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Could cost more. 0.12565445026178 12.6% [ 24 ]
Just right. 0.39267015706806 39.3% [ 75 ]
Could cost less. 0.21465968586387 21.5% [ 41 ]
Option #6... right? 0.26701570680628 26.7% [ 51 ]
Total Votes:[ 191 ]
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ART THEFT b l a c k list.
If you see someone trying to sell my images, please let me know!

-Akane_Akemi. [Editing and stealing the plushie kitty for resale. Denied she stole it.]
-Crystaleon. [Attempting to sell the angelic pixel kittehs as her own.]

Freebies are good for you. Save to your own server please! &3

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Ordering instructions.
Please remember that ChibiKyubi receives the pixel kitteh trades and pixel kitteh order forms, not me.
Besides pixel kitteh related things, trades and PMs go to plipple_kat.

1. Post or PM me the order form.
2. Send a trade to plipple_kat.
3. Wait for me to send you the image(s) and confirm the trade.
4. Complete the trade.
5. Save the image(s) to your own server.

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1. Follow the Gaia ToS.
3. No chatspeak (or try to refrain from total chatspeak...), overusage of l337, or complete and utter noobishness. (i.e. lolz ur hott wanna b my gf?111??! )
4. Save everything you get from this shop to your own server, or image host.
5. No stealing, or claiming my work as your own.

6.24.04. The original Simple Kitten opens.
5.03.05. Simple Kitten moves to this thread, due to its uneditable first page. Nearly 800 pages worth of memories gone. TT^TT
5.04.05. Plipple begins work on the new version of Simple Kitten.
5.04.05. First customer, Green_Love_, in new SK!
5.04.05. Second customer in the new SK, Stokely706, is also roughly the 250th customer! n_n
5.06.05. The new Simple Kitten is finally complete!
5.15.05. We got to page 50! ;O
5.22.05. The patterns kittehs set comes out. 3nodding
Between 5.22.05. and 6.16.05. We get SK's 300th customer, Candeh! <3
6.16.05. We got to page 200! (:
7.11.05. We got to page 300! n___n
7.25.05. Six new kittehs are released. Rufus, Mister, Kiki, Angelic, Grizzly, and Bunny Kittehs become unlimiteds. 8D
7.26.05. We reach 50 doll customers! ;3
7.29.05. We reach page 400! pirate
8.10.05. We reach page 500! heart
8.16.05. The grand opening of the pixel kittehs! blaugh
8.19.05. We reach 400 kitteh customers! o___o
8.19.05. We reach 600 pages! <333
8.24.05. We reach page 700! x]
9.7.05. Yay for page 800! n___n
10.5.05. Page 900 is here! xB
6.22.06. Wow, finally, a new kitteh. Bammi Kitteh becomes an unlimited. rofl
6.24.06. We reach 1000 pages! o 3o
8.2.06. Reached 100 doll customers! >3<
8.18.06. Made it to 500 kitteh customers! biggrin DD
10.10.06. Reached 1100 pages! 'A'
1.21.07. Reached 1200 pages! C:
3.1.07. Five new kittehs~ (omfgthattookforever) The Elemental Kittehs Set II and Spring kitteh arrive. (lawlz)
5.18.07. Four new kittehs released! Panda, Arrow, Maple, and Masquerade kittehs out.
6.1.07. Reached 600 kitteh cutsomers~ oxo


Past Contests.
Race to 50! :O
Winners: gizzy1255, XliLpUNkyPinkX, [SoUr][SkItTlEs], Animaloverchen, and Icy_Brave. whee [100g each.]
Change of Art.
Winner: wintrex [Free Black and White Regular doll.]
Art fer a Hundred.
Winner(s): wintrex, AnimaloverChen, LuminaKitsune, ChibiKyubi (200 bumps!), MisstressKitty [A free full-body colored DA-quality piece of art.]
Almost: rimedragona, -jester-strawberri- [Free random piece of art.]
Secret 400 Customers Contest.
Winner: sandy_kitten [400g]
Name the iPod Shop! biggrin DD
Winner: Uhm... me? xd
Chibi Attack! @_@
Winners: Teh Spaz, K u r o, Himiko-chan (x3), Satsu Yachi, azntrycksa, runegirl123, _-EndlessKnight-_ [Free MS Paint chibi.]
Poll Contest #1.
Winner: Alini [Free MS Paint Chibi.]
Poll Contest #2.
Winner: Equatic Fiasco. [Free colored DA-quality piece of art.]
77 Lucky Dice Roll.
Winners: Animaloverchen, rolled a 44.
kita 21, rolled a 66.
Miss Trillian, rolled a 55.
Miss Trillian, rolled a 66.
Atlantisigma, rolled a 55.
Equatic Fiasco, rolled a 88.
[100g each.]
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Not only does Simple Kitten sell these kinds of kittehs, but pixel kittehs are also for sale.
You can scroll down a bit to see them or click here to take a look.

Pixel kitteh trades must be sent to ChibiKyubi. Trades for regular kittehs are sent to me, plipple kat.

(Thanks to ZombieKillerEx for helping me to clear this part up. :])

Your username:
Name of kitteh(s) you want:
Total cost:
Donation: (Y/N)

Please read the ordering instructions in the first post.

Plushie kitteh for donators.
User Image

To get this kitteh tip any amount of gold with a kitteh order, and he'll arrive with the kittehs you ordered. :U
Or you can donate in a separate trade, but if you do, it'd help if you titled it something like "Donating for plushie kitteh."

Unlimited kittehs.

A 50g discount, along with the combined set discount of 50g, makes the entire set of kittehs cost 1025g.
You even get a special (secret) set of kittehs available only through the purchase of all the kittehs.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

1. Basic Kitteh. Cost: 15g
Description: It's basic. What else is there to say?

2. Colored Basic Kittehs Set.
Set costs 100g.

a. Name: Pink Kitteh. Cost: 15g
Description: Ah, pink. So.. so... pink.

b. Name: Purple Kitteh. Cost: 15g
Description: Yes, purple. The color of royalty.

c. Name: Blue Kitteh. Cost: 15g
Description: Bloo. Bloo is cool.

d. Name: Green Kitteh. Cost: 15g
Description: The grass grows green.

e. Name: Yellow Kitteh. Cost: 15g
Description: Remember not to lick the yellow kitteh.

f. Name: Orange Kitteh. Cost: 15g
Description: Orange as an orange. What can I say?

g. Name: Red Kitteh. Cost: 15g
Description: Let's hope it's just tomato sauce...

Angels & Devils Set.
Set costs 95g.

3. Name: Devil Kitteh. Cost: 25g
Description: When he's in a bad mood, stay away from those claws and teeth and horns and...
4. Name: Angel Kitteh. Cost: 25g
Description: Simply angelic.
5. Name: Nitemare Scarf Kitteh. Cost: 25g
Description: Nice scarf, dude.
32. Name: Angelic Kitteh. Cost: 25g
Description: Not to be confused with the angel kitteh.

