, but i have to be lucky to find crews. my mule has a 160k nerf right now so i've been on that account the most.

Yeah ss is the easiest. Takes 2 smebs 4 smobs or 3 smebs 1 smob to nerf usually. Yeah I've been playing zOMG! for almost three years, so I'm lucky to have friends to crew with. I have zOMG! addiction problems I admit. Don't worry it will get easier to get crewed with time.

i think my mule having a low tc might be the problem, i never have problems when i try to crew on this account. i need more smob/smeb friends on my accounts.

Total charge is such a silly thing to judge players on now of days. There are players that have 100K TC now that haven't even completed end boss before. Double orbs makes it so easy to earn orbs now. 50K TC used to be an accomplishment when I first started and getting our Robo badges. Don't worry, you'll get crewed and if really worried, dune slam is best orb farming spot. xp
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Zero Omega
Admins I have a question? Would it be possible to make a few new changes in the AMC forum.

The cartoons sub-forum could use a name change to cartoons instead of animation /cartoons and it ‘d be nice to get a suggestions forum or sticky for all the suggestion threads users make in the forum despite the rules saying not to.

Oh and zero ? Thanks for taking care of whatever was causing the reporting problem in the AMC forum, I haven’t had it happen again in there since.

Something we can think of doing. And I dunno what caused the reporting problems, but glad to see that they're fixed.

Yay and how are you?

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I have a question: I had/have a account known as viewtifule joe jr, and I had it good. and had/have it for about 2-3 years, buuuuuuuuuuuut one day I was sent a PM saying to follow this link and you will get an item. I didn't get the item so I clicked on it again and with in a few seconds I could not log back on to that account. why can't I get back on, is it banned? if so, why? and if I didn't do anything agenst the ToA and it still got banned can it get unbanned?

Oooohh.. This sounds like you were phished. Phishing is where you are tricked out of your password. I am taking a shot in the dark here about this; it sounds from your description that you were sent to an off-site area that looked like Gaia, but it wasn't, and it had a page where it asked you to log in.

If you would like more info, go ahead and send me a PM with your account's name and when it happened so I can more properly advise you on what to do next ^^
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Gimme Enviro links and I'll make avis emotion_awesome

I am game!
pikachus munchlax
Beloved Ice Cream Bar
Hi, I've been highly active in this guild for more than 5 years, in fact. I don't necessarily have much to complain. It's just that I'm having difficulty understanding the time set on this website. I can understand that this website his from another city, hence why the time is different compared to mine. The main reason is that every time I post something in the forums, the time I made that post was 3 to 4 hours ahead of the time stated above my post(just below the username, in case your wondering). Is there a way you can possibly have this programmed so that it can tell the time from each time zone a user is located in?

If you go into Account Settings, there should be an option for changing your time zone. It defaults to GMT-8 (US West Coast) because that's where we are. 3nodding

Just wondering, i know its "Ask the Admin" but ive been doing my best to answer some of the questions that you dont to be an admin to figure out, is that ok or no?

It's fine. Many others do so as well! 3nodding

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