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Are you goona buy anything?

yes, Art 0.16129032258065 16.1% [ 15 ]
yes,siggy 0.064516129032258 6.5% [ 6 ]
i would If I had the gold 0.12903225806452 12.9% [ 12 ]
no even though im rich and dont wanna share the wealth 0.032258064516129 3.2% [ 3 ]
nah iv found better 0.12903225806452 12.9% [ 12 ]
POLL!!!10 GOLD! AHH A SMEXY POLL! MONEYZ! (poll whore) 0.48387096774194 48.4% [ 45 ]
Total Votes:[ 93 ]
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Hello and welcome to my avi art shop of shopppiness. I sell many different kinds of avi art and update daily.thanks for coming and I hope youll buy somthing. I now make I pod siggys! (post your order in this fourm dont pm me)

10/5/05-Shop opens
10/6/05- lowered prices hope ya like um
10/8/05- lowered prices a little more
10/15/05- I can now make I pod siggys!
11/7/05- I added wishlists into the siggys!

1.dont spam
2.Post in the fourm with what you want buy using the purchase fourm (posted below)
3.pm me with any questions or comments
4.Once im done drawing Ill tell you to send me gold then once I recive ill post it in this fourm
5. please chat here! I may give out free art from time to time even bumps are welcomed.
6.No advertising!


My prices go like this: (click for example)

Head shot (chibi or normal): 150 Gold (ill do color for 50 gold more)User Image

waist up: 200 gold
User Image

full avi: 350 gold
User Image

User Image Group/couple pic: 350 gold per person

Ill add more drawings and make for styles If ya can think of a good pose ill try to draw it. I will only color for headshots. Tell me what you want as your pose, try to describe it to me and ill try to do my best. Also tell me if you want your name on it or not.

-Drawings iv done so far-

Fire_Falco_898 (he didnt want underscores,full avi)

o0Sephiroth0o (he changes his name too much so I didnt put it, full avi)

Im A Sexy Marshmellow (for the record I came up with that name!, Full avi)

Takuhaii (he drew me so I did an exchange,Full avi)

AmiSuicide (full avi) (thanks for donating 1k to my cause ami!)

Kooky61 (Normal headshot sketch)

Kooky61 (headshot color)

kannanosuteki (full avi)

VintageChick (waist up)

Dragun411 (full avi)

Kitty_Ru (full avi)

-Purchase Fourm-

-Style sad chibi hs, normal hs, waist up, full avi):
-avi pic sad if not your current avi):
-should i put your name on it?:
-do you want your avi to be saying/thinking anything?:
-Did anyone reffer you to this fourm?:
-Anything else:


Fire_falco898:My frst costumer! biggrin

Im a sexy marshmellow:For being a good cousin and friend biggrin

kooky61 my first headshot pic biggrin

Vintagechick for being my 1st waist up buyer biggrin

Draggun411: gave me more gold then it really was!

Well thanks for reading and helping me on my quest! mrgreen

(look in next post for siggys)
Yes I also do siggys! Im jus starting But f ya wanna buy heres what ya can get:

User Image <My first siggy type I can do in a bout 30 minutes.
this one says "Super Ducky needs his Ipod" but you can make it say whatever ya want and instead of an Ipod I can put the item your questing for on the avi like so:
User Image the words can say whatever ya want smile I can also advertise your store/mini shop with the siggyUser Image


User Image wishlist1: 200 Gold

User Image wishlist2: 200 Gold

User Image Wishlist3: 225 gold

User Image wishlist4: 300 gold

User Image wishlist5:200

So if ya want any of the siggys jus send me a pm with this fourm

which siggy do you want:
what should it say:
if Ipod siggy which one do you want: (Ipod or you quest item?)
if your putting quest item in,what are you questing for?:
color background:
anything else?:

All siggys are 200 gold! thanks for takin a look and i hope you buy ^_^

Fire_Falco 898 (1st costumer again!)


Im a sexy marshmellow

User Image


None ATM sweatdrop

User Image
Currently questing for demonic pendant
i declare this mini shop now open!
Bump (is my art really that bad?)
bump Im goona bump this whole page if I gotta

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