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So when is the event forum closing?

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Do you think you will ever change the layout or general look of Gaia?

We need more short hair styles!


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Happy New Years! heart

I hope everyone had a good winter vacation. 3nodding

I have no questions today. ninja

Edit: Waaait. I got one. Has anyone planned to do more male themed items? ninja
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Just wanted to check back, see if there was any new information about the issues with my accounts. Has been around 3 months now and I still have not gotten a response from my ticket or from the email I sent you guys.

Know Zero Omega has mentioned he is looking into it for me, have an estimate on how long it's going to take?


Was on vacation recently, so catching up on everything that I had to get done. Which includes this.

Welcome back! Did you enjoy your vacation? I'm digging the slippers, by the way.
happy new year everyone!

i not thought of any resolutions this year, and well, the big bcs game is starting. go alabama! biggrin


You think you can hide, na? I hope the big BCS game has its share of... weirdness. We've already had FUS RO DAH level hits and a one-point safety (like that happens more often than once a decade or so.)
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Hi Lanzer. Do you ever take the time and drop by a user's thread and chat with others for a bit?

My quest is for you to stop by my charity and say hello to everyone.
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So when is the event forum closing?


Six million years from now.
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Can you add the option to change quantities in Gold Shops?
We've needed it for a long time now.

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Uncle Kenny
Hi guys C: any news?

I passed the list over so it could be reviewed and handled. I can follow up and see where things stand.
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Easter E-CORP Envoy here.

So Easter...you guys have any plans yet? Is it too late to make suggestions?
Can the community help in any way?
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Lately, I've been checking layering on my dress up screen, and it doesn't seem to be working properly.
My question is this:
Why are a lot of items not listed on it? (and yes, I do have the "All Gaia" circle checked.)
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Zero Omega

Question about Booty Grab
Is it okay to use mules to continue playing once you've gotten to the 150k cap? (Assuming you then put all the gold on your main account)
I always thought that it wasn't, I think it was even mentioned in the dev alert when the cap was implemented that it would flag you as a bot. But I sometimes see people saying they do it, once even a mod, so I'm a little confused and I'd just like some clarification.
I mean, what's the point of a cap if you can use a mule to ignore it?

We don't really encourage the use of mules to do this because we put the cap in to prevent Booty Grab generating a ton of gold without completely nerfing it. If we do find you engaging in activity that we believe is bot-like we will investigate it.

would it be safe to assume that playing zomg on multiple accounts is acceptable if you just like killing cute fluffs and clams?
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Will we be able to buy 2003 items with gaia cash?
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And you didnt share the sushi ? What? emotion_donotwant lol jk!
My new years resolution is to do well in school ^^
What is yours ?
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WAIT, wait, 10 years!? xD

- When will the celebration start? Or has it already and I just wasn't paying attention? :V

Still a few months XD, but we expect a build up ninja

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