6. Name: Camo Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Try to find him. Made by AnimaloverChen.

7. Name: Chalkboard Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Not the eraser! Anything but the eraser!

8. Name: Canada Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Yay for mounties!

9. Harry Potter Set.
Set costs 95g.

a. Name: Gryffindor Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Brave.
b. Name: Slytherin Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Misunderstood.
c. Name: Ravenclaw Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Smart. (The colors were kindly corrected for me by Raven Nox!)
d. Name: Hufflepuff Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Friendly.
10. Name: Harry Potter Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Fear his mighty sweepin... I mean Quidditch broom.

11. Name: USA Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Show your patriotic pride. If you live in the US, that is...

Animal Kittehs Set.
Set costs 100g.

12. Name: Raccoon Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Progression from a panda disaster.
13. Name: Fox Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Foxy, isn't it? xD Suggested by Karomi Noriyuki
14. Name: Tiger Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Rawr.
15. Name: Cow Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Moo. Suggested by ShadowCatt.
43. Name: Panda Kitteh. Cost: 25g
Description: Uhm... what sound do pandas make? o_o;

Mr. and Mrs. Kitteh Set.
Set costs 35g.

16. Name: Miss Kitty. Cost: 20g
Description: Prissy and proud of it.
31. Name: Mister Kitty. Cost: 20g
Description: Obnoxious and snobby. A match made in heaven.

17. Name: Domo Kitteh Cost: 20g
Description: Don't get too close to it... that mouth ain't open for nothing.

18. Name: Clown Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: *squirt* Darn flower... *squirt*

Elemental (Sort of.) Kittehs Set.
Set costs 55g.

19. Name: Cloud Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Other cats always said his head was up in the clouds...
20. Name: Sunset Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: *stares* ...ARGH! MY EYES ARE BURNING!
21. Name: Water Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: How ironic.

Hat Kittehs Set.
Set costs 155g.

22. Name: AFK Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: A Freakish Kitty. Suggested by howling_thunder_
23. Name: Hammi Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: One day the pet hamster escaped. This kitty caught him and made him into a hat. Suggested by GranolaBaa
24. Name: OMG Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Oh My Gawd! Is that supposed to be a HAT? Suggested by howling_thunder_
25. Name: Panda Hat Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: The hat was custom-fitted. Unless there's a new breed of pandas out there somewhere...
26. Name: Chicky Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: BAWK!!!! *pecks ground* Idea from PiercedChicken's custom kitteh.
33. Name: Bunny Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: ;___; Poor little guy was left over from Easter...
34. Name: Grizzly Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: I lyke honeey !1one!
37. Name: Bammi Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: You don't own this kitteh. He owns you. >_> Suggested by Kytona.

27. Name: Hula Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Discovered doing the hula in a remote area of Hawaii. Suggested by Hula_Kat_Gurl.

Patterns Kitteh Set.
Set costs 80g.

28. Name: Checkerboard Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Hey, isn't it supposed to be black and RED? 0_o
29. Name: Tie-Dye Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Peace, man.
30. Name: Swirl Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: When they caught the Incredible Hulk, WHAM! they transformed it into this kitteh with a lab ray.
44. Name: Maple Kitteh. Cost: 25g
Description: Kinda gives the appearance of chocolate and caramel... with leaves.
45. Name: Arrow Kitteh. Cost: 25g
Description: Which way?!

Gaia Kittehs Set.
Set costs 35g.

35. Name: Rufus Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Don't. Tell. IAN.
36. Name: Kiki Kitteh. Cost: 20g
Description: Saw this coming, didn't you?

Elemental Kittehs Set II.
Set costs 95g.

38. Name: Snow Kitteh. Cost: 25g.
Description: Don't get him angry-- he'll give you the cold shoulder.
39. Name: Sunshine Kitteh. Cost: 25g.
Description: Cheery, bright, and full of energy; almost makes you sick, huh?
40. Name: Rain Kitteh. Cost: 25g.
Description: Drought problems got you down? Not anymore!
41. Name: Lightning Kitteh. Cost: 25g.
Description: And now you know what happens when you stick a kitteh in an electrical outlet.

42. Name: Spring Kitteh. Cost: 25g.
Description: Well, she was bound to come around eventually, right?

46. Name: Masquerade Kitteh. Cost: 25g.
Description: Who knows what's under that mask?


User Image


Your username:
Face style: (1 or 2) + (What kind of mouth?)
Reference picture: [Please provide a picture of what you want me to draw, or I will use your current avatar.]
Donation: (Y/N)

Avatar dolls.

There are two styles of faces. (Okay, eyes really, but still.) Pick from either one.

There are also many different mouths you can pick, some are listed, but I'll do anything as long as you tell me what it is or describe it to me.

User Image


Each doll is 1000g.

Besides the base and eyes, I start out all dolls from scratch and do the lineart with a mouse. Adding coloring to that takes some time too. surprised

Newest example - - - -> User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


The Elve named Skittle
Your username: The elve named skitlte
Face style: (1 or 2) + (What kind of mouth?) :3 <- That mouth and face style 2
Reference picture: Current avatar
Donation: Yes ma'am! 1ooog
Total: 2ooog

Your username: gigithestar
Face style: (1 or 2) + (What kind of mouth?)face 1 no mouth
Reference picture: User Image
Donation: (Y/N)just an extra 700g x.x
total it be: 1,700g

Mimbi Mu
Your username: Mimbi Mu
Face style: face two, mouth three (closed smile)
Reference picture: User Image
Donation: yes, 250g

I would also like to inquire if i can order one more. Let me know, i had a hard time deciding which avie i wanted to use.
User Image

