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So so so pretty.
I'm going to have to lurk this shop, in case some more slots open up. Because this seriously exactly what I've been looking for, for like. Two days now XD
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your style looks so familiar

either way it's still beautiful, are you gonna open slots again?
@Oh Asobi
Thanks! I'm not sure yet. I have some RLCs to do.

@windy - b e l l s_
Aww, thank you. 8D

oh, that sucks. x: I thought I heard of someone having sai on their mac?

huffff what no thank you
I don't know if I'd raising the quality. 8D;

@Exploding Tofu, Pire
Thank you
Self esteem rising!
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Blood-Tipped Thorn

I'm probably not the artist to help you. Sorry. :c I still need practice with that. Good luck, though!

@zloi medved
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Thank you.
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I most certainly doooo RL comms. PM if interested.

Apparently you can run Sai on a Mac but apparently it doesn't work with the tablet very well. I could probably make it happen. The program looks pretty cool and everyone I talk to seems to really like it. *jealous* heart
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I love your emotes. blaugh I still has a bundle for when a slot pops up. ^^
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omggggggg gimme. gimme nao pls. i bribe u 5 gold fer fb ok
oh yoooooou
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Your art is... beautiful emotion_kirakira
Gonna lurk around till a slot opens
I saw a piece you did for a friend, but could never figure out your username on Gaia. I'm so glad I stumbled across this. * v *bbb
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gummo dentata
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Daaaaarrn. I thought I put an order in. >.< Oh well.

Your art is awesome. smile Will you be opening up after your two remaining requests are done? :3
I'onno. I have a RL comm + 2 other people wanting to RL comm me.


so maybe in a couple weeks?

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