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Feral Girl

Uchuujuu Hoshi
I'm sooooo sorry for the delay in replying. I have been dealing with tons of school and job stuff and have been too swamped to sign in! I apologize and thank you very much for picking me! YESS! I'm ecstatic to be one of the chosen ones!! I loooooooove your art so much! ; ) <33
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I couldn't PM you so I'll tell you here! Please finish the trade! I posted the preview art of your commission~!
Uchuujuu Hoshi

hdpobnjvdf;mnb'dsf he looks adorable 8D
oh crud okay. i'll open up my pms xD
omg that chocolate rabbit cool

gahh thnks so much. -goes to complete trade-
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Friendly Tycoon

4laugh heart heart
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heart 4laugh
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are you taking orders?

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