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Pompeii Ablaze
Projectile Pastels

so I did a color experiment..but like...I don't think this technique suited me. x.x mmrgghh

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It's beautiful Q3Q
Her Piggily Tails look lopsided
Other then that it does look good c:
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Shameless Man-Lover

Pompeii Ablaze

please send the other trade and complete it!

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trade sent!

thx for drawing us! blaugh

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Gracious Hunter

lopsided? D8 gnaaghhh

brrghhh, I still don't like this coloring style. x.x how can I find a good one..
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And colouring style o3o
What I do is Look at random pictures on deviant art and get ideas from other artist
Cause I suck at making my own ideas

Also Paypal is being retarded <_>;
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Gracious Hunter

I'm trying to set up the paypal..but it takes daaays. ._.

and I guess I should go browse deviantart. I just like non color a lot I guess :,D
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Paypal bitching that i owe it money when in reality it owes me money <_>;

Try two Colours?
Monochrome is awesome maybe just a splash of a different colour?
Ran out of Charcoal so didn't finish /corner

And it took me two days
Still a pain but Yer
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Gracious Hunter

D8 bad paypal. I really need money...I hope paypal won't do that to me. then again, I don't plan to buy anything, only sell...so...>> hopefully that won't happen.

And I do like two colors, too...color splashes I like too! But I feel like people will only pay for full color? .__. it seems that way. siiighh. or maybe I should just keep it cheap and stick to the sketchy thing I do.

Oooh, that's nice! Charcoal is so hard to use. xD so messy.
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Shy Sweetheart

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Gonna Talk to my bank .3.;
Tomorrow or monday about this <_>;

Doooo it 8D
<3 Colour splashes

Maybe like... super bribes for colour
Or only Pick the ones that you like to do in full colour

Eraser is my best friend with charcoal c:
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Gracious Hunter

lol I have to figure out how to color before it can be super bribe. xD I guess I just need to try some more.

I wonder if anyone would pay cash for the sketchies though...v.v

I'm kinda traumatized by charcoal from this one class...I prefer the charcoal pencils. But if I can avoid charcoal altogether? Great. :,D But you're good at it~
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I woudl!
I just need paypal to work .w.;
/thinking of having some one draw a pokemon nuzlocke comic for me

Oh dears D:! thats not good
Art teacher taught us to cover whole paper with charcoal and use an eraser to make lines and if you make a mistake smudge it 8D
/love charcoal <3

I haven't been able to use charcoal cause I have no where to buy it from locally D:
Even tried ordering online But some other worldly force is stopping me from having any
/Clouds of everlasting sadness

But I wish i could paint :C
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Gracious Hunter

yaaayy~ <3

I need to draw more pokemon.. >> kinda want to draw a Gengar. o w o it would be cute.

lol that's the technique that caused the trauma. xD I was covered in charcoal dust for weeks. It was in my ears, my nose, my hair...other places it should not have been as well.. >>

Really? that seems weird...charcoal is really common and you can totally order it online. Where do you live anyhow? oO Can't get it from Blick?

and I can paint...I just prefer gouache to oil/watercolor/acrylic. but I can do them all~
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what would you think is fair fer a comic irl wise?

Oh God D:!
I'm sorrys ;u;

and Blick.... said that there was problems with my wi-fi Potato.
My paypal saynig that there was no money in it but ther was @_@
I'ma try again once i get every thing settled out with money ._.;

I would love to paint c:
cept every time i try it looks like i just poured all the paint on the canvas and then crapped on it
But Pastels/Charcoal is all I need ;u;
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Gracious Hunter

for a comic? o.o I dunno...never done one. xD I guess it would depend on the type, how hard, etc.

and really? that's lame. :< maybe order from a different computer? Don't have a credit card?

lol painting takes practice like anything else, but if you know value, the same with any other media, it's not hard. It depends on the medium you use, but what you want to do is separate your med-dark from your med-light colors (and use different brushes if you're doing oil). start with the shadows and then build up the lights from there~ keeping an organized palette keeps your color from getting muddy too.

pastels and charcoal are still too messy for me. x.x hence why I love gouache...NO MUSS, NO FUSS.
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I would do it myself but i start it and then heavily bleed out motivation adn then it fails
I'm thinking of going one with a simple starting cause platinum is al 20-30mintues before they release you to the wild

I would get one but i don't have a stable pay check ._.;
The Company I work for is alright, it's the accountant... Uhmm... Well a Turkey can do a better job then her <_>;

And Idunno Me and paint don't get along
And beside Projectile PaintBrush doesn;t seem as appealing as Projectile pastels :3

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