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It's rather self explenatory, but have a wonderful day! ^^

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In celebration of -------, we shall be hosting a ----- contest, with me as the judge. The prize is 3k, because I don't have any more to spare at the moment domokun
I'll be deciding points mostly by color and originality.
-All contestants must post at least 5 times during that day (Thursday comes out the 7th)
-Those who have joined the competition must keep their avatars equipped with their submission for at least two days, giving me a chance to see them all. You unequip, you're out of the judging. The winner will be announced once I've made up my mind, and they must initiate the trade.
-Have fun ^_^

Latest Update

Any opinions from you guys? I'd appreciate hearing them.
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Current contest:

Greetings and Salutations

By some miraculous bit of chance, you have stumbled, tripped, and in every sense of the word, fallen into my domain (Mweeheehee).
Or, in simple english, you have reached my art shop
Welcome. Your presence is greatly appreciated.

To achieve my many and expensive quests I will be selling avi art, or drawings of just about anything else you might want.

All you need do is order. And I fully encourage that you do, 'cause I want the money :3

Winter's Quest

Table of contents (Needs to be updated)

Greetings and Salutations.
-Introducing Myself-
-My Thread, My Rules-
-My Art Shop-
-List of Wanted Items-
-List of Donators-
-Art Done For Me-
-Outside Links-
More will be added

ON BETSY! TO THE NEXT POST! -Sound of galloping hooves, and a cow bell ringing-
Introducing Myself

I was always so much better at filling out those annoying question forms, rather than flinging information into the air. But oh well.

All right, my name is Avigail, but I prefer to be called Avi.
I've been on Gaia since around June 2006.
My birthday is May 23rd.

I tend to talk in third person sometimes, just because it's that fun.
I have the amusing habit of making up words that only make sense to me and people who don't mind laughing with me. You'll get used to it if you stick around long enough.

I don't like talking about myself that much, so this is where I stop.

Not so recently I started an art request thread for the my friend and I. The link shall be provided soon, and I'll much appreciate it if you could just stop by and take a look. Maybe even post. All help is appreciated.
Have a wonderful day =]

Current Dream Avis
User Image

Lady Winterness

User Image
Total Value: 107,481 Gold, 2,500 Tickets
[Item Information]

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domokun Thread Rules domokun

Follow the TOS
Please be nice.
No flaming.
No stretching the page.
If you PM me, it had better be for a good reason, and title it with your reason!
Bumping is fine, but I do prefer it if you actually converse. But bumping is okay.
Please don't quote the first page.

Thread Mods
You obey them or get quietly disposed of meet some tragic accidents ninja

Dear thread mods, I remind you that your obligation is a responsible one. When people talk to you, you represent how they might view this thread, and set their opinion in advance. Let's make sure to keep a pleasent disposition, and not scare people off with our wacky (yet loveable) ways whee

Faile Aybara Bashere

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My Art Shop

NOTE: Depending on your order, it can take me a long time to finish it. When I say this, I mean that if you ask me for the drawing to be coloured in digitally, it can take me MONTHS to complete. You have been warned, so don't get impatient domokun

If you're interested in buying some art for yourself, fill out the order form and post it in the thread.


Chibis= 1k each. This includes a full body chibi drawing, inked and/or colored in with pencils.

Basic drawn sketch (for each avi):

Full body= 13k
Half Body= 10k
Headshot= 5k

Color: +5k
Shadowed: +3k

Full scene, shadowed= 20k

Digital colouring will cost more, depending on your order.

DON'T PM ME (Unless I tell you otherwise). POST THE REQUEST IN THE THREAD!

How to buy art:

1. Fill out said form,

What you want drawn:

Sketch/Headshot/Half Body...:

Any specific pose you want?:
Shadowed (only black&white)/coloured (full color):
------------------- Photoshop/Colored pencils?

Anything else?:
Sent the trade? [/b][/color]

2. STICK AROUND IN THE THREAD, even after you've posted the request. If I need to ask questions or update you on the progress, I'm not going to run after you to do so. You'll have to stop by and check for yourself to see how it's going.

3. Send the trade after you post the request. I shall accept the trade once your art is done, and will send you the unwatermarked version as soon as you accept the trade as well.
NOTE: I will not start working on a request until you have sent the trade, with the agreed amount.


Coloured Pencils

Digitally Colored

Simple Sketch

Simple Sketch

Half Body

Colored Pencils

Digitally colored

Full Body

Digitally colored

Digitally Colored

Full Scene

Colored Pencils

Completely Digital


Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils


Base by Bunnystick

Base by Bunnystick

Base by Bunnystick

Base by Bunnystick

Base by... well, the signature is in the corner

Avi Edits

User Image User Image

Waiting list
If you've asked, and I've agreed, you should be on here.


