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Hello There~!
I was just wondering about something. ouo
I changed my chara a bit, so she looks kind of different..
I checked the progress page and I was wondering f you minded if I requested the new girl instead? o:
The outfit is the same, Just the hair and ears have changed. Oh! And she has stickers on her face.
I can fix the ref's if that's okay.
If it's too late, that fine~ biggrin
Thanks and i'm so sorry.
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█▌▌oh, no problem at all ! * v *
that's completely fine ! is it still in the same album ? x)
if not, just go ahead and post a link here, and i'll get to it ! <33
thank you for letting me know ~
and please don't be sorry, it's completely fine ! * v * -- ♥ ▌█▌

Pyonghwaa say's

Ah so cute. gaia_kittenstar
But I lazy to pay 1OOK.

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Precious Sweetheart


I made a new album so it's easier to go through~ :3 The new refs~ <3
It's fine, I'm just glad you hadn't started yet~!
I'm sorry for it being so sudden though.
Oh a few notes; They're deer ears, the band on her arm has the word "COBO" in all caps, and on here face its a star-ish thing, and a purple heart.
Sorry to be so complex :c
I hope the pictures are clear enough for you. If not just let me know.
Thank you for being so understanding! owo

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