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Joint Art Shop
Shop Status: Open : D

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Welcome to X Insanity :3

Name inspired by Distorted Images : O

Please feel free to browse about, don't be afraid to stay and chat :3

This lovely art shop features 5 talented artists : D Browse down to the status post to see which artists are now available for commissioning :3 Please make sure to check the rules before filling out your application for commissioning an artist :3

Hopefully I haven't left anything out XD

Hey Artists! Make sure to check post 14 to keep track of new orders :3

wark. HEY, a news bulletin? O:

Feb. 11.2009 Ryuichi_Tatsuya leaves shop...sorry guys, but ive been in a artist hole, and cant dig myself out crying

Sept. 13. 2008; Owinari and Distorted Images have left the shop D; We'll miss ya guys <333. Fixed up the thread some :3
Sept. 11. 2OO8; Owinari has decided to leave the joint shop. Kind of unofficial, since it's such short notice. I'm really sorreh, guys. ;A; It's because of obvious reasons. School. -shot-
Aug. 30. 2008: Contest begins!
Aug. 28, 2OO8: It has been decided! The 'awsie' artists, T Goga and Anaiira will do a couple collaboration for the lucky Gaian on page 2OO! Just keep bumping&&chatting 'till you get there! :'D
Aug-27-2oo8: HEY EVERYONE. C: Guess what? Free arts! 8D Come and post at page 150 dressed up in your fanciest spiffiest clothings and the lovely artist Owinari will pick one and draw your avatar. WAIT, it gets better! Come post at page 200 with your best avatar and I (Anaiira) and another wonderful artist (to be decided... or agreed upon... XD) will do a couple's collaboration. C:
-- Anaiira 3nodding
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Anaiira: Open & Bribes. C:

T Goga: Full *Oh My* *_*

owl1989: Full

Azraethea: Full. D:

anonkasumi: Open Slots

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* Please start the trade after your order is accepted.
* Send the trade to the individual artist :3
* You can order from as many artists as you would like as long as their slots are open :3
* No art thieving.
* Patience is a virtue.
* We have the right to accept and refuse an order.
* No Begging or flaming.
* Follow Tos.

Ordering Forms/Information:

* When a slot is open feel free to post an order.
* Post your form in the thread and also PM IT TO THE Artist you wish to draw for you!
* Make sure to read the artists posts before ordering.

Regular Form:

[size=10][color=#e18514]*Insert Artists Name Here*[/color]

OC Form:

[size=10][color=#e18514]*Insert Artsts Name Here*[/color]
[color=#b25e0a][size=9][b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character's Personality/Background:[/b]
[b]Age of Character:[/b]

Art Trade Form:

* Add this bit on to the previous forms.
* Not all artists accept these.

[color=#b25e0a]Art Trade[/color]
[b]Your Offer:[/b]
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OH HEY EVERYONE. stare Send me PMs when you order. DD8 AND ALSO, my life is seriously intruding on Gaiatime right now... So... Expect MASSIVE delays. SORRY FOLKS!

      lineart: 5k {5.ooo}
      monotone: 10k {1o.ooo}
      colour: 15k {15.ooo}

      lineart: 8k {8.ooo}
      monotone: 12k {12.ooo}
      colour: 18k {18.ooo}

      lineart: 10k {1o.ooo}
      monotone: 12k {12.ooo}
      colour: 15k {15.ooo}

      lineart: 15k {3o.ooo}
      monotone: 20k {5o.ooo}
      colour: 30k {8o.ooo}

      lineart: 25k {25.ooo}
      monotone: 40k {4o.ooo}
      colour: 60k {6o.ooo}

    ++extra people cost/person x number of people
    ++background 50% more

    ++anything (OCs, mechas, guns, blood & gore whee )


<<--``BRIBERY! (bribes are always open. ;U)

Goga Status: Closed

User Image

T Goga
Tablet's Bought! Now to play catch up D;

User Image

~ Samples ~

New >>>> Old

User Image User Image

User Image User Image User Image

User Image User Image User Image

User Image User Image User Image


~ Pencil Works ~

Headshot: 5k
Waistshot: 10k
Fullbody: 15k

~ CG Works ~

Headshot: 8k
Waistshot: 13k
Fullbody: 20k

~ Chibi Works ~

Waistshot: 10k
Fullbody: 18k

*All come with minor backgrounds*
*For couples add + 2k to the total XD*

<3 Do's/ >3 Dont's

<3 Boys/Girls
<3 OC/Fanart/Avi's
<3 Your OC's without a picture reference
<3 Some mechanical, furry parts
<3 Details
<3 Facial Hair

>3 Porn/Nudity

~ Slots ~

1. FireEmerld // Page 35 // Fullbody Couple CG // Conjuring Ideas
2. Closed

Previous Customers:

Princess-Fanoria-Pagan x Virtual Rob x Trespassers W x Trespassers W x Trespassers W

Freebie's Given:

lnk1001 x anonkasumi

User Image

Contact Me: If I don't get back to you within two days, feel free to pm me your form or any questions you may have regarding my art. This only applies to interested buyers. Please do not post or pm me if you're just going to flame about art quality or prices.

