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Is there any hope for more CI pets that aren't cats?
If you made a ferret CI pet I'd sell my soul for it.
There's already Pongo

I know, I own 7 Pongos.
That's like saying "there's already Lucky". Well there's also Milk, and Pepper, and the other ten thousand CI cats.
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Toothsome Vampire

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Please bring back aquarium gwees.......we don't need two kinds of dolphins sad
I always had a full tank of 17 gwees paid for with cash. I miss them crying

Also miss vivox on zOMG
and cinemas
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How is it that I have never heard of you before? surprised
~King Awesome
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Blessed Seeker

My New Year's Resolution:

Convince any admin to add me and talk to me over Meebo.

Real Question:

Do you guys realize that many people hate Towns V2? It's so awkward! D:

I certainly don't use Towns very often, but if given the choice I'd certainly take v1 over v2.

v2 has too much shine in it, the main focus should be the avatars.

I say this with the most sincerity and politeness, the v1 towns backdrops dull so you focus on the avatars more.

Again it's a compliment not a complaint 3nodding
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Which came first... The Gaia, or the Online?
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Scurvy Pirate

I've heard a rumor involving the possibility of zOMG! rings becoming unsoulbound. Is this possible and what would it achieve?

Dunno where you heard that but I don't believe we have any plans to do anything of the sort.
To Zero Omega: Any news on the fixing of the Mutual Friend button not working correctly?
I thought we were supposed to see the mutual friends in question after we clicked the button automatically.
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Ra Ra Rumpleteaser
Hi there. I signed up for Toluna to earn Gaia Cash. I did the surveys and am now being spammed by them every day. How do I get the Gaia Cash I earned? I may have done it on this account or my other account. Thank you.

Have you tried contacting the offer provider to report the Gaia Cash as having not been granted?
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Happy 10 Years Gaia!!!!!<3
Uncle Kenny

If the artists feel up to it? Dunno, that's out of my realm of control.
I'm sure if you agree to be a slave for a day you can convince one of the artists to do it. wink
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Yeah ss is the easiest. Takes 2 smebs 4 smobs or 3 smebs 1 smob to nerf usually. Yeah I've been playing zOMG! for almost three years, so I'm lucky to have friends to crew with. I have zOMG! addiction problems I admit. Don't worry it will get easier to get crewed with time.
I need to know, I need to know
Why are you walking away?
Was it something I did?

I shall keep that second sentence as a reference (I just started to do smob/smeb) But you're lucky to have friends that do that c:

Did I make a mistake cause
I'm trying to deal with the pain
I don't understand this, is this how it is?
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Why is the AtA always open for like two seconds? I always miss it.
This is my first time in two years actually being around for the AtA on time!

It's always open for a full 3600+ seconds!

Y-You... You actually cared enough about me to answer my question? emotion_kirakira
Could you do something to absolutely make my day?...
You being one of my top 3 favourite admins, could you add me?

Maybe! I make no promises as I only typically add people I've gotten the chance to know.

I would add you on Facebook.
I'll make a Twitter and follow you.
I'll make a Myspace and do whatever the heck they do!

I've just always wanted an admin fran just to hangout with and such <3

Jeez, I must sound like an obsessive 12 year old, fan girl!

Oh, and what's your name? I'm Trevor.
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Yea whatever happened to those cute animated Ears in the crash shop? I've been wanting to get those now for a while but I haven't seen them. I hope someone can anwer my question.
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i was wondering me and my friend have a trade that wont cancel or accept like nothing will go through D":< What do i do?Quote Me Back?

File a ticket at http://www.gaiaonline.com/help
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Gracious Worshipper

cant put bundle on marketplace why is this ?

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