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Unknown Trinity

Thanks for the help!
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Hi there dollface! I helped you out so maybe you could throw a little generosity my way?
Link to my thread!
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Friendly Wench

Hi there dollface! I helped you out so maybe you could throw a little generosity my way?
Link to my thread!
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Why in the Heck did something in the achievements section lead me here? . _ . Considered that a bump I guess? sweatdrop
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Ref: Well here goes nothing......

What I was going to ask you to draw was a man, around mid 20-30s in a nice business suit. Something like a nice dark green/olive and gloves.

Also a rather unusual helmet. I play a lot (kinda) of Spiral Knights and love the Steam Knight Helmet, so I would like this man to be wearing this helmet, the colorable parts on it being a nice matching green with the suit. Though minus the ugly red valve on the back of the helmet. And just like in the helmet in game, you can't see the character's face at all, even through the grill. So no skin exposed please

(Reference angles of Steam Knight Helmet)
(Always better to have too many references then too little, right?)

The final oddity on him would be some kind of flamethrower. Any kind would actually do, even if it it's one from Killing Floor or Pyro's default Flamethrower in TF2. I'm not too picky on that, so long as it's a fire-based weapon.

Type: Sketch
Price: 300k ( + an extra 50k on top of that as tip)
OMG your sketchy art!!! classified_fu (i have an affinity towards sketchy art emotion_kirakira & i cant decide whether id rather have 2 waists up or a fullbody even though i have no idea if you'd be interested in doing either or if you'd even be inspired by my request emotion_facepalm )

//i shall be back emotion_donotwant
LOLs. you siggy is amazing * 7 *)b

what would his body type build be?
and send trade please (:


ahhh thanku thanku ; v ;]/
you can always show me your requests in case? emotion_kirakira

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