Won't Do: full anthro, mecha, huge muscles, anything against ToS
Will Do: everything else


Headshot: 100k
Waist Up: 200k
Fullbody: 300k

The above prices apply for a single character. It's 2.5x that amount for a couples drawing and 4x for 3 people.

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image


User Image User Image

CLOSED! super sorry, but i'm working on lots of commissions right now.
Bribes: none yet

User Image

      Please Note: I deem real life things, such as RL commissions, meeting with friends, my uni course, etc, more important than drawing art for a virtual currency (no matter how much). Please keep this in mind when ordering from me. D:

                »__s a м ρ l ε s

                »__ρ я i c ε s

                      [ c h i b i ]

                        »_Headshot - 7k
                        »_Fullbody - 15k

                      [ a n i m e ]

                        »_Bust up - 10k
                        »_Waist up - 20k
                        »_Fullbody - 35k

                      [ r e a l i s m ]

                        »_Headshot - 20-40k depending on the difficulty of your head items.
                        »_Waist up - Bribe
                        »_Fullbody - Bribe
                        »_[Speed Paint] Fullbody - 5k [temp price due to lack of samples of this]

                      Note: Prices are very tentative at the moment, feel free to haggle them. xD'
                      For couples double the price.
                      For Groups multiply the price by the number in the group.
                      Groups and Couples are unavailable in realism.
                      All art is CGed unless specifically requested otherwise.

                »__w i l l . d o

                      »Pretty much anything.
                      Please note I tend to find males a bit difficult to draw, however I would like to practise on them. So feel free to apply for art still. xD'

                      Everything includes:
                      OCs, Fanart, Couples, Weird perspectives, Pets / Animals, Flobs, Backgrounds, Animations, WoW characters, RO characters, etc. :'D

                »__w o и ' τ . d o

                      »Mechs, Anthros, anything thats over PG-13.

                »__s l o τ s

                      # | Username | Art type | Phase

                      B. | Hesperus | Realism - Fullbody | Colouring

                      T. [ closed ]

                      1. | Lonely in Gorgeous Tears | Realism - Fullbody - Speed Paint | Sketching
                      2. | [ closed ]
                      3. | [ closed ]

                      B. = Bribe slot
                      T. = Art trade
User Image

If you have a question...
Feel free to PM me. Technically my post is currently underconstruction what with the lack of CG examples, so my prices are not quite set in yet. PM for commission and price negotiation. I want to experiment. Let me experiment on you?

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Look it, new art!
User Image

U/C Negotiate with me.

Will Draw...
Anything not in the won't draws...
Yes, that includes:
girlxgirl, guyxguy pairings
OCs without *gasp* picture references

Won't Draw...
Full anthros
Extremely cluttered avis
Stuff that I say "no" to

1. [open]
2. [open]
3. [closed]

Mailing List...
(Getting tired of waiting for slot and don't want to bribe? Send a PM with subject "mailing list" and I'll notify you when the slots are open again).

For every extra person, add on 50% of original price.
I charge by sliding scale: OCs are 1k less.
Bribe me for full-body couples.
And yes, I do take art trades.

...And that's all that I can think of for now.
User Image

My corner of the shop; I do avatar sketches.

Thus far, I only have two previews:
[1] [2]

Greyscale: 5K
(Lineart attatched as well if requested)

WAiStliNE & Up:
Greyscale: 7.5k
(Lineart attatched as well if requested)

Greyscale: 15k
(Lineart attatched as well if requested)

PM me picture of requested avatar, picture type, and requests. If you're asking for anything other than a headshot, you may request a pose. When art is complete, you get webcam preview, pay me, you get high-quality version.
if you can read this, PM me with subject: ArtPlz for freebie Waistline & up. first come, first served.
Also, you should probably know that:
→ I am looking for a colorist. Not sure how it will work, but if you think you can, PM me.
→ You may request to see current progress. I will post preview of what is finished thus far as soon as possible.
→ Please do not ask for n***s, mechas, fullcolor (yet), or cluttered-avatar pictures.
→ Anything else, ask to know.
→ Expect your completion notice within 9 days upon confirmation. (sooner if given e-mail address.)
User Image

User Image

[url=http://tinyurl.com/6ybszq][IMG]http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l299/Golden_Ashes/MISC CRAP/Xinsanity.jpg[/IMG][/url]
User Image

200x40 only pwease <3

User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image

User Image User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image
User Image User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
This post is for the artists.

Artists; This is a handy way to keep track of orders.
So if you're gone for vacation, away, offline or something along those lines, you can see who ordered from you. So you do not have to dig through all the pages, like what poor Owinari had to do when she left for a week. gonk This is only because the thread moves really fast sometimes, with T Goga and him her talking a lot. <_<

It would be great if ya'all would erase your order once you've seen it <3

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