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Oh I hate it. >> And I don't like swimming either...I have this phobia about deep water. I like shallow ends. v.v I enjoy things like...soccer. But I can't really go out and play soccer anywhere around here. :< Bleh.

And yes, do play Scrabble. Like..the actual board game. I'm so sad that Scrabble has been like replaced by that digital version called Words or something stupid like that. I like playing actual games, not just digital ones. :< Like monopoly? YOU NEED THAT FAKE MONEY IN YOUR HAND FOR IT TO MEAN ANYTHING.

Awww, I like Fred. She was sweet! And dorky. xD Plus, the actress is freakin' hawt *heterosexual moment* I looove Wesley and Lorne, especially when Wes gets all dark. + + Sexy beast. I still think season 2 was pretty good...and I like season 5 because they brought the fun back and Spike. And Spike? Soft? xD Sweetie, he's ALWAYS been soft. Don't you remember all the flashbacks to when he was human and then all the love problems he had with Dru? He's been a big sap all along, only this time with a conscience. I STAND BY MY SPIKE LOVE.

WHUT. BLASPHEMY. Good on you for converting him, I need to watch the movie again too. My roommate doesn't like it as much as me, it's very sad. I wish you were here with me to watch it. :<

Ahahah, I take it you don't remember what happens to Bucky. xD He becomes the Winter Soldier, so he and Steve are pretty and young even later. + + But I agree, Thor wasn't too great either. I think they were just in a big hurry to get their s**t together for Avengers. I do love Tony/Pepper though...Their relationship is so great. xD Partly because RDJ is the perfect Tony and I enjoy Gwyneth Paltrow. Did you see the trailer for Iron Man 3? It looks like it might break hearts >>

Awwww, fine, don't watch it. xD But you are missing out some sheer gold (Though this season is not as stellar as it got in season 2). Let me know if you decide to watch it! Lessee...recently...my roomie made me watch the first six episodes of Pretty Little Liars with her. That show is...dumb. xD Like, it's always on the verge of plot and then nothing actually happens. I'm literally just watching this show with her because I like mysteries and I'm curious as to what the ******** happened that they keep dropping tiny hints on.

Uggghh, Pho is so great. I miss the place in Cali so muuuuuch. I miss all the food places in Cali, really. >> I have not found decently priced and good asian food anywhere near me. Though there was this nice Thai place near Times Square that didn't break my wallet. Green curry fried rice... @_@ It was seriously good. I didn't think I'd like lychee and bamboo shoots in a fried rice, but it was delicious. :<

And my birthday is on Feb 21. xD Gaia lies and will say it's some other day in February, but it's the 21st. I'm gonna be so oooolld.

...Suddenly craving Doritos. Hm. Anyways.

And sure? :,D I can try and help, I dunno how valuable my input would be really. But send me stuff whenever you got time!

Lolol xD I used to have that phobia about deep water when I was younger ; I think all kids must have it xD But I conditioned myself to remember that nothing creepy that can bite my foot off lives in the deep end of the municipal swimming pool. The only thing that I hate about swimming pools is that people pee in the water, which is effing disgusting. But this swimming pool is a rather “serious”: people actually do laps in the big pool and there's a smaller pool for kids, so all the peeing is probably done in that one (noted by how much warmer that water is? Maybe? xD)

I totally understand you about soccer. I played soccer when I was younger too, but here … go and find your soccer association LOL !

I understand what you mean about board games. I definitely prefer the concrete over the digital (same with books, although I read a lot of PDF books due to the lack of English selection at my library). My friend and I have been contemplating buying board games and splitting the price … but I don't know about where you are, BUT BOARD GAMES ARE EFFING EXPENSIVE HERE!!! Last Friday I went with a uni friend to help her buy a board game for her younger-brother-in-law and wtfff so pricey!!!!
She ended up getting Cluedo … am so envious. I love Cluedo ;-;
(price ref: most games are ~20€+ for game with boards & cards. Cranium is … I believe it was 53€ … that's ~72 USD! LOL!)

