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The obvious ones. T.O.S. derp. Be respectful to the artists and other customers derp.

...Please just be sensible, keep the conditions of the individual artist you're dealing with in mind too, if you cause them grief they may ignore you, which coincidentally prevents your access to the rest of us.

Blah Blah Blah.

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Will do an occasional sketch, 50/50 on character and offer though.
My da gallery

[quote="Vanna1994"] [/quote]

To do list will dissapear after iiCARAMELii's order is complete.

To do list

iiCARAMELii - Page 45
Crawford J Pegasus -Pm's

Completed Art

QueasyRainbow's OC Nora

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User Image

                                    W E L C O M E

                                    Hello, and welcome to my shop. I’m glad you are taking the time to read this, because boy do I really appreciate it. Alright so without further ado I will go more into introducing myself. I am Purinsesu Natsumi, I am just barely beginning to tap into my artistic nature, therefore I am rather new at all of this, and because of that my art will be relatively cheap for sure, and everything will be negotiable. I will also state that I am REALLY REALLY new at couple art, so if you want that you might have to be extra patient. I am also really good at not making you wait ages for your art, it won't ever take longer than a week for sure. So please, before you begin to get bored, take a look below at my samples :}

                                    C H I B I ' S

                                    User Image

                                    User Image

                                    User Image

                                    User Image

                                    R E G U L A R ' S

                                    User Image

                                    User Image

                                    User Image

                                    User Image

                                    User Image

                                    User Image

                                    User Image

                                    User Image

                                    User Image

                                    C O U P L E S

                                    User Image

                                    User Image

                                    User Image

                                    P R I C I N G

                                    Okay, so now onto pricing which will be very very simple.

                                    CHIBI HEADSHOTS: 7K
                                    - Alright so starting with chibi headshots for 7k. Though if you feel like haggling, I won’t go below 4.5k because I do take time on these and anything less then that feels like my talent went to waste.

                                    REGULAR HEAD:10K
                                    - Regular head will be priced at 10k, and the cheapest i will go is also 7.k. Because it takes a lot more effort to get the lines clean for me, and it also has a lot more detail to the face, most of the time, unless I get real fancy with a chibi, which hardly ever happens, because I only do it if someone asks.

                                    CHBI FULL BODY: 10K
                                    - Chibi bodies will take much longer therefore the lowest I will go is 7.5k. It will take longer on these but not too much. I can go as detailed as you wish, or they can be easy breezy simple. You tell me! :]

                                    REGULAR BODY: 15K
                                    - Regular bodies will either be only to the torso, unless I feel that I can manage drawing the entire thing, which is getting more frequent. Because of this they will be 15k, and the price is negotiable of course to anything above 10k. Unless you really talk me into it.

                                    COUPLE CHIBI/REGULAR 20K
                                    - Chibi/Regular Couples will take longer than anything, and the price IS NEGOTIABLE TO ANYTHING. But because of the time and effort I may be pickier to agree. If you are ordering couple art I prefer for you to state whether you want chibi or regular as well. Otherwise I wont know what style you want.

                                    H O W I T W I L L G O D O W N

                                    Okay, you will fill out the form, and I will accept it, and sometime when I am in the middle of your art I will PM you a sample, you will tell me if you think the price you are paying will be fair, if not we can get it reduced if you don't like the art. Please keep in mind, you must tell me whether you want regular or chibi, if you don't I won't take your order, and on one last side note I reserve the right as the artist to decline your request. But I won't unless I give you reason, therefore EVERYONE who submits a form will get art unless I tell them I cannot draw what they want. Which wont happen usually, unless what you are asking for is ridiculously hard. ALSO YOU MUST QUOTE ME. OTHERWISE I PROBABLY WON'T SEE YOUR ORDER :]

                                    F O R M

                                    [quote=purinsesu natsumi][color=#B56B24][size=10][color=#F5B39A][b]N A M E :[/b][/color] username hurr

                                    [color=#C3C05F][b]S T Y L E :[/b] [/color]what would you like draw, chibi head, full body, regular, couple

                                    [color=#F5B39A][b]D R A W - T H I S :[/b][/color] image, or link to what you want drawn

                                    [color=#C3C05F][b]P R I C E :[/b][/color] you may negotiate here or just list the asking price

                                    [color=#F5B39A][b]S P E C I F I C :[/b][/color] anything you want in specific, or that I should know?


