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Here's one

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And two

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Oh I love them both, they look fantastic~*u*

Mmm, I do agree that Firefly had the potential to get better (it was the first season, after all, and Whedon definitely proved with Buffy that his character development and awesomness does unfold slowly with time). Serenity was rushed and pieced together, but I suppose that's what happens when you try and complete an entire series idea in a single movie with a time limit. At least Whedon gets kudos for that - there are few show creators who actually take on such a huge project for the fans when their show is cancelled. Granted, they probably don't all have the same meas and/or reputation as Whedon, but stillllll~ xD

I really, really like Teddy/Draco!! I really hope that no other boy turns out to be gay, though, because then I'll kind of feel as though I'm reading a alltheboysaregay@Hogwarts!fic -.-;;
Right now, I think four is kind of a good count. Although I don't know if I buy the docile reaction of the students to Draco's coming out. I hold firm that the Wizard community (especially back in Draco's time) is very very conservative and thus very close-minded about such issues. I think, post-War and with the new generation, the mentalities must have evolved a little bit and maybe the idea doesn't seem so absurd anymore, but I do think that, say for As/S pairings, it would make other wizards uncomfortable.

tickets from the slot machines? o:

Oh new, headshots ~~ I like! 8D
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Yeah, I really wished Firefly had been given a chance...it's so rare that I like sci-fi stuff! I wasn't a big fan of Dollhouse even if I love Eliza Dushku. I think mainly because the concept was good, but they lost the overall plot for too many episodes. I dunno if you ever watched that other show with Eliza, Tru Calling..but I watched some of it and it wasn't bad!

Lol, and no worries...the entire school is not crawling with gay boys. Though, I actually have a different view from you. : O I think homosexuality probably would have been common among purebloods -- kind of how it was common among royals and aristocrats over history. As long as sexual preference didn't get in the way of reproduction, I don't think it would have mattered as much. Especially since the wizarding world has different opinions/prejudices --it's more about blood purity and power and wealth instead of things like race, gender, and sexual preference. oO At least, that's how I see it.

Besides...boys cooped up in a dorm with each other? What'd you expect? >> There is a lot of gayness in the Badger trilogy thing..but it's for the sake of hilarity. xD And hilarious it is.

And no, lol, tickets to the movie theater. For it is a movie. x3

Thanks~ I got another commission...I should work on that. x.x

Oh, no, I definitely agree what you mean about a lot of homosexual activity. I was talking more along the lines of a person who is out as a gay person and only dates men (or women, if person is female). I mean, in all societies before ours, homosexuality activity was actually tolerated as long as no one knew about it and as long as they married the appropriate (aka the opposite) sex afterward. That's not what I was talking about, since I don't view that as being homosexual. There is a difference between knowing that those sort of things are going on discreetly (and even participating in them yourself) and actually accepting/tolerating it when it's out and visible. That's what I was referring to when I said that I thought the Wizarding community was narrow-minded. Because for me accepting it "as long as it doesn't get in the way of reproduction" (aka marriage between man and woman) is a narrow-minded view.

And I have to disagree with this statement: "boys cooped up in a dorm with each other? What'd you expect?" - because Hogwarts is not an all-boy's boarding school - and the boys are not "cooped up" in their dorms all the time - they can stay in the common rooms until rather late, where it is definitely co-ed =P. There are women around the school and there are more than enough hiding places in the school for girls and boys to go shack up in to get it on (erm, the "Come and Go Room" puhleeze XD). So I don't think that that can be used as an excuse in the way that it usually can be used when the boarding school has absolutely no females around!

OMG LOL. I totally forgot we were talking about the movie. Duh-urrr, I am so silly >.O
Too much reading, I got groggy XD

& no, I've never heard of Tru Calling. I don't actually watch a lot of TV, and I never had cable as a child, so my repertoire of TV shows is actually quite small xD I only really got into Buffy because my stepmother, who is an English, really liked the show and thought that the themes in a lot of episodes were very good, so she bought the seasons with the school's money to goes a few episodes to the kids in her English classes xD
And then I had a friend who knew of Firefly and let me watch it. I never had anyone to introduce me to Dollhouse, which I did not know was by Whedon as well =P (and apparently cancelled!)

YES GO WORK ON YOUR COMMISSION!!! I am ... going to keep reading xD
I finished If You've a Ready Mind- I wish it would have gone on for ever ;-;
I loved how Harry was just basically helplessly and hopelessly in love with Draco! I loved Draco POV as well!