Beloved customers o' kittehs.
Some names may be on here more than once.
1. Paper-Airplane
2. AnimaloverChen She bought all of them too! (Since she's my sister and all...)
3. nerovisa
4. Jass the pink_knight
5. Kyashia
6. Dark_Mitoko
7. ShadowCatt
8. Kadeinko
9. HUmarJason
10. Lazria the Stampede
11. minoko
12. howling_thunder_ She bought all of them!
13. Nefla
14. Mikie_Grl She also bought all of them!
15. Plastic Merry-go-Round
16. Marik_gurl
17. TakiNeko
18. hunter-in-darkness
19. Lord Braska
20. moonco
21. Keruchi
22. Samurai Kacheek
23. Alizatina
24. Hoyatanii
25. NoirRaven
26. Voo Doo
27. Ereliwen
28. tervardi
29. meowboxmilk
30. Befu
31. Tealea
32. Shiriken
33. galslushies
34. laFred
35. Enthalpy
36. Itsuka Mati
37. Digit_45
38. icyrainforest
39. massrevenge
40. erana_esvania
41. Angel Panda
42. Crimson Wings
43. Liraya
44. AFireInsider
45. Sage-Sano
46. HarryPotterGirl03
47. Kurushimeru
48. Confuse
49. Anakasha1222
50. Koolgal
51. ~Neko Konoama~
52. muninn
53. LlamaKid
54. fireangel333
55. SubZero Assassin
56. Hotaru_09
57. shadowy_light
58. 7Speaker For The Dead7
59. Hello! My name is ______
60. [Chibi Ryoko]
61. Shaolin Pearl
62. Xx_AzureBlue_xX
63. lymelady
64. Daisuke-kun
65. SerenityAngell
66. shining_angel
67. megamelfina
68. ifeelstitched
69. Jo702
70. leialoha4
71. Elf of Dark Fire
72. Star Sorceress. She bought them all!
74. kiki-girl
75. cow_luvr
76. Terry Waterflower
77. lilybell25
78. Llama fishin for a lemon
79. Katanya
80. Kaiki
81. p[r]in[c]ess
82. da_queeny
83. sadnereid
84. shoeh8r92
85. emoechee
86. Animekitty13
87. maddiecleancat
88. Rose_Katana
89. Sufi
90. mudturtledove
91. WickedX
92. Darlana Blackwater
93. pandagurl92
94. purple_diva
95. Ilusen
96. yasmien
97. jazzy pie
98. Rhiannon Silverflame
99. MissMiyazawa
100. piccadilly
101. star_kat
102. alyeth
103. raiinbow-neko
104. Imea
105. Lord Braska
106. Goddess of Pie
107. XxKunoichixX
108. X Japan
109. Pink_and_Black_Panda
110. cosmo girl
111. [Hannah]
112. helpingpetsacount
113. Baranquesseiel
114. Tomboy_Angel_puppy
115. liquidized
116. Tellah Amna
117. Schafe
118. Icy_Brave
119. Pugnacious Banana
120. Equatic Fiasco
121. Ririko-Chan
122. Huroggmeten. She bought EVERY SINGLE ONE of them.
123. kittysniper
124. Calico_Kitties
125. sapphire_nate316
126. Ilusen. Bought ALL of them! XD
127. Make Trade Fair
128. Chibi of the Night
129. shining_angel
130. Kitt Koneko
131. Yumeki-Bri
132. h0ld3n13
133. Bewitched
134. luminousshadow11
135. XxKuniochixX
136. Xeroth
137. Mellinia
138. xXKoogalXx
139. x Galinda x
140. Cheese_Bun
141. Tellah Amna. Has ALL the kittehs!
142. KobietaKotki
143. miss_syaoran
144. Icy_Brave. Has ALL of the kittehs!
145. bob_is_sexy
146. Equatic Fiasco. He bought ALL of the kittehs!
147. Lappy
148. Cat_Woman_902
149. peggyli76
150. Mint_Kitty
151. Silver_Flame118
152. Kaioto_Katsuma
153. l3roken5oul
154. ChibiKyubi. She bought them ALL!
155. tsel
156. Shiarka Jonless
157. DraGurl
158. AnkhWL
159. Rei Li
160. Adair Maissane
161. Analiem
162. Whorable
163. Rivity. She bought ALL of them!
164. [x]-Fiona-[x]
165. kita 21
166. Koma-Chan
167. xXKoolGalXx
168. x_NightStar_x
169. Dainty Drusilla
170. StarSailor
171. Arctic Vixen
172. star_kat
173. MegaRose. She bought all of them!
174. [S k e t c h y]
175. CheapFire
176. helpingpetsacount
177. DeathOfSoul
178. Cheese_Bun
179. Anna_maiden_girl
180. Mirialiah. She bought them all!
181. Esprix
182. Sakurazuka_Subaru
183. fancycat
184. LivyLiv2
185. [Aeora]
186. ManicInsomniac
187. SilverBloodshield She bought them all!
188. Ilusen
189. Elven Mischief Bought ALL of them!
190. Hark
191. WereJace
192. ChibiKyubi
193. Mika Ayanokoji
194. Lexuz
195. Fandae
196. Fictional Funeral
197. KingToon
198. brainsick
199. o0Pinkie0o
200. Inuyasha_Tiger_Pyro. He bought ALL of them!
201. Vanity Fare. She bought ALL of them!
202. Tealejoyce
203. NoirRaven
204. TMSS
205. HonooRayearth
206. griffinmaxwell
207. protect
208. Sandraakjuh
209. Cloverbaby
210. Koneko_Asami
211. Calliel. She bought ALL of them!
212. Kitsune Prisoner
213. TMSS
214. marshmallow of chaos
215. ElkiLiger
216. cherrydevil328
217. XxXAuroraXxX. She bought ALL of them!
218. Solstis
219. soraandkiari
220. Teresa_Tjusauni
221. Aelita-Sama
222. Rojy~
223. [.x.Puk.x.]
224. Muh. She bought ALL of them!
225. Satans Sweetest Angel. She bought ALL of them!
226. K i K i
227. Lady Leonardo
228. BadHairDay
229. AlisaL
230. Rabbistar
231. lovely_lainiexox
232. Dark.Peach.Tree
233. X~Whisper~X
234. Shroin
235. shy-wolf
236. Kurenst
237. Haunted Rag Doll
238. Yume Matsuri
239. Muh. She bought all the kittehs a SECOND time!
240. ChibiKyubi. She bought them all AGAIN! (But I forgot to put it on until now. )
241. ChibiKyubi. A THIRD TIME? I should either love her or call her crazy.
242. Yume Matsuri
243. Equatic Fiasco. He bought them a SECOND time!
244. Happy Bunnie
245. Equatic Fiasco. He bought them all a THIRD time. For no apparent reason. Le sigh. xD
246. Winged Darkness
247. xX_Wolf_Child_of_Doom_Xx. She bought them ALL!
248. CeCeT_nekogurl
249. Green_Love_
250. Stokely706
251. Meiiko
252. EvanescenceFallen
253. Yamatra
254. Winged Darkness
255. cherrydevil328
256. Dark.Peach.Tree
257. azntrycksa
258. Aurayvn
259. kkaaii
260. Oosaji
261. KookyKittyKat
262. kaiwiigrl123
263. foxycat_koto
264. Licorice_Echidna
265. kijochan
266. LT. She3py
267. Icy Kitty
268. el trueno
269. sadnereid
270. mixed_feelings1313
271. princess4827
272. [SoUr][SkItTlEs]
273. Little Miss Snow
274. Little Miss Snow
275. _Aishy_
276. Bohemian Rhapsodic
277. Twinkle~fairie
278. CartoonKid
279. chantilly_kitty13
280. OniAja
281. Pink Ink The Purple Pimp
282. chibi-rushi
283. sticky_berry
284. moon and stars
285. Little Miss Snow
286. ChibiKyubi. She bought them ALL for teh FOURTH time!
287. x0Ember0x
288. sestina
289. glamquacks
290. -suspicious_looking_mole-
291. Mouka
292. Kea41
293. Mira Vickie
294. XxX_Jesus_Walks_XxX
295. yc_lover
296. khb
297. XxAlchemist.RaexX
298. Angel of Your Dreams
299. [saturn.nightmare] Bought all of teh kittehs!
300. Candeh
301. Rabbistar
302. Orgasmic.Sprinkles
303. botticelliangel
304. AoiElf
305. Kouissen
306. [~ Dr. Sporky ~]
307. JaydeDragonfly
308. articwolf666. She bought them all!
309. Terianne v2
310. Dragon_LiLy
311. Silvermoon42
312. lady ~ mistique
313. _-EndlessKnight-_
314. Magikal8
315. lady ~ mistique. She bought ALL of them!
316. SkittlesRTasty
317. Keetay
318. maggie_rod
319. iatethecookie
320. chocolate_icing
321. Sweet and Suki
322. gcroxmysox2
323. rimedragona. She bought all of them!
324. AkatsukiAssassin
325. [Silver Wolf]
326. dancingdiva1129
327. Ice--pick
328. Icy_Brave
329. Mauimia
330. RunningOnEmpty
331. Fetus Over Cereal
332. Panpear
333. pandemoniumprincess2
334. neverletmego
335. Mauimia. She bought them all!
336. Xiander
337. Mauimia. She bought them all for a friend!
338. jasminegorgeous
339. [[.Sleepy~Chipmunk.]]
340. Sully Amos
341. redheadfrog
342. daetaine
343. LuminaKitsune
344. ElvishSorceress
345. ChibiKyubi. She bought them all for the FIFTH time! -___-;; <333
346. Taida
347. Rage Beat. She bought all of them!
348. satsukikitsune. She bought them all!
349. Diem Adrienne. She bought them all!
350. Icy_Brave
351. Rage Beat
352. SwordMasterZ
353. saturnguardian90. She bought all of them!
354. hannah_cat
355. wickl3
356. Ice Crystal Dragon
357. Meiiko
358. ChibiKyubi
359. AnimaloverChen
360. PistGurl. She bought all of them!
361. Star Sorceress
362. toothpick99. She bought all of them!
363. CrazyPurpleLady
364. Celestial Delinquent
365. Orgasmic Generation
366. Feathoron