User Image

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User Image

        »» HOW IT WORKS

              FIRST Pick preferred style to order
              SECOND Fill out the form
              THIRD Wait for me to response
              FOURTH You send trade
              FIFTH I sent watermarked version
              SIXTHComplete trade
              SEVENTH Get Art!

        »» FORM

              [b]Username: [/b]
              [b]Your Offer: [/b]
              [b]Type of commission: [/b]

              [b]Character Name: [/b] (if any)
              [b]Character Info: [/b](Keep it short and simple)
              [b]Reference [/b] [url="URL HERE"]x[/url]


          iLovely Rita - * ||

        »» WILL DO

              Real life
              All genders

        »» WILL NOT DO

              Cluttered Avatar
              Mecha & furies
              Nudity or anything explicit
              No pict reference



            Chibi 150k
            Halfbody 400k
            Full body 750k
            Couple 750k + 75% for each extra character

            ONE TONE

            Chibi 100k
            Halfbody 250k
            Full body 500k
            Couple 500k + 75% for each extra character

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User Image

────────────────────────────────────── ★ ★

★ ★ ★ Hi there Im Zoo! Welcome to my section of the art shop! ★ ★ ★


How it Works
Complete Form
Tell me what is wanted/expected
Sent Trade
Send you Outline of artwork
Complete Trade

    Currently Making (sorry im slow)

    Couple sample
    User Image


    Will Do
    Chibi head
    Pretty much anything! just ask

    Will Not Do
    Anything that's against Gaia's Rules.
    Nothing really ill give everything a try once! >.<


[align=right][color=blueviolet]────────────────────────────────────── ★ ★[/color][/align]
[align=center][list][list][size=15][color=#39c732]Username[/color] 》 Text Here
[color=#39c732]OC/Avi[/color] 》 Need names or Info of oc
[color=#39c732]Your Art Examples[/color] 》 links here or image
[color=#39c732]Price/Wishlist Item[/color] 》 Text Here
[color=#39c732]If you Tip?[/color] 》 Text Here
[/size][/list][align=left][color=blueviolet]★ ★ ──────────────────────────────────────

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User Image
DA || Real Life Comm || OC Site

        Meep. Hello there, this is lengthy. I haven't been on gaia in a while, so how have you been?

        As usual, I'm offering my services to get my hands on your wonderful ocs and the likes! What I will offer will differ from time to time. I will pick based on 70% character and 30% offer, though good offers are encouraged as well.
        There is no set amount of slots; I will be drawing whatever interests me and you can send trade when I quote you with a WIP or a finished product. You are more than welcome to re-post or offer another character if I have skipped over your order.
        For a full array of offers, bonuses, and guaranteed slots -- I'll refer you to my rlc page listed up there.

        Character Name:

        *I am no tl;dr. Info can be as long as you want it to be.

Currently offering: painted busts
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Mega Nerd

User Image
Heya! I'm LinZ~ [Closed 4EVER]

I'm a sculptor by trade but you may know me as an art collector on Gaia.

{DA} [Anipan]

████████████████████ ██ █ sup, I'm Hitsu.

▶▶ A few notes
I do love a good character/avatar versus gold
You may or may not receive any animations! It depends solely if I like what you've given me.
I'll quote you If I've accepted you
Once I do accept you, please send your trade.

▶▶ 70% Character 30% Offer
User ImageUser Image
Please copy & paste that below. If you don't, I won't notice it.
[quote="Hitsuuu"][/quote] reference, offer,additional information, something?

▶▶ samples

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

▶▶ slots
unlimited U8
▶▶ pickup

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I'm offering knee-up traditional art. maybesomecgart

User Image

25K+ per pop.

character ≥ offer

order form
Username: (Your name here.)
Ref: (No word-only descriptions please.)
Offer: (Your offer goes here.)
Adjectives/Pose: (Gve three adjectives describing your OC/avatar. Also, come up with a pose, because I'm awful.)
Other: (Notes and whatnot...)

