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Would you like more events like the 5g event?

Yes 0.4 40.0% [ 10 ]
No 0.08 8.0% [ 2 ]
Yes, but they could use improvement 0.08 8.0% [ 2 ]
I like pie. 0.36 36.0% [ 9 ]
None of the above? O.O 0.08 8.0% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 25 ]
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New event! (Scroll to events post below for more info)

07.03.2011-07.04.2011 thanks you guys for participating in our 5G event!
06.20.2011 shop opening!
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Coming Soon!

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xx.Meh Slots
» 1. dorkicookiimonster - pg 2 (resolving scanner issues)
» 2. Lady Ignea - pg 13 (resolving scanner issues)
» 3. gaurdian_samurai - pg 16 (resolving scanner issues)
» 4. Amaya Tepes III - pg 22 (redrawing)

xx.On the Wait
» I l e n k o - pg 22
» C.C.G - pg 31
» oMelancholy - pg 32
» Angel Heart__love_love - pg 32
» Coco449 - pg 33
» dorkicookiimonster - pg 34

Completed Art
Tippers in italics

» None right now
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Hello Peoples.

SLOTS: 2/3

Durr. I am anemonae or ane. I have a tumblr!

yeah yeah yeah, lets all rock our summer gear for the vacation is finally here!
&&so comes another art shop.

Like Issy (I 8 Sum Pi) has said, we've opened many joint shops together and we're hoping for another good one.
&& just a heads up everyone's going to have to bear with me time wise...i think. I will be holding a full time job this summer painting a mural and doing illustrations for a book, does anyone actually read this? so i won't be so active till the afternoons. Though i aim to finish things in a timely fashion.

Before we begin.

OC > avi

girl = boy

40% price || 60% character [I do RL commissions, PM me for details.]

I have the right to remove items, refuse offers&&to take my time.

Send trade to Anemonae with you're page number after your order has been accepted, i will start my side of the trade once i begin, when art is finished, i will PM you a preview, we finish trade&you will get your art.


Regular Art Watercolor&&Ink

STYLE ONE like what you see to the right and down here:
MIN: 6OOK per character
User Image
**sorry for the lack of current man samples C:


Chibi Art Watercolor

MIN: 1OOK per character simple background wash
User Image
**Couples are double the price for all styles.

Cupcakechan page 14. coloring.
Raiyuko page 38.

Event Slots - I have every right to take my time OTL regular slots are first priority.

Tyger chili page 30. inking.
Coco449 page 33.sketching
dorkicookiimonster page 34. coloring.
buttercup257 page 38.

Toasty Kim || MadHatterDA || Its Buttersworth Bro || ZombiesRawr || Toast Ninja || Cupcakechan || Sanjirou
User Image

To avoid confusion, please use the specific form for each art.
So if you want I 8 Sum Pi's art, use the form under her name. If you want Anemonae's
art, use the form under hers.

* Note that "reference" means a picture of what you want to be drawn

Issy- I 8 Sum Pi

[color=grey][size=9][u]Username of purchaser:[/u]
[u]Single or Couple**?:[/u]
[u]**If Couple, choose "lovers" or "friends":[/u]
[u]Pencil or marker/felt?:[/u]
[u]Anything else?:[/u]
[u]Will you remember to send a trade after you post this order? [i][b]Yes[/b][/i]//No[/u]

[b]Total cost:[/b] [/size][/color]

Mimi- Anemonae

[size=9][color=grey][u]Username of purchaser:[/u]
[u]Regular? Style?:[/u]
[u]Chibi? Style?:[/u]
[u]Single? Couple?:[/u]
[u]Any specific expressions? Please, please try to give me something to work with, like a pose, mood, or expression!:[/u]


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Anemonae's Free MSPaint Chibis!

stay&chat with us! there are no rules on whether you will be drawn or not, so good luck Cx
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Art Request.xx
Mimi and Issy have some art requests! (Drawing these may benefit you *)
____*details below


I may agree to an art trade if I like your work : )
The OC's I'd like to have drawn are in this link:

I'd love if you consider couple or single art of my OC's Miyuki Aucifer && Kaien Azael

More art references here.
***willing commission or do art trades if i see fit C:

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xSaKura-kyandiiX-- always friendly, a good Gaia buddy of Issy

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None! : )
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User ImageUser Image User Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
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-flies in-

Woo! Finally ready! biggrin Come help me clip the ribbon Mimi! heart

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Floppy Kitten

: D this is so excitinggggg!
anemonae's avatar

Floppy Kitten

/clips ribbon
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-flies in-

I know biggrin I missed doing art D;

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Floppy Kitten

Ahaha we can finally art without worrying about homework&&tests Cx
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Floppy Kitten

bringingupthepost. a little bit.

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