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Oh why welcome dear Sir or Madam to our lovely little shop. Please, feel free to take a look around and see what each of our dear maids have to offer in their own sections of the store. Now you may find that each of our lovely employee's personality is a little different from the other's and quite frankly, that just means we have more to offer you. So please, why don't you take a look and see if we have something that suits your liking?s your liking?

My, are you lost? Well here's a map for you:
Welcome - Announcements - Rules - Artists - Colourists - Order Form - Contests & Half-Yearly Auctions - Affiliates

Image credits: Rose Cake by ChocolateDecadence , Petal Tea Time II by AlexAidonidis , 158 Grunge Frame 02 by Tigers-stock , Yanone Kaffesatz by Yanone , graphics by Enchanted Seduction

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Well, aren't you hip and happening? So you like to keep up with the latest news eh? Well that's very good for you! Please, feel free to keep reading so you're up to date with what's been going on around the shop.

❁ 21/02/2012 - Store officially opened after around 4-5 months of planning.

❁ 21/02/2012 - Orionicle is our first customer!

❁ 23/02/2012 - First contest announced.

❁ 26/02/2012 - IR now does pixel art.

❁ 11/03/2012 - pink trap officially joined the crew. =)

❁ dd/mm/yyyy - update goes here

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User Image

Here at Sinful Temptations, our employees are bound by contract by a set of rules. So in order to not offend any of our employees or any of your fellow customers, we'd like to you follow the same rules. After all, we'd hate it if we couldn't serve you again over a silly little dispute.

► Respect the artists and colourists, they have every right to refuse your offer or interpret it in their own way

► Show some decency and don't cancel trades - it's very disheartening and you may even be banned. After all, we work hard to provide you a service so don't cheat us out of our money

► Send trades and forms to the artists and colourists individually. You may quote both artist and colourist in your order form but please separate the trades.

► Do not send your forms via any other method than to post in the shop - it's easier to keep track of here

► Our images may not be edited or manipulated in any way without the express permission of the artist and/or colourist

► Chatting and bumping are allowed however please keep your quote trees to a maximum of three

► Prices are subject to changes due to inflation or deflation of the Gaia economy as well as improvements in the quality of the art.

► Rules are subject to modifications so keep your eyes peeled

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User Image

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                                                  Welcome to IR's Piano Corner

                                                  Oh my, you seem to have wondered into my domain Dear Customer. Like the notes on the piano in my lovely little area of the shop, my products are black and white. I suppose if you'd like some colour injections you could always give my dishes to Tsuu or Regina though. Please, make yourself at home and have a look see at my wonderfully traditional menu. You may have noticed that the following samples were taken using a camera. I assure you that yours will be scanned in. Just one more thing dear customer. You should know that there are just some things which I can't cook or can't cook well. If ever I feel like I can't handle serving your meal, I won't hesitate to tell you.

                                                  I've an exciting update! I'm now also doing pixel art!

                                                  Bach's Prelude in C: Oh my, what a small dish you've chosen! I hope you're just saving some room for the main course. Headshot: 7k [x] [x] [x]
                                                    Chopin's Revolutionary Etude: Ah, a very nice choice indeed. It's the perfect dish to have for lunch - it'll keep you full but not bloated. Half Body: 25k [x] [x]

                                                      Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2: Wow! Now this is what I call a main course! Now now, remember to have some dessert. Full Body: 35k [x] [x]

                                                        Mozart's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Awww, so you chose the cute little cupcake! Perfect for little children everywhere and bite size for adults too. Child-like Chibi: 20k [x] [x]

                                                          Tchaikovsky's Seasons - February: Another dessert for you Dear Customer? Well, we do have another but we aren't quite sure if it's ready to sell to you yet. Would you like a taste anyway? Experimental Chibi: 25k [x]

                                                          Strauss's Radetzky March: For those with a sweet tooth, this treat is full of colour! Pixel art: 20k+ for Kawaii Hannah bases (small ones) to 50k+ for my bases (big ones). Prices may also change depending on difficulty of the artwork. [x]


                                                          Note: A surcharge of 50% applies to add people. In other words, to draw to people, I'd charge you at 1.5 times what I'd charge to draw one.