Have started Underwater Light - it was published before IYaRM, no? I think the writing in the previous one was a lot better. Not that I think UL is badly written, quite the contrary! But, at the beginning of the fic, I was really confused as to wtf was going on XD

Anywho, wow the fic is AMAZING. The characters are AMAZING and if I had to quote-spam you, I'd basically be posting the whole fricken story xD

but omg, this bit KILLED me:
best fracking Drarry fic ever
"-can't believe you were so irresponsible, Harry, on a school night! How are you going to pay attention in class? Tell me you at least did your homework, Harry..."

"Who cares about homework!" Ron howled. "What about Malfoy?"

This had been going on for quite some time. At first the Great Hall had been empty, but now quite a few Gryffindors were eavesdropping with varying degrees of subtlety. Harry had sunk in his seat and was eye-level with his breakfast.

"Oh yes. Malfoy." Hermione looked disapproving. "Did he do his homework first?"

Ron made a noise like a kettle about to explode.


Just wondering - not that I don't ADORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT WITH A FLAMBOYANT PASSION, but how long does it actually take for Harry and Draco to get together (or at least KISS) in UL? ^^;; I'm ~ 140 pages in the story right now and it's already incredibly obvious that Harry has the hots for Draco. Except I kind of skim read ahead (aka, I ctrl+f'd the word 'kiss') and all that way into page ~500 (of the pdf) it seems like the only person Harry kisses in Ginny D;
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Hm...I'm not sure it'd be SO bad if there was an out wizard or witch in the late 90s, I think it was probably more of a big deal in the 70s and earlier. oO But that's just a personal opinion.

And yeah, you'd be surprised. xD ANY time spent without a girl can make a guy think things. Especially at that age. *coughcoughhack*

But anyways, Tru Calling wasn't so bad if you ever want to watch the first few episodes. The basic synopsis is that there's this girl who works the graveyard shift in the morgue and sometimes a dead person will ask her to save them..so the day is wound back 24 hours and she has to see if she can save them. Lololol, Eliza runs a lot it's good. And yeah, skip Dollhouse. xD I didn't like it so much.

And seeee? Is not Maya Goddess of all things H/D? I'm glad you liked the story! And don't skim! >> It's worth reading every bit! But since Underwater Light is more about their gradual relationship, don't expect a million smoochies. Keep in mind that she wrote this for them being in school, so they're just teenagers. They're adults in DDG. xD And yeah, Underwater Light was written before, I think the table of contents goes in order of publication, so the writing gets better as she continues. Underwater Light is still great though. >3<

I read one of the Eames/Arthur fics! The one that kind of explains the background with them growing up together. Very cute. x3 Though the epilogue was kind of unneeded in my opinion...part of the most frustrating and awesome things about Inception was the end when you don't know if it's real or not. xD So the epilogue was...meh in that respect, but still cute.

Herm, well, yeah, I don't know xD I mean, just look how bad it can be to be out in Muggle society, and we're well past the 90s. Although, heck, maybe with the defeat of pureblood hysterics, the effect would be similar to one in Spain, where tolerance is accorded to anyone who is different! I guess since JKR didn't touch on the subject at all in her books (only Dumby turned out to be canon gay, and look how she ******** that up) so I guess there's no way to know how gays were treated during any era (although I really, really, can't see the Maurauders actually being that open minded when they were at school. They would probably have teased a gay kid ... Sirius and James, at least.Maybe not right to his face, but definitely behind his back. I really do think that xD).

Herm, herm. I may check Tru Calling out at one point ... but only when I'm done reading all the drarry fics I have on my plate. So it probably won't be for a few months XDD

Mrrrggg ... well, at least the writing is fantastic. I think i may start on DDG soon, then xD
(gosh what a prude, I always have my seventh year Draco and Harry smooching it up. I mean, they are old enough to be passionately snogging at that age!!! XD)

[/squeels] Yay for reading E/A!!! I love their relationship in that fic ("'A' for my first kiss ;D'!!!" wink XD. But, yeah, I agree. The fic wouldn't have been lacking anything if the epilogue hadn't been included. But, meh, I usually just don't read it when I re-read the fic XD

Oh, and I totally forgot! My friend gave me the list of some of the korean/asian dramas she watched. Maybe you've heard of them?:
- lu lu win jing
- Dong yi
- Nodame cantabil (dunno if I spelled this one right ... her handwriting got a bit indecipherable near the end...)
- Fated to love you
- Skip beat
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I think in a lot of the fics they don't really go into how people en masse would handle it. Like, they don't flaunt the relationship all that publicly. The people closest to them know and accept it (though I have read some fics where Ron is NASTY about it xD so sad). I don't think people would be thrilled about it as a whole, but then I think:

Wait a tic, he's freakin' Harry Potter.

And he can do whatever the hell he wants because he kinda saved the world. FREE PASS. And you should read Draco Malfoy, Ruler of the Universe...because it's just so funny and touches upon that. xD Lololol.