367. Frisky_Kittie. She bought them all!
368. BlueFrozenFire. She bought them all!
369. i_lost_my_keys
370. S n a z z y
371. thanatoshero
372. vandetta_neilen. She bought them all!
373. Little Miss Snow
374. Niecey. She bought them all!
375. Rabbistar
376. Dracona9
377. Jennaea
378. gerbil78. She bought them all!
379. Cirisse
380. [RainDrop]
381. bampo. She bought all of them!
382. Januarydreamer
383. Daisy Chubb
384. X~Whisper~X
385. Kouji Wolf-Chan. He bought them all!
386. angelwings4me
387. TheMuffin
388. Seishi Tomoe. She bought them all!
389. Kawaii_Yoko_Neko_Chan
390. bunnygirl2190
391. mystic-vixen
392. [+Emo-Licious+]
393. Tsumirei
394. Atlantisigma. She bought all of them!
395. SubZero Assassin
396. Sniffy101
397. jenru. He bought them all for a friend!
398. master of all magic
399. Isaviel Snape
400. sandy_kitten
401. Kakashi272
402. myangelwings
403. amuse me i'm horny
404. Philly01
405. SSSuper_MiKii
406. cloud_wingedwarrior
407. duckmyster3892
408. 4rk4n3_13. She bought all of them!
409. Kilaelia
410. .-Wh!tE-RaVeN-.
411. Kimaria
412. MySugarDaddy
413. [The.Amazing.Spork] She bought them all!
414. pnay_babi
415. Konami Shojou
416. treffpunkt
417. Pirate of DOOM!! She bought all of them!
418. Lithorb. She bought them all!
419. MaoMi. She bought them all!
420. Eights_Love
421. Hamilton Caca
422. shakiro
423. Secret Star Fairy
424. Kocha
425. kaskatze
426. SailorChibiMoon
427. watermelonGuts. She bought all of them!
428. ...-Nikki_Karalyn-... She bought them all!
429. Elhana
420. dragon bound. She bought all of them!
421. JaCy(Lb) She bought all of them!
422. Green_Kat
423. Solstis
424. Kiddiss. She bought all of them!
425. RiaaMayhem
426. Lykopis. She bought them all!
427. s t e p h i e
428. Kizule
429. BlueDux
430. PistGurl
431. Lunar Rikku
432. toongig. She bought them all for pinkieswear!
433. gingernums9
434. [ Suyapa ]
435. Lurve-Monsteh. She bought them all!
436. Whishlist
437. Lurve-Monsteh
438. Sireen Slytherin
439. CrayonKitty
440. kita 21. He bought them all!
441. Rashanka
442. Kiya_chan. She bought them all!
443. PacificX
444. Shadow_Arrow
445. hikArino-minAko
446. Dark-Jagan
447. Aoi_Saigoyume
448. Stranimus
449. M i a u
450. xThexInkxBleedsxFasterx. She bought them all!
451. Tellah Amna. She bought them all!
452. ll kytten ll. She bought them all!
453. Sakura_Shinobi
454. Kytona. He bought them all!
455. ChibiKyubi. She bought them all for the sixth time! o 3o
456. Icy_Brave
457. StormyAutumn
458. [+Kazzlise+]
459. Suigyoku. She bought them all!
460. Bammi
461. jade kirin
462. Panda.Gal
463. ...-Nikki_Karalyn-...
464. [.Meko.]
465. SumomoSoCute
466. snow_reflection
467. j3n3lLa
468. bk240
469. Meiiko. She bought them all!
470. waffle_n_ducky322
471. sea_star246
472. `sunglasses at night
473. kazkitrin
474. -.Mop.Made.Of.Radio.-
475. [Smelly Socks] bought for a friend.
476. ph33rme bought for a friend.
477. catloverofdoom. She bought them all!
478. .Demonic Possession.
479. Mood Ring Eyes
480. Casey_Cutie. She bought them all!
481. Pandora Duprie. She bought them all!
482. Chakujitsu
483. katphobia
484. [MiniMe]
485. Hot_Fishing_Girl. She bought them all!
486. [MiniMe]
487. NarakusGirl. She bought them all!
488. [MiniMe]
489. [MiniMe]
490. Amimi-chan
491. Clockwork_Seraphim
493. TsubakiChan
494. Hawkeye11
495. mistoftime
496. ~Queen Ismaire~. She bought them all!
497. [.Rocker.]
498. Riftwing
499. CryptidHunter. He bought them all!
500. Kiahntie. She bought them all!
501. TooSweet4Words. She bought them all!
502. .Peach`Fuzz.. She bought them all!
503. X.x.XFadedX.x.X. She bought them all!
504. Pandora Duprie. She bought them all!
505. P.E.Y. She bought them all!
506. Aqua322
507. Ninja Lyzzi. She bought them all!
508. VirginSnake. She bought them all!
509. Maxrb2321
510. ~Monkey-Rangler~
511. ~Monkey-Rangler~
512. .Glitter.Makes.You.Shine.
513. Petite-Davi
514. ~Monkey-Rangler~]
515. LostDayDreamer
516. lilybell25. She bought them all!
517. Chibeh~n~Kawaieh
518. xXKielahXx. She bought them all!
519. Luver-Babe. She bought them all!
520. i gaara. He bought them all!
521. cynthia_123. She bought them all!
522. nikki_nnn. She bought them all!
523. smolder. She bought them all!
524. Crouching_Tiger. He bought them all!
525. xSeaStar. She bought them all!
526. Yoko Froggy
527. Sunnychk090. She bought them all!
528. xx.Lolita.Fajita.xx
529. [ marissa.xoxo ]
530. (~!Miss Cara-Kun!~)
531. Mirianu
532. swotr
533. Rorensu
534. [ .GrAyPoEt. ]
535. bubbleofdoom
536. Muzique (Bought for embracethesky and Kalienos as well.)
537. DNxangel
538. [ Sweet Lolita ]
539. Buyn. He bought them all!
540. blucobra999. She bought them all!
541. Ruvi
542. Tifa[Seventh Heaven]
543. O n e W i s h. She bought them all!
544. iRainbow. She bought them all!
545. +MissMajority+
546. slavedestroyer
547. Milorganite
548. Hikaru_Suzuka. She bought them all!
549. Heartage. She bought them all!
550. Kila Renalia
551. i R A V E
552. skullgrl
553. aeronacatmeow. She bought them all!
554. Book_worm_thing
555. ChibiKyubi
556. NarakusGirl
557. Icy_Brave
558. Tellah Amna
559. Dead Vamp
560. BlueFrozenFire
561. xSeaStar
562. thyne beauty of disaster. She bought them all!
563. xSeaStar
564. Mistic Dreamer. She bought them all!
565. MagicSpring. She bought them all!
566. Heartage
567. Super Toni!. She bought them all!
568. corjax. She bought them all!
569. madam_death25. She bought them all!
570. guessboynosya. He bought them all!
571. Takarshi. He bought them all!
572. ~sAtAn eLLa~
573. Rent to Own. She bought them all!
574. ...-Nikki_Karalyn-...
575. Dawnfrost
576. Serkunet. She bought them all!
577. [[StrawberryXGashes]]. She bought them all!
578. Aqutalion
579. ZombieKillerEx. She bought them all!
580. [.Exrael.]. She bought them all!
581. Black __ Cat
582. Nika_the_Wereneko
583. The_British_Gothic_Mule. She bought them all!
584. Miro_Sama. She bought them all!
585. Sensational_Artist026
586. Tamas
587. mysielynn
588. Heartage
589. Tellah Amna
590. Meepykin`z
591. cherrilious6ix
592. Julia the Weird. She bought them all!
593. Kasumi_Asataki
594. MikoYume-chan
595. Cbunny
596. Rocky Whore-er
597. Freaksrus. She bought them all!
598. Birdie19. She bought them all!
599. Black __ Cat
600. The_British_Gothic_Mule
601. xSeaStar
602. dragon bound
603. BlueFrozenFire
604. CarbonBasedCompound. She bought them all!
605. NarakusGirl
606. Blank_Phoenix
607. AvalonAngel85
608. PunkApple
609. ShimmerBlossom. She bought them all!
610. Ichigotebayo
611. Morii-kun
612. PreciousCherry
613. `I s s y. She bought them all!
614. Morii-kun
615. M i n i C h a C h a
616. Purple Phoenix
617. Aqutalion
618. Mintwafflez
619. Le Mango
620. KatMagenta
621. SilentRedemption
622. ...-Nikki_Karalyn-...
623. Narakunxx
624. Clauidi
626. lylstarryazngurl
627. warrior_chic
628. [ falling`star ]
629. Shandii
630. DayDreamerFanatic
631. Air_Goddess_15
632. Mslbkitty. She bought them all!
633. X0~Pink Penguin~0X. She bought them all!
634. lucitine. She bought them all!
635. LovexSpellx77. She bought them all!
636. Serkunet
638. Why_Is_All_The_Rum_Gone
639. `I s s y. Bought for [ A Crayola Murder ]
640. kawaiilollipop
641. pixy_stiks
642. anime_retard4life. She bought them all!
643. Mimbi Mu
644. Skadi-The-Evil-Elf
645. ceratallia. She bought them all!
646. treehugger
647. S u g a S u g a Bunny
648. SakakisMorbidKitten
649. quoththeraven71
650. W!cKed AnGeL
651. Pixelized Unicorn
652. Keywork Angel. She bought them all!
653. ` Skankophile
654. Spufflez
655. roocat. She bought them all!
656. HomicidalChocolate. She bought them all!
657. S u g a S u g a Bunny. She bought them all!