OKAY OKAY. I know Spike has been a big softie all along. BUT AT LEAST he was cocky and nasty about it!! I dunno, I just feel like he lost most of his punch when they brought him back, all due to this pesky “conscious” he had to go and get for Buffy, which only got him blown up in the end >;
And I did not find Fred freaking hot. She was annoying and useless >:
Actually, I don't remember if she was useless, I just remember that I didn't like her xD
I don't like dark-Wes. I hate how everyone ostracized him and s**t like that. I liked him when he was clumsy and silly and naive ;-;

… it'd be kind of the shortest marathon ever, but it'd be awesome >;D

No I have no idea what happens to Bucky because I don't read the comics xD
I only saw him like 10 seconds in Ultimates, whenever Steve visited him and I think in the movie they killed both him and the girl off? I can't remember seeing them.
AND WHAT? No, I haven't seen the IM3 trailer. Didn't even know they were making a third. WTF, this sounds ridiculous. Does he and Pepper break up? They better get back together in the end >:
I think Tony/Pepper would be a shipping I could read fanfiction about … hmmm, I should go look that up. I think breakup/get back together fics would be lovely for this couple, if done right xD

I don't know the show Pretty Little Liars. But you know what's a bad show? New Girl. SUCH. A. BAD. SHOW. Every character feels fake and are overacted/annoying. It's that sort of 'comedy' which is becoming soooo popular that I HATE. Like everyone is “weird/quirky/got problems” and you can tell that the acting is so bad because the actors are only goofing off on stage instead of actually playing a serious character with any depth. And these same socially-retarded characters get everyone to love them, and are oh-so cute and funny even though they're completely dysfunctional and retarded. Hate that -.-

Huh, yes, lychee in fried rice doesn't sound like my cup of tea either, but I suppose it would bring that salty-sweet taste in a similar way that pineapple brings? And I quite like pineapple in fried rice, so … =P
It's good that you found a rather cheap yet tasty restaurant near Time Square … I would think that all stores near that place would be ridiculously expensive xD
Try not to think of Cali too much ;-; [/patsonback]
How are things in NY? Getting better?

Lmao, okay I wrote down your birthday in my new makeshift calendar ;D
How old you gonna turn? 22 or 23 years old?

Dude, France has the worst chip selection EVER. Be thankful that you only moved states and still have the same awesome, fattening junk food available to you. I have a depression every time I enter the chips aisle (which is more chips shelf) in the supermarkets here >:

Yes, okay I will send you that PM in the week!! Even gonna write it down in my new makeshift calendar (I love my new makeshift calendar LOL!) so I don't forget wink

In other news, I had my internet sign-up for my second semester classes. I thought it was going to be hell with an overwhelmed server … but I was one of the first students to be connected and got my timetable within 5 minutes without any loading problems. Am so thrilled biggrin
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My phobia was less about things biting me in the water and more about drowning. xD When I was really little (and clearly had yet to learn to swim) one of my aunts decided the best way to make me learn was to toss me in the freaking deep end of a pool. >> It didn't work and I remained unable to swim because I'd freak out every time I got in the deep end x.x Of course, now that I'm older I can kind of swim. Like...I can do the hand and leg motions, I just can't do the part where I turn my head and breathe. @_@ I dunno what it is.

xD I'm actually not supposed to play sports anymore because of injuries I got when I was younger. So..yeah, my soccer career is sort of over. I'll find something else to do, just...bleh. It's so cold that all I want to do is curl up under a blanket and sleep. >>

And they are expensive. D8 Most entertainment things are nowdays. I mean, we still have some classics laying around from when we were younger...my sister has Scrabble and Clue and a long time ago we got the 1950s Barbie game from an antique store. (Really, did they ever give me a chance to be 100% straight? ._.) The game is actually sort of boss. xD The goal is to get to the Prom and be Prom Queen, but in order to do that you must first obtain a dress, a club presidency, and be going steady with a boyfriend. lolol, it's so addicting.

Well, Fred was hot to me. xD And I still like Dark Wes...it's called character development, he couldn't remain naive and silly forever. But yeah, season 3 and 4 of Angel was...blech. I HATE Connor and I HATED the Jasmine storyline and how they ruined Cordy forever. That sucked .__.