And I think James and Sirius wouldn't have been that open minded at first, but I think people don't give them enough credit. Like...seriously, they grew up. :,D I mean, maybe Sirius less so than James, but they DID grow out of being bullies.

And they'll get to it, be patient. x3 I like the lack of constant making out. I think too much sex cheapens a story. Oh, and speaking of sex, I finished the one where Eames is a chav. xD That was...interesting. The thought of Eames dressed as a chav makes me cringe.

Also, do not just skip to DDG because the one before it is kind of the pre-DDG thing you need to read first. Go in order~

Oh! I watched Fated to Love You and Skip Beat!! <3 And just one episode of Dong Yi, I was thinking of trying to watch the rest of it. You can tell her that I just finished The Moon Embracing the Sun (which is what made me shirtless and sobby) and I was thinking of starting on Tree With Deep Roots (but I am simultaneously watching Feast of Gods, Strongest Kpop Survival, Rooftop Prince, and the King 2 Hearts).

I agree about James and Sirius growing up. I think James, especially after growing up with Lily (who I think would accept without blinking an eye xD), would become definitely more tolerable. I think Sirius, seeing his best friend so accepting, would make an effort, but would remain uncomfortable about the whole thing.
Of course, when imagining SiriusxRemus, of course Sirius works around that, in the end XDDD!!!

But, yeah, I also agree about Harry being basically allowed to do whatever he wanted xD Still, while no one would actually speak out, I think nasty looks would be thrown around. Or just confusion - no one would really understand why XD

In the collab TeddyxOC (OC's name is Cas xP) fic I have going on right now, when Teddy comes out of the closet, his family is more of less understanding. Ron is quite obviously uncomfortable about the idea, but he's definitely not nasty - no way (plus Hermione just wouldn't let him xD). He doesn't come out to the population en masse, though xD

Gahh, okay, I'll try to read in order ;-;

LMAO. Yesh, I hate the dress code for chavs as well - I basically lived among chavs for 2 years and just ... they ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE AT ALL. The idea of Eames being a chav though ... well, somehow the author just made it so appealing to me. Ngg, I love all his slang talk and I love when Arthur says "swear down to the ground" LMAO. So cute XD <3

LMFAO! Okay, gah, i shall pass on the message xD
If you want to induce more tears out of yourself, watch Lu Lu Xin Jing. My friend sent me a text message at 5:59am this morning. She said she'd been up crying to whole night because she'd been watching the episodes. LMAO.
You guys are so adorable xD

nggg, YAY ONE OF MY FAVORITE AUTHORS just signed up for the Inception Reverse Bang!!! Yayayayaya >w<

(it's wldnst - the author who writes the what I believe to be ridiculously adorable fic about Author and Eames going to the arctic xD)
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There are a few people who I know who HATE the Marauders. It's so disappointing. They refuse to read Shoebox, it made me so sad. They're also one of those people who treat the books like the bible and freak out when people go outside canon. xD;; But I like the shoebox take on the Marauders best, that's the way they are in my head forever now.

Somehow, Sirius' thought process probably goes like this "I'm not a pouf, I'm REMUSEXUAL. It is TOO a word. I just decided that RIGHT NOW."

I totally see Harry as the type not to care about sexual orientation as long as he doesn't have to explain birds and bees to Ted. xD

Yes, read in order. It's well worth it, don't you worry. x3 And I agree, Eames accent and slang is funtimes ... much more fun than the L.A. gangster speak. >> Now that's not a fun slang language. (I lol'ed at the fact that they made Arthur live in Pasadena...I'm real close to there.)

AND NO THANK YOU. No more tears right now. xDD I don't think I could handle another dehydrated night like that, I need to cut back on the sobbing. Maybe when I'm good and ready to be sad again I'll look it up. I'm usually a romance/comedy/not-trauma-inducing drama guy~ But tell her if she wants to sob her eyes out she should watch Moon Embracing the Sun and Scent of a Woman. Oh my GOD I cried so much during that other one. @__@

LOLOL. I definitely agree about Sirius's thought process. Seems definitely very Sirius-esque xD

Ah. I mean, the whole point of fanfiction is to derive from canon rolleyes
I personally think that any sort of fanfiction (even when it disregards certain parts of the series *coughcraptasticepiloguecough*) is a definite homage to the original author and series! So, honestly, people who worship the books should definitely pull that stick out of their hinneys and go read some PWP XD

And the Shoebox story is just a HP fandom classic. It'd be like saying you love theater and never having read Shakespeare :/
It's like you can decide you don't like it after you've read it ... but you'd have read it at least because you knew that not having read it would have just completely undermined your entire credibility as a theater-lover [/rant] xD

Yeah, I definitely agree xD
I actually do see Harry as being kind of an awkward father, tbh. Not a bad father, just not one that really knows how to talk about certain things. Kind of like the Harry you depicted in your app with Albus, actually!