Adored customers o' dolls.
1. Rivity
2. xXKoolGalXx
3. Ilusen
4. [+.Naema.+]
5. [ Subliminal Message ]
6. Cheese_Bun
7. Ryou-chan. 25g tip! <3
8. ChibiKyubi
9. Im_A_Lil_Angel
10. Dolleyez
11. Zyliel
12. Hiryu-chan
13. Black+++Angel
14. Skyblue
15. pimpineggs
16. Lady Leonardo
17. Sex Threat Kiha-sama
18. Bell-sama 100g tip! <3
19. Broken Shoe Laces (Couple.) 700g tip! <3<3<3<3
20. Xaiyou_Mitsu
21. AnimeChickie
22. Star Sorceress
23. Faygo_Rules
24. Happy Bunnie 90g tip! <3
25. Winged Darkness 200g tip! <3<3
26. Pinkee 200g tip! <3<3
27. Miku-MewMew
28. Redess
29. Oosaji
30. wujigao
31. KookyKittyKat 25g tip! <3
32. [Garlic] 50g tip! <3
33. Pepper Cat
34. [SoUr][SkItTlEs] 1k tip! <3<3<3<3
35. -.Mop.Made.Of.Radio.- 300g tip! <3<3
36. wintrex
37. Sakura Mishiyuki
38. mythicalia 200g tip! <3<3
39. lady ~ mistique 200g! <3<3
40. _-EndlessKnight-_
41. 7th Sin 100g! <3
42. spirit_piper
43. LordDevious
44. [Happy Noodle Girl] 50g! <3
45. Killer Snowflake 300g tip! <3<3<3
46. Little Miss Snow 50g tip! <3
47. ~Hailey~Moon~
48. Winged Darkness
49. EvanescenceFallen
50. ~LukaTheNeko~
51. ElvishSorceress 1500g tip! <3<3<3<3<3<3
52. Final Act 200g tip! <3<3
53. [Functional Organs] 100g tip! <3
54. Elvish Sorceress 1550g tip! <3<3<3<3<3<3
55. Orgasmic Generation 1400g tip! <3<3<3<3<3
56. Lyra.Starlight
57. Siouxsie_burton
58. vampiressofdarkness08 200g tip! <3<3
59. SpacebarHandicapped 100g tip! <3
60. Celene Okami
61. thanatoshero
62. [-Mello-]
63. Garrett Heldreth 300g tip! <3<3<3
64. EirNoYuki 150g tip! <3<3
65. X~FadedMemories~X
66. nina12r 350g tip! <3<3<3<3
67. mystic-vixen 300g tip! <3<3<3
68. plante_summonder 600g tip! <3<3<3<3<3<3
69. Tala Natsuko 250g tip! <3<3<3
70. Mocha_Kiss 250g tip! <3<3<3
71. B e e n a
72. ElvishSorceress 1500g tip! <3<3<3<3<3<3
73. lord of the blue ring 20g tip! <3
74. Drunk On Absinthe 250g tip! <3<3<3
75. THeSLuSH 22g tip! <3
76. omiko 100g tip! <3
77. Shaetruddie
78. The_Orthodox_Rabbis_Wife 25g tip! <3
79. xisniffpixystixo
80. plante_summonder 400g tip! <3<3<3<3
81. .S o.H i p.A n d.F l y. 250g tip! <3<3<3
82. Lurve-Monsteh 100g tip! <3
83. lilgirlfromthestars 100g tip! <3
84. xThexInkxBleedsxFasterx
85. Sakura_Shinobi
86. Earl.Gr3y 200g tip! <3<3
87. Kyoukan-chan 100g tip! <3
88. [+Kazzlise+]
89. xXxMitsuki_ChanxXx 850g tip! <3<3<3<3<3<3
90. spork of dhoom 400g tip! <3<3<3<3
91. Concombre 100g tip! <3
92. [...Toxic..Candy...]
93. sea_star246 100g tip! <3
94. snow_reflection
95. Ayll
96. xSeaStar. 150g tip! <3<3
97. Elaeye.
98. wujigao. 1300g tip! <3<3<3<3<3<3
99. [ -strawberry_chan- ]. 100g tip! <3
100. ChibiKyubi. 400g tip! <3<3<3<3
101. Xx oreo xX. 100g tip! <3
102. Kocha. 200g tip! <3<3
103. ChibiKyubi. 100g tip! <3
104. TsubakiChan. 150g tip! <3<3
105. hawaiiangaldreams.
106. Cheese_Bun. 100g tip! <3
107. professionalpineapple. 250g tip! <3<3<3
108. writer_in_the_dark. 10g tip! <3
109. Raeoran. 250g tip! <3<3<3
-Price changed to 1k. D: Sorry, guys!
110. Yoko Froggy. 100g tip! <3
111. Luver-Babe. 50g tip! <3
112. Aureli. 100g tip! <3
113. ` p n a y.
114. Owinari. (for a friend) 1100g tip! <3<3<3<3<3<3
115. Crouching_Tiger.
116. ~Raining~Light~. 500g tip! <3<3<3<3<3
117. xSeaStar.
118. guessboynosya.
119. Purple Marshy. 500g tip! <3<3<3<3<3
120. Purple Marshy. 500g tip! <3<3<3<3<3
121. Purple Marshy. 500g tip! <3<3<3<3<3
122. k!tten. 100g tip! <3
123. muffin t o e s. 100g tip! <3
124. SoulSummoner. 250g tip! <3<3<3
125. SealSlips. 285g tip! <3<3<3
126. foulapolihroniadis. 250g tip! <3<3<3
127. Aqutalion. 200g tip! <3<3
128. elaeye. 300g tip! <3<3<3
129. ...-Nikki_Karalyn-.... 1000g tip! <3<3<3<3<3<3
130. kahinatchi. 2300g tip! <3<3<3<3<3<3
131. I n n a h.
132. MuffinMinx
133. The Elve named Skittle. 1000g tip! <3<3<3<3<3<3
134. gigithestar. 700g tip! <3<3<3<3<3<3
135. Mimbi Mu. 250g tip! <3<3<3
136. Mimbi Mu. 250g tip! <3<3<3