Unlimited slots for now:
Ref: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Offer: 30k
Adjectives/Pose: He's a cool guy. Very colourful. Bubbly-personality. Pose, should never look powerful, he's always just relaxing.
Other: That chippy-outy bit in the leg isn't supposed to be there. Refer to pants on current avi. Tektek is crazy. I also don't mind if you leave those wierd crissy-crossy black lines out of my hair. I don't like them.


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User Image User Image User Image

ules of my shop: If you want art from me, read these and follow them.

I reserve the right to decide if I want to accept a commission or not and I have every right to decline if I don't want to draw something. Don't throw a fit about it, I do this because if I have no interest in the project, it will not turn out good and I don't want to give you something that isn't worth your gold.

Fill out the form provided lower down on the post and remember to quote me or I will never know that you asked me to draw something for you.

Do not PM me or leave comments on my profile for art. If you want something, quote me in THIS THREAD or you will be ignored. I don't want a bunch of requests spamming up my inbox.

If all of my slots are full, you can still request, you just won't be accepted or denied until a free spot is open. DON'T KEEP BUGGING ME ABOUT IT. Just wait your turn and I'll let you know if it's a yes or no when the time is right.

Somewhere in your request, put a classified_diedrich so I know that you read these rules. I know it's stupid and annoying, but I will not be giving art to anyone that does not do it, so pay attention.

ikes: Things I enjoy doing that will raise the chances of me drawing your request if it includes these.

Dark, Creepy Stuff
Sexy Girls
Goth or Punk styles
Interesting Avatars

islikes: Things I don't like drawing and will probably reject.

Pink, Frilly, Girly Crap (I've had enough of these requests, I'm sick of drawing them)
Boring OCs or Avatars
Complicated Poses
Extra people
Complicated backgrounds

nything not on either of these lists is fine too and I am willing to do. And just because something is on the Dislikes list, doesn't mean that I will not do it, it just means I'm less likely to do it and it might cost you a little extra if I do accept. I do both Males and Females, OC's and Avatars including Tekteks, as long as I get a reference picture with all requests. I don't do descriptions, just no. Give me a picture to work off of or else I won't get it right. I'm sick of people complaining because my vision wasn't what theirs was when they give me nothing but a wall of text to work off of.

§amples: to give you the general idea of what my artwork usually looks like.

- - - - - - - - - -

ricing: Add up the price of what you want from each category. It can be confusing, but don't worry, I'll always let you know the total price after you give me your request and I am open to negotiating within reason.

ßody type:

Chibi = 25k
Proportionate (More Realistic Anatomy) = 50k

ortrait type:

Head Shot = 10k
Waist Up = 15k
Full Body = 20k

Complicated Pose = Additional 5k


Sketch = 10k
Lines = 20k
Flat Colors = 25k
Colors with Shading and Lighting = 35k
Lineless Color with Shading and Lighting = 50k

ormat: use this for your orders.

{EXAPMPLES - Chibi Flat Color Fullbody , Proportionate Head Shot Sketch, etc...}
[color=crimson]Extra Information:[/color]


II Nights Embrace II
II Nights Embrace II
Consider one of my avi's?

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. or User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Clickable Tektek Links

Proportionate, Full Body, Lineless Color with Shading and Lighting
Extra Information:
If you could make her wand into a staff that'd be awesome, other than that feel free to exercise artistic freedom.

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OPEN!!! (APR 2014)

Step 1
Make sure I'm willing to do the art you want, I won't for example do:

»Groups (high bribe)

But am willing to try anything else. If I don't have a sample of it just ask me about it.

Step 2
See how long the wait is (ps. "Job No. XXXX" isn't neccasarily the order I'm working in. It's just a reference to the files on my computer.)
The bracketed numbers are DDMMYYYY-DDMMYYYY, this is a 1-week slot I plan to work on the artwork. This will give you some indication of when yours will be worked on.