User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
★★User ImageUser ImageUser Image User ImageUser Image

★★50k min
★★+50k per extra person
★★+30k for full color

prefs/will's & won'ts
★★98% request, 2% offer
★★oc > avi
★★simple > cluttered (please note simple isn't lazy and cluttered isn't complicated!)
★★practical designs > this makes no sense whatsoever (somewhat applicable to avis, mostly for ocs)
★★yuri > yaoi and het

★★i refuse to do...
★★★★ offensive material (i.e. drugs)
★★★★ overly gruesome material
★★★★ excessive violence
★★★★ furries

★★when ordering from me, please remember to include...
★★★3 personality traits (esp for oc's!). cute isn't a personality trait, by the way!
★★★a couple of hobbies/likes/dislikes
★★★any musts (what must be included with your oc/avi)

currently infinite, but as i have other shop(s), please remember your order may take a bit to get to!
★★slots thread

where to find me, more samples, etc.
★★art shop
★★queerio@ymail.com / pandemony@hotmail.com (rl comms only)
User Image
User Image

IMPORTANT; 9th april - Hey guys i'm going to postpone my commissions for a week due to an illness in the family, in this time i'll be online in dribs and drabs. Sorry all.

User Image
                                                  Simple 1 Simple 2

                                                  note: more samples at a later date. Please support my fellow artists All orders of line-art must be accompanied by a colour order(whether it be coloured by myself or a colourist from this shop).

                                                  Will Do-
                                                  most things

                                                  Won't do-
                                                  Mecha, hentai, fan-art, anything too difficult.

                                                  full-body= 75k
                                                  half-body= 50k

                                                  *Chibi n/a for now
                                                  *+25k for detail(clutter)

                                                  full-body- simple= 200k detailed=massive bribe
                                                  half-body- simple= n/a, detailed= 250k

                                                  When to bribe; When you have a eek amount of detail. You have a VERY specific request. You REALLY want me to work hard on your commision. You want a slot and the rest are taken.

                                                  NOTE: Free background available upon request, (except for line-art)
                                                  Coloured slots; Please indicate whether you would like cel or soft shading.

                                                  Slots- FULL

                                                  ❤ mokochan2012- via pm- half-body
                                                  ❤ militaria-via pm- halfbody couple ~currently lining
                                                  ❤ Drizzical-via pm- fullbody couple

                                                  Charity/Freeb spot-
                                                  Currently (open/closed)
                                                  (for charity freeb spot, these will be given out when; i feel like it, you have a very honorable charity, i effed up your order and i feel sorry for you.)

    User Image
User Image


▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

► Anything not on the won't do list
► Fan art
► Oc's ( With proper refs )
► Avi's
► Game Toons

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

► Mecha
► Full Anthro (ask if you aren't sure. Ear's and tails are okay)
► Rainbow Sheet (this means rainbow hair, skin, clothes etc)
► Anything else I'm to lazy or have a hard time with. I'll let you know

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Head shot sketch crap
Other stuff will be in my dA c: take a look

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

► Headshot sketches - 20k * Will be black and white or one color. If I really like it I may color it.
► Bust b/w - 40k *Will be black and white or one color.
► Bust Full Color - 80k Will be in color c:
► Head to legs - RL Comish only
► Full Body - RL Comish only

I'm still new to making backgrounds, so I'll give a shot at some simple ones. There's no extra charge because I suck at them, just let me know if you want one or not.