Cherished customers o' [retired] sperms.
1. Ilusen [600g <3<3]
2. azntrycksa [Fox ears, dried grass skirt, flower wristbands, and vial of unknown liquid!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3]
3. LadyDelaidra [550g <3]
4. kemo_chan [Chicky hat. <3<3<3]
5. ChibiKyubi [600g <3<3]
6. Broken Shoe Laces [500g <3]
7. Mireiyuu [Enchanted Trunk. <3<3<3]
8. I changed it. [550g <3]
9. kittynn [600g <3]
10. Cerradwyn [300g]
11. sarahoh105 [300g]
12. [Hannah] [225g]
13. Star Sorceress [300g]
14. AquaGoddess11 [Forget! XD But she paid.]
15. Amizuno [350g + 200g tip! <3<3]
16. shoeh8r92 [496g <3]
17. Skyblue [600g <3<3<3]
18. biggawkingbird [300g]
19. azntrycksa [Prisoner's Shackles <3<3<3<3<3<3<3]
20. Angel2011 [1k. <3<3<3<3<3<3]
21. ~Purkana~ [300g <3]
22. Faygo_Rules [600g <3<3<3]
23. azntrycksa [1k. <3<3<3<3<3<3]
24. wujigao [1k. <3<3<3<3<3<3]
25. Licorice_Echidna [375g <3<3]
26. Pepper Cat [600g <3<3<3]
27. ~Bluebow_Yukina~ [3k. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3]
28. -.Mop.Made.Of.Radio.- [500g <3<3<3]
29. Kitt Koneko [400g <3<3]
30. 7th Sin [500g <3<3<3]
31. Toxic Ducky [450g <3<3]
32. Rabid Ice Weasel [500g <3<3<3]
33. azntrycksa [500g <3<3<3]
34. treffpunkt [1k. <3<3<3<3<3<3]
35. xx_dreamqueen_xx [750g. <3<3<3<3]
36. Purple Marshy [2k. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3]

