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So I know there are tons of people out there with those Equine Pets. And I do not see many shops catering to these people
I will be offering 3 styles, Realism, Semi-Realism, and My Little Pony Style

I am willing to deviate from the regular Equine Form, and draw Equine Anthros, Centaurs, and other pets which have a form much like an Equine. Do not hesitate to ask if something is within my reach, for I am always willing to try more things!

Post 1: Intro/Announcements
Post 2: Rules & Trade Process
Post 3: Samples
Post 4: Prices
Post 5: Order Forms
Post 6: Slots
Post 7: Pick Ups
Post 8: Banners
Post 9: Affiliates
Post 10: Affiliates Cont.

Feb. 26, 2011 :: March 3-6 I will be at a local Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention. So I will be afk, I will have my sketchbook and pencils with me have no fear!
Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:47 pm :: Reopened the Shop
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⇨Follow the TOS
⇨Do not Quote anything from the first page.
⇨Read Over the Trade Process Carefully
⇨BE PATIENT; I work 40hrs a week, and work on art while at work.
⇨Art takes me approx 2 weeks to complete, sometimes faster sometimes slower depends on the project. But I will keep you updated.
⇨Once you place an order you cannot retract it; if you think you will be going away for awhile please complete your end of the trade. I will not complete until your art is complete
⇨Only in the most urgent of circumstances will I allow a cancellation (see slots status for more info)
⇨You may use my art as you like, except for commercial or reselling purposes, I also retain the right to use the art as I see fit (However I will never resell your art)
⇨No advertising, however you may trade codes for affiliates banners, but I must be in your section before you request yours.
⇨Do not PM me about your order, if you have a question post it here
⇨I have the right to decline your order, but this is rare, I am here to make goldies lol
⇨Rules will be edited and streamlined later

When Ordering

⇒ Once you place an order, send a trade! LABEL: IT "Call Center Funtime"
⇒ If I accept I will, accept the initial part of the trade. IF I decline (which is rare) I will quote your post and you may readjust your offer or cancel the trade
⇒ Like I said before art will take me 1-2 weeks, unless work is DEAD, then it may be shorter.
⇒ Please complete the trade, if trades are not complete on YOUR end I will quote your post with a watermarked version, once the trade is complete I will post your Original Image, usually I shrink them PNG to 800 pixels tall, unless you ask otherwise
⇒ I will complete my side of the trade ONLY when your art is complete and posted in this thread, I will quote you/b]
⇒ Questions post them in this thread, my inbox is at 99% xp
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Please click the images below to see the fullview

The more detail/ shading/ color/ etc The longer it will take. These take me a good while to complete.

User Image User ImageUser Image

This comes the most naturally to me, and I knock these out within a couple days. I also mess with this style a lot, so if you do not want large hooves let me know!

User ImageUser Image User Image User Image User ImageUser Image

My Little Pony
My pony'esque style <3 Because I am a My Little Pony lover hehe

User Image User Image User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Digital Samples.
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User Image
Since this art is unorthodox from the usual, you may deviate from my prices. This is really just a guideline, please make an offer when you fillout the form specific to what you are wanting.

Yes I do RL commish's please note me on my DA Or PM me for my email so we can discuss details.

I also will mail you the hard copy if you note me on DA, or PM me for my email so we can discuss shipping. There will be an extra Gold fee for this.

No less than 100mil for any of the examples...unless you want a sketch, then that would only be 10-50k depending on the image.

Fulbody Color : 25k Geez with Inflation just Offer
Halfbody Color: 15k Geez with Inflation just Offer
Shoulders (Withers) Up color: 5k Geez with Inflation just Offer

My Little Pony If you prefer FIM style TELL ME
Fulbody Color : 50k Geez with Inflation just Offer
Halfbody Color: 25k Geez with Inflation just Offer
Shoulders (Withers) Up color: 10k Geez with Inflation just Offer

If you just want line art or a sketch knock off half the listed price

Digital Color x2
Couples : x2.5k
Groups : Bribe
Background : Varies on request
Details such as Symbols, Accessories, Etc : Varies on Request
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Please fill this out and post in the thread. Once you post it send me a trade Please!

[color=#9E7BFF][size=24]PONIES PONIES ME WANT[/size]
[b]Username:[/b] ~Name Goes here~
[b]Ref Image/Description:[/b] ~Image Ref and/or Description goes here~
[b]Style:[/b] ~Realism, Semi-Realism, or My Little Pony~
[b]Form:[/b] ~Fullbody, half, or shoulder~
[b]Temperament:[/b] ~What kind of attitude does your character have?
[b]Other:[/b] ~Anything missed?~
[b]Offer:[/b]~Goldies offer~[/color]

Example Form

Username: Leonaenae
Ref Image/Description: Clicky for Image
Style: Semi-Realism
Form: Fullbody
Temperament: She has an attitude when riled, but is kind to her friends.
Other: Have fun!
Offer: 25k+Tip
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1. APHMonteCarlo_England : Page Twenty-Two
2. Kitsune Mistress Nyoko question
3. Kitsune Mistress Nyoko

(more slots will be listed but of course will take longer)

idea Not Started (this is the stage that if you need to cancel PM ME FIRST and I will allow you to cancel
question Sketching (at this time forward cancellations will be seen as scams)
dramallama Inking
ninja Coloring
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Please add my banner before requesting me to add yours! Thank You <3

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Breedable Shops
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Art Shops


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Affiliates Cont.
Giveaways, Contests, and More
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Open for Orders!
I tried to quit last year but Im back now XD
Working on these slowly...not sure if they still want art.
Roboticwonderwaffle-Never responded to lineart
RadioWires x2
Zetta Slow Momo-Need to find the picture
- h a b i b a t i -
Hemorrhoidal Flare Up
Loki Luci

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