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Tala's Wandering Wolves

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Welcome to the Wandering Wolves Art Shop! For those of you who know me, you may remember that I had an art shop called the Wandering Wolf a few years back. Well things have been going good for me since then so I've decided to open up another. This may eventually turn into a joint art shop so keep an eye on us for new developments! Keep in mind that this is a TEMPORARY ART SHOP I do have a life outside of Gaia and it's a busy one at that.

Table of Contents

heart Intro
heart Rules
heart Examples
heart Pricing
heart Forms
heart Pickup


1. open
2. open
3. open

1.Follow TOS
2.Don't harass me or anyone else (This is my biggest issue)
3.Don't beg
4.Don't whine (I can't stand whining. If you need something or have a problem, ask nicely or don't post.)
5.I can change or make exceptions to the rules (Except rule 1. See rule 4 if you have a problem with this)
6.Don't steal (I mean it. I work hard on my art and I sign it with pride. Don't steal from me)
7. rofl Try to have fun rofl

Note: Rule Breakers will be given up to two warnings (depending on the offense) before I report them
My Art

I haven't drawn much as far as Avi Art in the past few years, but here are some past examples, including non-Avatar art which I can also draw for you.

From my Photobucket collection:
NEW ART! Chibi

From my Deviantart collection:
Sea Dragon (another art form I can do for you)
Dragon Emblem (I like making weird designs)
Full Body Flat Color
Chibi Head Shot Flat Color
Chibi Line Art
Head Shot Sketch

These are from my joint Deviantart with my friend Akaluna who is the creator of the chokers. They are my most recent pieces if you are interested.
Butterfly Poster
CG Dragon OC couple


Head- 2k
Bust- 3k
Full body- 5k

Couples- add 1k to pricing
(I don't do hentai)

Chibi (head) - 1.5k
Chibi (full) - 4k

I don't color pen/pencil requests because frankly I suck with colored pencils. I will shade for free though. ~


Head- 3k w/o color
- 5k flats
- 7k shading
Bust- 5k w/o color
- 7k flats
- 10k shading
Full- 7k w/o color
- 11k flats
- 16k shading

Couples - add 2k to pricing

Chibi (head) - 2.5k w/o color
- 3.5k w/flats
- 5k w/ shading
Chibi (full) - 4k w/o color
- 6k w/flats
- 8k w/ shading

I require bribes for groups and backgrounds

Before you fill out these forms keep these things in mind:
1. I DON'T do Hentai
2. I rarely accept group requests
3. I WON'T accept requests with cluttered avi's
4. I WILL accept OC requests
5. I will reply faster if you PM or Quote me
6. If you request to see a rough draft of your art, I WILL be able to show you my initial sketch.
7. I WON'T give you your art until I receive a trade request.
8. I DO accept bribes.


I'd like some art please!

1. CG or Pen?

2. Line/Flats/Full Shading? (if CG)

3. Is this Single,Couple or Group art? (if group state how many)

4. Do you want art of your OC, Avatar or Other (be specific and leave details or images. The more specific you are, the more likely I am to get your request right)

5. Background? Yes or No?

6. Chibi or Regular?

7. Any particular pose you'd like?

8. Why do you want this art?

Thank you for ordering!
Black/White List and Other News!

Recent News!
Last Week of Summer before I start college. That means after this week this shop will be moving considerably more slowly than usual. Also, NEW ART PIECES ARE UP!!!! If you want to see what my art style is, better and more importantly more recent examples are up from the recent free art thread! Thanks to all who participated!

~White List~
I hope to see this fill up with many names whee

Vampiros_Carnival_Gypsy - For being my first visitor and giving me my first mini request
whitewingedcrow - For staying around to chat ^_^ and drawing me awesome OC Art! heart heart heart THANKS SO MUCH!

*Black List*
No one yet, and let's keep it this way!
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Hello and Good Morning! Anyone out there want some art? 3nodding

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