Treasured donators.

Whether it be 5 gold, to 5 million gold, you go here. n_n

But if it's 1k+, I'll write the amount. <3

howling_thunder_ ----AnimaloverChen ----Nefla ----Mikie_Grl ----Khaelynn Leonhart ---- TakiNeko ----Samurai Kacheek ---- Alizatina ---- Voo Doo ---- Ereliwen ----meowboxmilk ---- Zazzu ---- Enthalpy ---- icyrainforest ---- Angel Panda ---- Crimson Wings ---- Liraya ---- AFireInsider ---- Anakasha1222 ----Koolgal ---- ~Neko Konoama~ ---- shadowy_light ---- Xx_AzureBlue_xX ---- lymelady ---- Daisuke-kun ---- SerenityAngell ---- Jo702 ---- Star Sorceress ---- Emi DONATED 3500g! ----kiki-girl ----alyeth ----Llama fishin for a lemon ----da_queeny ----Kaiki ----sadnereid ----shoeh8r92 ----emoechee ----maddiecleancat ----kittygurl1111 ----Rose_Katana ----WickedX ----Darlana Blackwater ----yasmien ----Emberleigh ----silver_mustang007 ----MissMiyazawa ----Imea ----mudturtledove ----[Hannah] ----Tomboy_Angel_puppy ----Tellah Amna ----Schafe ----Icy_Brave ----kittysniper ----Ilusen ----Vixen_Dark ----Bewitched ----luminousshadow11 ----x Galinda x ----Cheese_Bun ----Tellah Amna ----Kyo_Takashima ----bob_is_sexy ----Lappy ----Silver_Flame118 ----ChibiKyubi ----tsel ----DraGurl ----Rei Li ----Adair Maissane ----Kaati ----Whorable ----Rivity ----Searlit ----Dainty Drusilla ----StarSailor ----MegaRose ----Anna_maiden_girl ----Sakurazuka_Subaru ----Akuba ----Kiyasha Omin DONATED 1400g! ----SilverBloodshield ----Ilusen ----Elven Mischief ----Hark ----Mika Ayanokoji ----Lexuz ----Fandae ----Inuyasha_Tiger_Pyro ----Vanity Fare ----Tealejoyce ----protect ----ZackStone ----Sandraakjuh ----Koneko_Asami ----Cesia_666 ----cherrydevil328 ----soraandkiari ----Teresa_Tjusauni ----Muh ----Randomnosity ----Satans Sweetest Angel ----Lady Leonardo ----BadHairDay ----shy-wolf ----kamiyra ----Haunted Rag Doll ----Yume Matsuri ----NiteMare4 ----Happy Bunnie ----Equatic Fiasco ----Winged Darkness ----xX_Wolf_Child_of_Doom_Xx ----CeCeT_nekogurl ----Meiiko ----Yamatra ----azntrycksa ----Aurayvn ----Raine Blossom ----Oosaji ----KookyKittyKat ----Licorice_Echidna ----kijochan ----LT. She3py ----Icy Kitty ----el trueno ----sadnereid ----mixed_feelings1313 ----[SoUr][SkItTlEs] ----Little Miss Snow ----Little Miss Snow ----_Aishy_ ----Bohemian Rhapsodic ----elf_butterfly_cat ----Twinkle~fairie ----CartoonKid ----chantilly_kitty13 ----OniAja ----Pink Ink The Purple Pimp ----chibi-rushi ----Lou-chan ----x0Ember0x ----sestina ----glamquacks ---- -suspicious_looking_mole- DONATED 2k!---- Mouka ---- Kea41 ---- yc_lover ---- khb ----XxAlchemist.RaexX ----[saturn.nightmare] ----Candeh ---- Dark.Peach.Tree ---- Rabbistar ----botticelliangel ----Kouissen ----[~ Dr. Sporky ~] ----JaydeDragonfly ----articwolf666 ----Terianne v2 ----Dragon_LiLy ----Silvermoon42 ----chibi_kawaii1101 ----Magikal8 ----lady ~ mistique ----SkittlesRTasty ----xo_Bailey_ox ----Keetay ----maggie_rod ----iatethecookie ----chocolate_icing ----Sweet and Suki ----gcroxmysox2 ----rimedragona ----AkatsukiAssassin ----[Silver Wolf] ----dancingdiva1129 ----Ice--pick ----Mauimia ----RunningOnEmpty ----Panpear ----pandemoniumprincess2 ----neverletmego ----Mauimia ----Xiander ----jasminegorgeous ----[[.Sleepy~Chipmunk.]] ----Sully Amos ----ferretmuffin ----ElvishSorceress ----Taida ----Rage Beat ----satsukikitsune ----Diem Adrienne ----Rage Beat ----SwordMasterZ ----wickl3 ----Meiiko ----ChibiKyubi ----AnimaloverChen ----PistGurl ----Star Sorceress ----toothpick99 ----CrazyPurpleLady ---- Celestial Delinquent ----Orgasmic Generation ----Feathoron ----Frisky_Kittie ----BlueFrozenFire ----Crouching_Tiger ----V_Vendetta ----i_lost_my_keys ----S n a z z y ----thanatoshero ----vandetta_neilen ----Niecey ----Rabbistar ----Dracona9 ----Jennaea ----gerbil78 ----Cirisse ----[RainDrop] ----Kawaii_Yoko_Neko_Chan ----Januarydreamer ----Daisy Chubb ----X~Whisper~X ---- Kouji Wolf-Chan ----angelwings4me ---- TheMuffin ---- Seishi Tomoe ----bunnygirl2190 ----mystic-vixen ----[+Emo-Licious+] ----Tsumirei ----Atlantisigma ----SubZero Assassin ----LimEz in teh CocOnUt ----jenru ----Isaviel Snape ----Kakashi272 ----myangelwings ----amuse me i'm horny ----Philly01 ----SSSuper_MiKii ----4rk4n3_13 ----Kilaelia ----otakupopstar ----.-Wh!tE-RaVeN-. ----MySugarDaddy ----[The.Amazing.Spork] ----pnay_babi ----Konami Shojou ----Pirate of DOOM!! ----Eights_Love ----Hamilton Caca ----shakiro ----Secret Star Fairy ----Kocha ----kaskatze ----watermelonGuts ----SailorChibiMoon ----jemaica ----...-Nikki_Karalyn-... ----Elhana ----dragon bound ----JaCy(Lb) ----Solstis ----Kiddiss ----RiaaMayhem ----Lykopis ----s t e p h i e ----Kizule ----Lunar Rikku ----toongig ----gingernums9 ----[ Suyapa ] ----Lurve-Monsteh ----kita 21 ----Rashanka ----PacificX ----hikArino-minAko ----Dark-Jagan ----Stranimus ----M i a u ----Tellah Amna ----ll kytten ll ----Sakura_Shinobi ----IndigoKitti ----Kytona. DONATED 1k!---- ChibiKyubi----Icy_Brave----StormyAutumn----Suigyoku DONATED 1695g!----Bammi----jade kirin----Panda.Gal----SumomoSoCute----snow_reflection----j3n3lLa----bk240----Meiiko----sea_star246----`sunglasses at night----kazkitrin-----.Mop.Made.Of.Radio.-----[Smelly Socks]----ph33rme----catloverofdoom----Pandora Duprie----katphobia----[MiniMe]----Hot_Fishing_Girl----NarakusGirl----[MiniMe]----[MiniMe]----Clockwork_Seraphim----MiSS ROBOTFACE[iS YUCKY]----TsubakiChan----Hawkeye11----~Queen Ismaire~----[.Rocker.]----Riftwing----CryptidHunter----Kiahntie----TooSweet4Words----.Peach`Fuzz.----X.x.XFadedX.x.X----Pandora Duprie----P.E.Y.----Aqua322----Ninja Lyzzi----VirginSnake----Maxrb2321----~Monkey-Rangler~----~Monkey-Rangler~----~.Party Gal.~----kyo-no-azui----.Glitter.Makes.You.Shine.----Petite-Davi----~Monkey-Rangler~----LostDayDreamer----lilybell25----Chibeh~n~Kawaieh----xXKielahXx----Luver-Babe----nikki_nnn----Crouching_Tiger----xSeaStar----Yoko Froggy----Sunnychk090----xx.Lolita.Fajita.xx----[ marissa.xoxo ]----(~!Miss Cara-Kun!~)----Mirianu----swotr----Rorensu----[ .GrAyPoEt. ]----bubbleofdoom----Muzique----DNxangel----[ Sweet Lolita ]----Buyn----Tifa[Seventh Heaven]----O n e W i s h----iRainbow----+MissMajority+----slavedestroyer----Milorganite----Hikaru_Suzuka----Heartage----Kila Renalia----i R A V E----skullgrl----aeronacatmeow. 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Link me? whee

User Image


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Link quilt.
To be added as a link, please post or PM me your button. And make sure to link me in your shop too! n_n

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Text links.

Miss Ayako's Doll Boutique
.+._______________________________p a i n t e d | mayp o l e
WishList Shop.
Illumanus Family Hotel Gift Shop.
Icy's Magic Shop.
Star Rek - Art and Avi Edits for Regular and Alien Avatars.

Quests, and other links.

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User Image
User Image

Shop quotes.
Weeness! >w<

Artificial Anonymity
Deform, but cute kittehs. <33~

Cute layout of your shop.

el trueno
I lurve the kitties in your kitty shop!! They're all so cute! 3nodding

sweatdrop Sorry, I love kitties!!

Little Miss Snow
SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! -Screams CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!- xd

^^;;Kawaii Sh0p. GooD Luck I loVe It n_n::..*Run around the shop* Hiiaaww...;;o.O

...and if forgot to say this before. . . ...


I heart

Sorry, I'm allergic to uber-cute.

Willpower is rendered to nothing here in Simple Kitten. heart It's all about the uber-cuteness. xD

XD Sure is. No way anyone can resist these cute little guys. ^^ And may I also add that the prices are excellent. You hardly realize you're spending hundreds of gold because you think they're all just a mere 15-30 gold. XD

And that's our slogan! (Or it should be. ninja )

Oh, but it's worth it. And they're adorable, and the shopkeeper is TEH BEST.