Hahaha, I had to look up where Pasadena was. That is funny that Arthur "lives" close to you, muahaha. I get excited whenever I read of stories based in Canada - especially in BC (okay, it's really not that often >.> )

ROFL. Okay, I'll tell her. And, urm, Scent of a Woman - you're still in Asian Dramas, are you not? xD Or are you talking of the Al Pacino movie....XD;
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I know, right? But they won't even try it! They also hate SiriusxRemus because it's not canon. xD Which, okay, I can understand if someone doesn't like the pairing...but they don't even hook up until later chapters anyways. They're resolved never to read it though...it's just very saaaad. I personally enjoy some AU. And I heavily enjoy interpreting the HP fandom. xD If you couldn't already tell. I like mixing realism/canon with AU qualities to make things the way I like them.

And I love interpreting Harry at all ages. xD I really like him. Which is why I enjoy playing him or Albus (who is, in my mind, the Slytherin side of Harry in a way) the most. x3 I think I do a fairly good job of it. /bragbrag

I bet Arthur lived in the swankier part of Pasadena instead of the more ghetto part. xD Pasadena is actually pretty nice. And oh hey! I've been to Canada! :,D I have family in Montreal and Toronto -- Montreal is super pretty. <3 And Toronto had all those moose statues like LA has angels, it was fuuuun.

And of course I'm still in asian dramas. xD Why would I sob my eyes out over an Al Pacino movie? Lololol. If she wants some funny/light-hearted dramas then I can recc some good ones to her. ......I really don't know what affects my manhood more, the fact that I enjoy asian romantic comedies or the fact that asian soaps can make me cry like a girl. /chinstroke

Oh, yeah, definitely. The SiriusxRemus bit takes forever to appear in that series! Not that that bothered me - the writing and storyline was way too fantabulous for me to care! I wish there had been more angst, though. I mean, I loved that moment in the story where Remus attacks Sirius when they transform - but I felt that they made up much too quickly after that XD

Haha, I could tell =P
And I really like AU and AR as well. Bah, I really like anything as long as it's well written and has some kind of slash pairing that I like XD

Hahaha I love playing Albus :B
In my planned story, he and Rose use Harry's Sorting Hat trick to get into Ravenclaw, but then Albus later regrets because he ends up befriended (and later falling in love with) Scorpius and wishes he'd gone into Slytherin after hall, muahahahha xD

I definitely think that Arthur lived in the swankier part of Pasadena as well, LOL! he wasn't a ghetto guy at all xD

Canada's awesome, dayum! I was born in Montreal but was raised mainly in BC. I don't live in Canada anymore though. I kinda miss it ;_;
Apparently I've been to the States when I was younger, but I don't remember anything about it xD

LOL. Okay, good, that's what I was thinking xD I shall relay the message. And if it helps you any, I think what affects your manhood more is the fact that you cry like a girl over asian soaps ... actually, that fact basically invalidates your manhoodness completely, quite honestly 3nodding

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Hello! I hope you consider this~ emotion_kirakira
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
It's for a character headshot. So ummm...should I send trade now?
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I honestly don't mind the lack of crippling angst because god knows I get enough it from other places. xD I like things to be funny. Plus, things were plenty sad when James' parents died. :< SO DEPRESSING. Actually, I've come to discover that I really don't like the type of AU where it's just the characters transplanted into something completely different. Like...call me crazy, but I prefer all my AU stuff to still exist within the realm of the fandom. oO; If that makes sense...an alternate universe within a certain universe. Or would that be better classified as AR..? I haven't heard the AR term till now anyways.

Lol, and playing Albus is pretty fun. The way I play him, the Sorting Hat suggests Ravenclaw but he chooses Slytherin instead. And he's best friends with Scorpius openly and best friends secretly with Dean Carrow -- who acts like he loathes Al because he wants to fit in with the rest of the purebloods. And Thaddeus Burke hates ALL the Potters until many years later when his father and brother are trying to force him to be a death eater and he kind of finds refuge with Al. And they fall for each other without realizing they're falling for each other. x3 Ahhh, so sad the site shut down, we had awesome stuff going there.

I've lived in California all my life! I love it here, I'd be sad to move away..but I'll probably end up in New York for a while. I've traveled to a couple of places though and I'd like to go back to Canada to see my cousins. : O

AND GUESS I BETTER FIND A DRESS. 8< .... At least I have super long eyelashes and would make a lovely girl.

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