But anyways, yes, Bucky is the Winter Soldier so he's alive...he's just an assassin with amnesia. They're also going to bring in Peggy's grand daughter as the love interest (I really hope they cast Mary Elizabeth Winstead...but they haven't seemed to settle on cast just yet) Yeah, they aired the IM3 trailer during Super Bowl! : O And...um...I guess you don't know what happens to Iron Man in the comics either. xD Tony has some serious issues. Like, he goes on a deeeeep downward spiral and there is a point where I think War Machine (which is Rhodes) actually has to take over being Iron Man for him. It's not good for Tony and it looks like they might go a tiiiiny bit that route. Mandarin is going to be the villain~ (Ben Kingsley, whuuut xD ) But yes, Tony/Pepper foreveeerrr.

I haven't seen New Girl! I don't really plan to, either. My roomie and I did just start watching 30Rock though...and it's not that bad. But I really like Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, so that probably has something to do with it.

Aaaand things are alright here. I'm trying to earn some money without having to go wait on tables .__. I mean, if I have to...then I will, I just would really hate it. I dunno, I'm not sure NY is really the place for me? I'll stick it out for as long as I can though.

I'm going to be 23. I'M SO OLD NOW.

And I also went out and bought a crapload of nacho cheese doritos. I feel so fat. @_@ ...But at least somewhat satisfied. I also bought a lot of pickles because pickles are freaking awesome.

And yay for signing up for classes! The internet classes thing has always baffled me a little bit though...o_O not sure how that's supposed to work.
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BUMP! emotion_awesome
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Lololol, your aunt is evil!! No kidding that traumatized you! It's a horrible teaching method xD
Anywho, yeah, I can only doggy-paddle when I swim 'cause I'm such a bad swimmer xD With my friend what we do is we use those floating boards, dunno what they're called, and use our legs to move forward. It really strengthens the legs and the abs ('cause we have to hold ourselves up). We move really slowly though xD

Aww, man, sorry to hear about your injury. Sucks to be injured like that so young. So what kind of sports can you do if you started up again?

Dude, that Barbie game you talk about sounds A LOT like the game that a character plays in the movie The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green. And, yes, it is a gay movie, so yeah, that kind of does explain your own gayness xP
My friend and I are probably gonna order Clue. We were thinking of Cranium, but yeah, wayy too expensive :/

Connor turned out to be such a b***h. And I HATED HATED the Cordy has visions or whatever the ******** that was. I liked how she and Angel grew (up) and actually started to like one another but then it was ruined. And wtf was up with the Dora plotline anyway. Gosh, hated everything about that show hahaa xD

Ew, Peggy's grand daughter being the love interest is actually kind of morbid and gross! Like wtf, he's probably gonna be thinking about her grandmother when he's boning her, gross. Why can't they just bring in someone totally unrelated. It'd definitely be less creepy and weird!!!
I don't think I've seen Mary Elizabeth Winstead in any movies, but popping on her IMDB page – omg she plays in Die Hard 4 and 5. LOLMEGAEPICFAIL XD

I heard about 30 Rock when Tracy Morgan (I think it was) made those incredibly homophobic comments, last year I think it was, haha xD
Never actually saw the show though.

Why are you sticking around if you really hate it that much? Maybe if you go back to Cali you'll find jobs in your sector and BE HAPPY because there's SUN and no COLDNESS!!!
Right now it's pretty sunny & pretty outside. And kind of mild too. Am so glad, though I have school work and that's depressing D;

23 IN 5 DAYS!!! (4 if you don't count today).

I ******** love pickles. Dammit, now I have a pickle craving xD
I bought chips last night though. Can't wait to eat them :B

How can you say that signing up on the internet baffles you? I thought the USA was the world leader in everything-university-related already being done by the net xO

Yay finally replied! And sent the brainstorming PM. Sorry it was such a massive spam of text! I got kind of carried away xD

Gonna go eat lunch now and then studdddy [/gonk]
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Yeah, my family is....yeah. >> *cough* I can doggy paddle toooo...Honestly, I like wallowing around in shallow water rather than going swimming. Or I like to walk along the beach <3 And I do like kickboards! They make drowning a whole lot harder.