W00tah, I feel honored.

4laugh heart "Very Kawaii shop! I love it!" heart 4laugh

blaugh heart I'm loving these kitteees

*huggles all the kittehs*

They're so...so....CUTE!

heart 3nodding heart 3nodding heart


Seriously, so coot.

Buy all teh kitteh! It's worth it! So much lovable adorableness, I can't resist. **sniff**


Gasp...me love me love.

Omigawd.. I am in love with this shop. Everything is so pretty~ heart 3nodding But unfortunately I'm currently finishing up one of my quests.. So I'll subscribe to this wonderful thread and I promise to come back and order when I have the gold. ^___^;

Sailor Water
Likewoah, it's my favorite shop gonk heart


First of all, GREAT SHOP!~~~ Secondly, Very very very nice layout 3nodding
I'll come back a few days and order!!

they're so cute! >w<

Memorable quotes.
Equatic Fiasco
"Plipple- better than sex."

gonk *whacks sloganizer* Stop it!

That's a hard comparison.

It's sooo cute! *huggles it and introduces it to her collection*

I shall name you... Mini-Me.

Mini-Me, meet Jr., Jr. Miss, Bob, Sleepy, Stetson, Mathew, Jojo, Moomoo, Damien, Domos, Flamie, Foxy Cleopatra, Munget, Ron, Hamm, Harry, Flow, Jasmine, Fluffy, Mr. Labkitteh, Miss Miss, Draco, Nani, Orvill, Johnny, Pandakins, Miss Christina, Plushfluff, Peonie, Sly, Molly, Raind, Draconicat, Purrr, Bush, Clinton, Cloud, and Sunny.

Wow, Sloganizer's Right, You Are Better Than Sex. wink

Equatic Fiasco
Equatic Fiasco
Plipple is being Chibi while she is away. ninja

Is that legal?
I believe the real question is, do I care? razz

Do you care?
Only if Chibi cares.

I wannnaa bbeee on the quote listt *whine whine whine whine* gonk heart heart

>w< Say hello to the whole crew! The kittehs are Winter, Mitsu, Boo, Leaf, Ninja, Maple, Celeste, Charlie, --, Pecker, Yume, Goo, Scavenger, Belle, Mekkura, Disco, Domo-kun, Blaze, Kit, Midori, Leo, Ham, Harry Potter, Burrow, Lei, Blanco, Miss Kitteh, Hugg, Nitemare, Glue, Orenji P., Rocky, Bamboo, Ella, Val, Raven, Rage, Hissori, Willy, Twist, Pedro, Flo, & Sunny. {deep breath} The turtles names are Cam, Kaniya, Tisza, Estee (Es-tay). The kitteh marshmallows are last because they were the last to haul their chubby butts over here. n_____n;; So here?s Princess Lurve, Kido, Camila, Ebil, Dot, Piper, Bang, Wish, Pai, and Hart.

gonk Been waiting to do that...I kept forgetting!


Bob, meet the other 80 kittehs:

Billy, Banana Bob, Joe, Frank, Frank JR, Frank SR, Stupid, Crazy, Insane, Tom, Bill, Fred, "Special Fred", Xuxa, Xuxi, Revis, Duck, Cat, Dog, Moose, Penguin, Montana, Michigan, Smiles, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Doopy, Happy, Grumpy, Doc, Snow White, Einstein, Emo, Rabbit, Lob, Rob, Get A Job, I Hate Bob (He's going down...), Corn On The Cob, Tiffany, Joker, Queenie, Phrase, Arrow, Star, Pony, Icy, Icy JR, Icy SR, PK, PK JR, PK SR, Cheese, Corn, Pluto, The Sun, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Coolio, Pimp Dog, Yo, HEY YOU!, Alarm, Worried, Rubix, Pie, Pimp, Ride, Homegod, Zea, Bones, Pappy, Peep, Sammi, Lea, All That And A Bag Of Chips, and Chuck.

That was a mouthful. xd

I'm the unofficial :

Bagel Ninja
Shweeing Kitsune Bumper of Simple Kitten

And the official :

Happy Emo =D
- I cry tears of joy and despair! -

Here's a towns screenie. ;D Pwned rock party at my house.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Gifts to plipple.

User Image
I got an award! n_n
User Image
Icy_Brave made me this cute little kitty! whee
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
PoisonSmoothie made me this kawaii button! heart
User Image
chocolate_icing gave me this image! ;D
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Neon-y banner from Mauimia! <3
User Image
I'm so big! o__o xD Banner from Kakashi272!
User Image
Doll for me from xx_dreamqueen_xx! >w<

Other cool stuff.

chibi-rushi made me this awesome music video thingu! :3
Aestaru's avatar

5,500 Points
  • Invisibility 100
  • Peoplewatcher 100
  • First step to fame 200
User Image

How to Order

Fill out the form below and PM IT TO ME. Immediately after, send a trade with the appropriate amount to me, ChibiKyubi. If possible, write "Pixel Kittehs" somewhere in the trade title. Then just wait for the trade to be accepted, and the PM to come!

Only send the trade to me if you're buying the PIXEL KITTEHS!

Username //
Names of kittehs you want //
Total Cost //
Donation (Y/N) //

Username // ChibiKyubi
Names of kittehs you want // Dead Demonic Kitteh, Onigiri Kitteh
Total Cost // 60g + 100g donation
Donation (Y/N) // Y

Unlimited Kittehs
You can buy the full set of pixel kittehs for 375g.

User Image



S e t...D i s c o u n t s:
Angelic & Demonic Sets // 260g.
Angelic Set // 150g.
Demonic Set // 150g.

Gaia Kittehs Set // 90g.

Elemental Set // 90g.


None at this time!
I'm a friend, so I can reserve.
I can't wait to see the faces of people who can't reserve.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Power Rangers!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Big Mac!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Plipple insisted that I put Pikachu

Anyone who's anyone should click this.
Icy_Brave's avatar

3,450 Points
  • Alchemy Level 1 100
  • Bunny Spotter 50
  • Cart Raider 100
My totally reserved postie! heart

Name: Megan
Nicknames: Crazy, Icy, Big Mouth, Bubble Breath, Stupid, Insane, Puba, Stacey's Sister, and my personal favorite : HEY YOU!
Age: Wouldn't you like to know. ninja
Occupation: Worst Ninja Ever
Interests: Video Games, Manga, Anime, Friends, SIMPLE KITTEN, Giant Paper Hat, Jeffery Zark, Penguins, Animals, DDR, ITG, Xuxa!, Other.
Music: HIM, CKY, Keel, KaW, Nightwish, AFI, MSI, MCR, P!ATD, DDR, ITG, Nina, and loads of other music.

User Image
This is the giant paper hat. If you do not understand, then there's no hope for you what-so-ever.

Devourcity's avatar

Shameless Consumer

Reserved post for the Shweeing Kitsune Ninja Bumper!! heart


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. <-- heart . heart
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. <-- Neji vs. Naruto
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. <-- Go Naruto! xd
Update... you can all post now. ninja

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