User Image
[banner here]
pink trap

✖ ✖ samples & bases

✖ ✖ won't do

    too much rainbow
    overly cluttered

✖ ✖ prices

    prices depend on difficulty of reference.
    base 1 - 50k+
    base 2 - 30k+
    base 3 - 15k+
    couple - double price

✖ ✖ slots
    • A-Demonic-Vampiress / 32

User Image
User Image


I see you rolled onto my side of the bed. You'd like to see my skills huh?
Just come a little closer...
~Le-Regina Pillow~ ARTIST/ COLORIST
!Open! -Full- -Closed-
Cheap for now~
Did you like my skills? You want more dont you? How about you do a little more, you'll see what happens next...
Flat Color-10k
+5k if background
+2k per person
Notice!~Prices and styles may change as improvement is done
Wasn't that interesting? I hope to show you more of my skills later...~

User Image
User Image

Don't mind me, I may be the waiter but I'm also the cashier. Now, what can I get for you today?

Today my order shall be Insert order here from Artist and Colourist here (ONLY include colourist if you need your order coloured by them). Here's a picture if you need it: Reference(s) go here. Insert order here fromSo I need to separate the payments for the Artist and the Colourist? Well in that case, I need to pay Insert amount due to artist and/or colourist here (send individual trades to them). Oh my, did I forget anything? Additional notes here. Well, I guess that's it. I'll just go grab a seat and wait for my order.

      [size=11][color=#FFC300][u][color=#D90062]Today my order shall be[/color][/u][/color] Insert order here [color=#FFC300][u][color=#D90062]from[/color][/u][/color] Artist and Colourist here (ONLY include colourist if you need your order coloured by them). [color=#FFC300][u][color=#D90062]from[/color][/u][/color] Artist and Colourist here (ONLY include colourist if you need your order coloured by them). [color=#FFDA61][u][color=#7A2F00]Here's a picture if you need it:[/color][/u][/color] Reference(s) go here. [color=#FFC300][u][color=#D90062]So I need to separate the payments for the Artist and the Colourist? Well in that case, I need to pay[/color][/u][/color] Insert amount due to artist and/or colourist here (send individual trades to them). [color=#FFC300][u][color=#D90062]Oh my, did I forget anything?[/color][/u][/color] Additional notes here. [color=#FFC300][u][color=#D90062]Well, I guess that's it. I'll just go grab a seat and wait for my order.[/color][/u][/color][/size]

Would you like to see a list of some satisfied customers?

Divine Dani*link coming

User Image
User Image

Fun is what this section is here for. We aim to keep you entertained whilst working on your orders - after all, time flies when you're having fun. This section right here is also where we'll be holding our half-yearly art auctions. That's right, on top of our normal sales, we're holding auctions with specific themes every half year. Why? Well, you'll just have to see for yourself.

Saint Patrick's Day Poem Competition:
Okay guys, it's time to get your creative caps on. To win a free artwork done by the artist of your choosing, you must write a Saint Patrick's day poem. It could be a limerick, a haiku - anything. The date which you must submit your works by is March 10th and results will be announced on Saint Patrick's day (March 17th). Good luck and we look forward to reading your entries. Please PM them to Theo Pothos. This competition has ended due to no participation.

Art Auction:
Theme: TBA
Artists involved: TBA
Start date: TBA
End date: TBA
Starting Bid: TBA
Minimum bid increase: TBA
Highest Bid: TBA
Auto Buy: TBA
Winner: TBA
Prize: TBA

Please chat with us and the other customers. Friendly behaviour shall be rewarded when we see fit.

User Image
User Image

So you'd like to be partners with us eh? Why certainly. Just provide us with a 88x31 or a 200x40 banner and we'll provide you with ours. Here, why don't you see who's joined us already?





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Sinful Temptations Banners:

User Image
[url=gaiaonline.com/forum/t.78024095][img]http://i917.photobucket.com/albums/ad13/2cocoalove/Bre graphics/sinfultemptationsaffie2.png[/img][/url]

User Image
[url=gaiaonline.com/forum/t.78024095][img]http://i917.photobucket.com/albums/ad13/2cocoalove/Bre graphics/sinfultemptationaffie.png[/img][/url]

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