Ahhh...lesseee...what sports can I do....I'm not entire surely. Nothing contact. xD Probably nothing too strenuous on the shoulders/back because a lot of the tissue in my shoulder when I got hurt. I could probably play anything if it was a super casual game. >> I would get really competitive, which is how I got mowed down by someone three times my size .__.

And the Barbie game is epic. xD Gay or not. We got it in an antique store, it's from the 1950s~ So the art on it is gorgeous as well~ And if you get Clue, you have to play it with more than two people. xD Otherwise it's too easy. YOU SHOULD ALSO GET MONOPOLY. I've been wanting to play that so badly. xD

Dora? xD You mean Darla. But yeaaah...the Connor/Cordy thing was terrible. I just block those seasons out. >> I usually think of the first two seasons when I think of Angel anyways lol.

And pffft, come on...Steve never really hooked up with Peggy anyways. xD And it's STEVE. He probably won't hook up with Agent Carter anyways. He's so vanilla lololol. I like Mary Elizabeth Winstead a lot, Die Hard aside. xD She was in a Quentin Tarantino movie...and she does a lot of horror movies, but she played Ramona Flowers in the Scott Pilgrim movie <3 And she was in that Sky High movie from Disney...which was silly/cute.

Did he make comments? I don't pay attention to entertainment gossip usually. x.x Whatever, it's a funny show, actor problems aside. :,D Tracy Morgan plays a crazy actor guy anyways..so...not far from the truth. My roommate actually started making me watch Ghost Whisperer too...it's not bad! A little redundant so far, but eh.

And it's not that I hate it...I think I'd probably enjoy myself more if someone would give me a job. BUT OH!! Tuesday night I got some work!!! x3 My stuff is gonna be in a magazine! So I'm feeling better about that. I'm just still in desperate need of a job. xD Best birthday present ever though. 23 feels like any other day otherwise :,D

And pickles, yes...me and roomie ate like three jars of them. It was impressive.

Haha, yes, I know online classes are popular here...I just never took any, so it's weird to think you can attend class online... Like, I went to a school in which physical presence was sort of mandatory. >> Ahaha....

Anyways! I saw the PM and I'm working out some thoughts for you! But before I forget, I had this sitting in my folder and I just totally forgot to give it to you for your birthday. xDD HERE IT IS, BELATEDLY. Thank for the present too T___T I love you

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Nyyyaaa ! Oh my gosh !!! The drawing is sooo nice !!! Thank you so much ! Totally worth it being nearly two month belated XD
You're welcome for the birthday present! Figured you could use some alchemy funds...haven't seen much traffic coming through here lately ;O

Just finished my tradition of watching a totally shitty movie while doing my nails & I was totally thinking of you 'cause the guy in the movie was from LA and was recruited by this headhunter and to get him to accept the job, she “sold him New York”. So yeah the whole movie was basically this huge propaganda about New York is so totally awesome. Oh, also a huge USA propaganda 'cause there are American flags EVERYWHERREEE.
The movie had basically the same plot as Sex Friends excepted it there was a lot better (interaction between the girl and guy was more interesting), so I kind of liked it– well, as much as one can enjoy a horribly clichéd, predictable, chick flick xD
But it totally made me want a boyfriend. Jesus, three days ago my next door neighbor was bitching about how this guy was totally into him but since he was also debating going out with this chick from his school, he didn't know “who to choose” and then two night he went out with the guy and totally got laid, so this morning he was basically glowing about it. I wanted to punch him!! How can have so many options while being super tall and super SKINNY (skeleton-like skinny)! And I'm like totally high and dry!! ARG!
Life is so unfair >:

Ooh, I like beach-walking too! Gonna do some of that this summer. Gonna be going to visit my mom for one whole week. WOHOO, lol xD
Kickboards are my swimming life xP
Thank goodness for not drowning though! Makes the whole experience a lot less dramatic x)

Dude, that's horrible. How exactly did you injure yourself? I'm guessing rugby or football or something like that?
On happier news, the swimming pool my friend and I went to twice FINALLY reopened again. Gonna go this week, hopefully. I even bought wax for the occasion and everything, rofl. Am so not looking forward to it though. It's suchhh a tedious job [/gonk]

Oh, man – my best friend, my neighbor & I played Cluedo a few nights ago. We realized when we got the game that it was minimum 3 people LMAO!!! We were like 'oh, s**t that's obvious”, so we went on a person-hunt to find our third player. Anyway, Best friend totally whopped our asses. She concocted this huge-a**, incredibly detailed sheet to figure out who the suspect was and all that s**t. It was pretty hard core =P
I'm so not getting Monopoly. It is the most boring game everrrrr.