Freebies (if you've won a contest, or I owe you a favour, or I've been part of a seasonal freebs project, or if we're penpals, or you've played on my weaknesses)

QueasyRainbow < digital | lineart > Job No. 0008 (05052014-11052014)
Ai-Dee-Kay < traditional | whateverifeellike > Job No. 0011 (12052014-18052014)
greeks < traditional | whateverifeellike > Job No. 0012 (19052014-25052014)
Kuroshix < traditional | whateverifeellike > Job No. 0013 (26052014-01062014)
silver_crystal18 < traditional | whateverifeellike > Job No. 0014 (02062014-08062014)
wennymon < traditional | whateverifeellike > Job No. 0015 (09062014-15062014)

Step 3
Have a look at my work
*quick note* As of APR 2014, I'm changing up my methods to normalize my product across the board. From now on Traditional art will be 30x30cm unless paid for something obscure, and digital art will be 10,000x10,000px at 150dpi (can't offer too much greater than that as my computer starts to s**t itself photoshop starts consistently crashing)

Traditional Linework Samples
User Image User Image

Traditional Ink Samples
User Image User Image User Image User Image

Traditional Colour Samples

Digital Linework Samples
User Image

Digital Ink Samples

Digital Colour Samples
User Image User Image

Step 4
Have a look at my prices.

Digital Lineart ~500k
Digital Inked ~1mil
Digital Coloured ~2mil

Traditional Lineart ~500k
Traditional Inked ~1mil
Traditional Coloured ~bribe

Background ~heavy bribe. I mean, I really don't like doing them, so you better be bringin' your '03 MC's.

Prices are negotiable. If your character/avatar is very simple I may lower it, if it's complex I may ask a higher price. All this will be decided before I start, I will stick to the price agreed upon even if it ends up taking me longer than I thought.

Step 5
Still looking good? Copy and fill in this form.


[b]What I want drawn:[/b] (Reference. This can be tekteks, actual art of the character, etc)

[b]Details:[/b] (Make as lengthy as needed, I will read it. Be sure to include whether you want lineart, coloured, something completely different... may want to specify poses etc...)



Step 6
Be patient.

Wait for me to quote you back, whether I accept the order or not.

If I accept, please send the trade with the agreed payment so that I can give you a slot.

Step 7
Receiving your art.

I may show you a W.I.P. or two as I'm drawing, if it's a tricky job, or if the terms of the order weren't quite clear, to make sure it's what you wanted. You may ask for changes at any point before I start inking, or if it's digital you can ask for changes at any point as I do layered work that can be easily edited.

All art I finish will be posted in this thread and you will be quoted. If you want the art to be delivered to you via PM and not used as a sample for my shop, please also state this in your order.

At this stage, we complete the trade. (This 'freezing' of funds is just so I know you're good for it)

Other info.

-If there's something obscure you want, even if I don't have a sample of it, definitely ask me if it's something I can do.

This big awesome joint-shop is only possible due to the cooperation of 9 great friends of mine, if I see you harassing any of them, or trolling on this thread in general, you'll be blacklisted as someone not to sell art to. No warnings.

We're here to have fun, because this' what we like doing. Some of us even take paid commissions on DeviantART and take some time out of what could be paid-hours, to make art for you, so please be patient, on top of all that, we even have personal lives.

The password is "brazekool.exe", this validates either that you read everything here, or that you hit Ctrl+F and searched for the term 'password'. Either way, including it in your order is the only way to get art.

Previous Patrons.

oldest TV alive (0007 XXXX2013
H O N O V A (0006 XXXX2013

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Active Contests

l2eality's contest.
If you want to partake in the contest that requires bumping, generating numbers, and winning free art, this is for you!
Quote l2eality that you want to participate in her little contest. On that post with the quote, generate a random number from 2 to 468, and the number that you get is the number of times you bump with separate posts in here. On your last bump, quote l2eality again that you're done and what you'd like her to draw (anything but against t.o.s.) , and generate a number again from 0-5 to determine what kind of art you'll be getting for free. l2eality will be checking your bumps, so don't cheat!

0 = pixeled sprite
1 = an attempt of traditional pencil realism
2 = digitally colored chibi
3 = pixeled bust
4 = digital experimental painterly headshots
5 = traditionally colored headshot

Some styles take longer than others, so be patient. l2eality isn't guaranteeing good art quality.


100 Bumps contest won by QueasyRainbow (one freebie from Brazekool)
Easter 2013 TekTek contest won by tubercular skies (one MC for the month of March 2013 from Brazekool)

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We'd really rather not have to use this.

Genadi (probably won't pay you)

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User Image

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