Freebie List
Danclaude ('cause he's the best. All his art is always free)

Thread Regulars

Mahiru Zion
Faile Aybara Bashere
Miss Elvy

November ?- Opened the quest thread.
November 30th- Bought Lunar Cowl for 27k . Am left with 1098g .
December 7th- Was donated Black Catscratch Pants by PikaChika.
December 18th- Sold drawing. Earned 7k, now have 31k.
December 22th- Bought Prisoner's Shackles for 1,400g . Now have 44k .
December 26th- Bought Winter Rose for 15k. Am left with 22k .
December 28th- Bought December donation letter for 14k, am left with 16,884 .
December 31st- Donated Red Pimpin Hat by Shadowslife.
Feb 11th- Bought Phoenix Circlet for 29k, am left with 9k
March 28th- Mahiru Zion wins first place in the 200 bumps contest.
March 29th- Delta of Venus wins second place in the 200 bumps contest.
March 29th- Sale completed with Purplezeldafan, for 3k.
June 12th- Gaiaversary ^^
November 17- Request to move thread to mini shops forum.
January 3rd- Completed Paine Ryushigi's commission.
Febuary 7th- Was donated a hell of a lot by my boyfriend, Vash.
Augest 4th- Realized that I've completely lost track of my updates, and that there's a whole lot missing. Also, revamped a bit.
10/10/10- Open again for business, but considering closing it permanently and making it a freebie page.


Well, start asking questions, I'll post 'em ^_^

Do you draw couples?
Yes, I draw couples, groups, gay couples, and just about anything you might want. So long as you realize that it's 5k for EACH avatar, nevermind that it's on the same page.
Also, if you ask me to color it digitally, the price goes up.
heart List of Donators heart

#2 Ninja- 1000g

Flink_Pamingo- 500g

BFFdittman- Gwee AND Katana

[Pooker Panda]- 3584g

Jynxed- Donation letter for October '06

Rena-ChanTsyunamikito- 183g

ShinobiKaida- Jack'd Cape

jesus is dead- Dried Grass Skirt, 8000g, 3940 tickets, Gold mountain pants

EvilMisstress87Jay- 278g

PikaChika- Black Catscratch Pants

Shadowslife- Red Pimpin Hat

Joseph_Evan- 131 Tickets

Twinkle- Black complex shirt

Black_Cloud- Blue Flashion shirt

Vincent_Fenrir- 83 tickets

LlamarLlamarDUCK!- 200 tickets

Rayvintalon- 100 tickets, 50 tokens

Neo flex- 680 tokens

m4st3r_v4sh- 1500 tokens, 5000g, April Donation Letter

Alan_Rickmans_Willow13- Nurse hat

Yoru_Megami- 2000g

Ryouku-chan- 359g

Kay- '07 Letter

I'm so grateful to you all!
Art done for me.

Winter loves art very much, so draw her, and she'll be so very grateful 3nodding

User Image


Lady Winterness, by LividPeas


Kimberley Jane



Gemini Psycho

Nightfall Shadow



Delta of Venus


Bane of Death17

Bane of Death17


Faile Aybara Bashere

Faile Aybara Bashere



k i m i m a r o + f a n


Mild Obsession


~Sudden D.E.A.T.H~

Angel of Danger

User Image This one wasn't done FOR me. It was made for my friends Kay's charity shop. But I thought it was cool, cause, y'know, I'm in the first row right next to her there! I'm the girl with the shadow standing next to her, with the rose hat. Cool, neh?

By GirUkon

It makes me so happy every time I look at all this beautiful art by so many people. You guys are great! ^_^
Outside Links

If you don't specifically request it, after about a month or so I shall remove your link, unless I know you.

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Link me?

My art shop :3


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


User Image


L Twilight

Username: L Twilight, [Lei] (call me what ever you want XP)
Picture of avi you want drawn (front and back): User Image
Any specific pose you want?: preferably with his staff of black-holyness XP held above his head with some form of wide power-stance.
Shadowed (only black and white)/coloured (full color): The one that was 5k?
Coloured Pencils or Photoshopped: I dont think they get included in the 5k so neither?
Style: Hand drawn/Digitaly made: Hand drawn smile
Anything else: Take as much time as you need, this isnt a rush order... I figure it being done will motivate me even more smile . I aim to finish the animations and the shop before you show me the picture.
Sent the trade?: not yet, but will do when we confirm the details.
My Characters

Here I'll display a few of my characters that I've invented, and perhaps some art dedicated to them.

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