Darla/Dora. Whatever, she sucked so name-remembering is not mandatory! XD
Yeah, I think just watching the first two seasons of Angel is tolerable. I mean, I would not consider it time wasted. Any other season though, gtfo!

We're going to end this Avengers conversation now … because I have NOOOO idea what you are talking about LMAO! Seriously, whotf is Agent Carter? But, I agree, Steve is a total prude. But then again, he's from the 1940s. Still, though, I don't like him. He's wayyy too self-righteous.

Meh, I don't remember. But those kind of comments aren't what I consider entertainment gossip. People like him are heard by a lot of people and so they have a lot of impact. I mean, I really am not one of those people who gets offended about jokes on blacks/jews/gays/whatever. I enjoy and appreciate satire/black comedy. But there's a difference between that and actually hate-speech. 'Cause what he said really insinuated violence and was very hateful. But, yeah, anyway xD

I've never seen Ghost Whisperer. What's it about?

Right now I'm on a total Tom Hardy trip and my best friend is indulging me (you have no idea how much – she's drawing me a ******** portrait of him! I love her – I'll show you when she's finished. I convinced her to make a DA account! Lol) because she wants to start acting lessons and since he's such a brilliant mofo(ing) actor, she's okay with watching movies with him in them so she can study his acting skills. I am one happy gal xD
Anyway, last night we started the BBC series The Virgin Queen which is basically the director and the scriptwriter touching themselves over Queen Elizabeth's reign. Kinda funny xD But Tom Hardy's hot, so whatever, I'm watching and enjoying xD

How did the job go? Congratulations for the magazine-feature!! That's pretty cool stuff =)
Are you making any new friends? Going out any? What did you do for your birthday? Hoped you partied it up etcetc!!

No DUDE! LOL!!! You crack me up. They're not ONLINE classes!!! I signed up for them online, I'll be attending them corporeally!
Although I am thinking of taking one course by correspondence next year, but dunno. Kinda meditating on that.

No worries, take your time with the PM. Excited to hear your thoughts and suggestions, though wink

Oh, I've started writing with a nib pen!!! It is basically the coolest thing ever! My writing looks soooo much better! Never knew I could actually have nice writing, before now LOL! And also, handwriting looks sooooooo much fancier than just lame old … stick letters(?) Haha, I dunno what the antonym of cursive writing is … shorthand maybe?

Kay, I babble too much. Sending this now.
I think I'm gonna go make popcorn and watch another extremely corny movie. I'm obsessed with Penelope right now. I think James McAvoy is probably the second hottest man ever, right after Tom Hardy. Not to mention that Peter Dinklage is probably one of the best actors out there (probably even better than Hardy and McAvoy).
And speaking of, I ordered the whole A Song of Ice and Fire series on amazon this weekend. Books should be arriving tomorrow. AM SO EXCITED!! Gonna reread the third book before watching the third season, I think xD
The show is pretty good as well (very, very good actors and stunning special effects) but it'll never measure up to the books! So much s**t happens in the them … the writer is a goddamn genius!!!

Okay, popcorn time. Ciao <3
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Yeeaah, I haven't been doing much of the bumping thing. xD;; I sold some expensive stuff and have just been doing alchemy off that~ But hey! Almost to level 5! 8D

And...yay? xD American movies usually promote the American way, what can we say? It's not like you can act unpatriotic unless you intend your film to go to the Sundance Festival or something. *cough* But eh, crap movies have a special place in my heart. xD Bad movie decisions at two AM while painting...yep, I've watched some real crap (including the Bratz movie. Yeah.)

And pppffft, your neighbor seems to be rolling in options for sex. Some people are just weirdly appealing to others! I'm not really interested right now...the last date I had was a blind date with a guy who was the DULLEST PERSON ON EARTH. And my girlfriend before that was a b***h, so... 8D Yeah, not interested right now. But you'll find someone....I'm a firm believer that if something is meant to happen, it'll happen. Like right now one of my friends from Cali is texting me about all her boy problems and like...she can't seem to get it through her desperate and clingy little head that she doesn't NEED a relationship. >> I swear, I want to smack this girl sometimes. But yeah, you shouldn't force things and you shouldn't chase after the idea of 'boyfriend', but merely agree that you are open to having a boyfriend and then when it is right, the boy will come. :3 ....It's really something I got from my mom. xD Though she used the example of choosing pets -- you don't really choose them, do you? You look at them and you know and it doesn't matter if they're not a puppy or if they're not a pedigree, they're still going home with you. Patience!

Personally, when it looks like a girl is desperate for a boyfriend, it's a turn off. Which is what my friend in Cali can't seem to understand. *strangles phone*

And soccer. xD Though I guess the Europeans call it football. Basically, I was on the all-star team (which is like...all the best players from various teams forming teams for an 'all-star' league to play against each other) when I was younger and my position was the defender -- the guys who protect the goal that aren't the goalie. Anyways, during a practice game one of the other team's guys was like...enormous. I'm talking Hulk huge. Easily twice my size. I stole the ball from one of the strikers and he like...football tackled me. x.x Knocked me clear off my feet and I landed wrong on my shoulder, bounced, and then that human wrecking ball landed ON TOP of me .__. When they finally got him off me, my shoulder was so wrenched up that I couldn't move for like half an hour and was in un-manly tears. Then my mom told me to quit soccer and I was like "yeah, seems fair." xD

Gnagh...wax...my sister once dared me to get my eyebrows done and they used wax. I do not envy you girls and your bikini waxes...I'm never letting hot wax near MY junk. 8I

AND WHAT. Monopoly isn't boring!! xD It's fun...you buy property, build on it, and then BANKRUPT THE s**t OUT OF PEOPLE. + + Yes....ruining lives with hypothetical bankruptcy gives me a happy. I play the computer version now, which is not as fun, but a good stress reliever for me lol.

Aww, I like Steve. He's adorable. xD And he has to be self-righteous, he was used for American propaganda during the war. And Agent Carter is Peggy's grand daughter. But anyways, I have a huuuuge thing for the WWII era, so I have added love for Steve and Captain America. (And he dies anyways, give the poor man a break)

Ghost Whisperer is about this woman who can see/talk to ghosts and she basically helps them complete their unfinished business so they can move on. I've only watched a few episodes so far, it's not bad...but I am waiting to see if they're going to bring some type of larger plot into it. My roommate has also ruined my life by making me watch White Collar. Could Matt Bomer BE any more perfect? He's like...perfect, yeah, there really isn't another word for it. His hair is amazing. @_@ God, his husband must just come home every day, look at him, and then thank everything holy and good that he married ******** Matt Bomer. T___T

And oohhh Tom Hardy. I do like him, though I can't say I've seen anything of his other than Dark Knight and Inception. I'm much more into the classic BBC shows from way back when :,D

And I think the job went well! I mean...the lady seemed to like the things, but I dunno.. >> We'll see when it comes out. I think it was for a march issue of the magazine, so I'll probably know in a little while how it looks. But not too shabby...I got enough to pay a month of rent (when the check gets here that is).

Ohhh, see, signing up makes much more sense. We sign up online, too! xD But my roommate does have a friend in Florida right now who is actually attending classes online...very strange to me.

Hahaha, discovered the nib pen? xD Yeah, it does make writing look pretty damn cool. Kind of why I like to do ink work with a quill instead of fine-liner -- feels much more grounded and real. My handwriting is kind of all over the place, a mix between cursive and print, but I can do all sorts of hand lettering styles. I can even write in quadratic medieval type and wedding script. xD

Penelope! I saw that! It was cute. xD And yes, James McAvoy is extremely hot.. @_@ Ever seen Atonement? That movie is so depressing. What is A Song of Ice and Fire? I don't think I've ever heard of it... o.o

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