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✮ωɘℓcomɘ ʈo Ƙɨɴɢ∂om Ɨɴƙ✮
Intro: Welcome to Kingdom Ink, a joint art shop of myself, Painted King, and Evangeline Vittorio! Our styles cover a wide range of subjects from Epic heroes to voluptuous villains, knights to demons, street punks to Kings and Queens.
We've decided to keep our prices lower than what was recommended to us by a great margin due to our love of drawing. We would rather draw a good character for cheap than a dull one for millions of gold!

So if you can't afford our prices but have an interesting character or concept, let us know! Send Painted King a PM and we will see what we can work out!
Occasionally we will run specials on certain genres of drawings in order to give price breaks on something we want to draw at that time, so check back often.

Thanks for stopping by,

Very Respectfully

Painted King

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↜Ʈable Ƈontents↝
FAQ ◊ Q&A ◊ Rules
Prices ◊ Request Form
Showcase ◊ Gallery

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FAQ ◊ Rules
We have the Right to Refuse anyone
Please quote us when submitting an order, for updates, if you have any questions, etc.
Please be literate and respectful to us and those around you.
We will quote you if we accept your order.
All details must be in the form and changes will only be accepted until the final sketch is confirmed (You will be shown the sketches, we will NOT change the line-art or thereafter). We will NOT go back and make any changes to the final picture.
PLEASE use the order form and follow the instructions on the pricing board.
If you have any questions feel free to ask them on the forum, because most likely others are thinking the same.
We don't have a waiting list, so when slots are full we won't be able to put you on a list. However once a spot is open, you are free to post again!
Once the sketch is confirmed, please send the trade to Painted King.

Questions & Answers
Let me just wipe up my drool real fast, then I had a quick question!

For the polaroid commission for color that is 80k, that would be like the sample polaroid? So if I wanted to order a full body, colored polaroid, it would be:

Fullbody (400k)
Polaroid w/color (80k)
No color option?

Also, does the polaroid include a simple background like in the sample? Like, could I request my character to be standing under a tree or something, and they would be shaded by the tree?

Thanks for any answers you can give! I know Evangeline's slot is full, but I just wanted to know so I could be prepared!

Yup! Your order would be correct-o.
The polaroid does include a background! And the edges of the polaroid would be much more defined since it sort of blends away in a white setting. You also get to choose any effects such as the burn marks on the edges of the polaroid smile
And I would send you a bigger picture since it's going to be a bit hard to see a full body on a polaroid that small.

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Requesting a Consultation
[Please quote the artist you are commissioning]

My name is: (Username)
I am consulting with: (PaintedKing/Evangeline)
Here are some references I found:
(Reference picture/text)
Order Form
Shopping Cart:
______G ➀ [Base]
______G ➁[Option]
______G ➂ [Color Option]
______G ➃ [Background]
______G ➄ [Couple]

TOTAL = __________G

EXTRAS: (Body type/age/Specific pose/ect.)

User Image

How to Order
***red = must fill out
****purple = must PM Artist the form for more details.

Fill out the amount of Gold and your option in the brackets.
Order Form
Shopping Cart:
______G ➀ [Base]
______G ➁[Option]
______G ➂ [Color Option]
______G ➃ [Background]
______G ➄ [Couple]

TOTAL = __________G

Order Form
Shopping Cart:
_300K_G ➀ [Waist Up]
_50K_G ➁[Lineart]
_100K_G ➂ [Full Color]
______G ➃ [Background]
______G ➄ [Couple]

TOTAL = _450,000__G

User Image

***red = must fill out
****purple = must PM Artist the form for more details.
↬Waist up (3oo,ooG)
↬Full Body (4oo,ooG)

↬Sketch (1o,oooG)
↬Lineart (5o,oooG)
↬Polaroid (Color 8o,oooG // B&W 5o,oooG) **Eva only

↬B&W (3o,oooG)
↬B&W w/ Select Colored Items (5o,oooG)
↬Flat Colors (5o,oooG)
↬ Full Color (1oo,oooG)

*Private message the artist to discuss the details
*PM the artist to discuss the details
Special order: Have couple drawn by both artists
(female drawn by Eva, male drawn by King)

10% Off Regulars
20-30% Off Special interest in Request (Depedent on our mood)
15% Off Returning Customers

If you plan on bribing the artist you are consulting, please PM the artist.
>Private message subject: Sugar for the King
Will it be painful? Yes
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Owner/General Manager
℘ ainted ϗing
"...Sometimes I have to stop and admire how smokin' hot I am. My goddamn smoulder smoulders for Christ's sake. Just look at this chiseled jaw...."
Λbout ℳe:
Just a comic-book and movie nerd who loves a good character and story, anything from Fight Club to FireFly.

I specialize in drawing male characters, but can also draw women decently, tattoos, and darker visuals. If you're looking for something light and cutesy, you've come to the wrong artist. My style is more of a "potrait" style, as Eva's described it and I like to add a lot of details if given the time.

I could not care less about Gaian gold, this really is about the characters and practice for me-- all gold will go towards commissioning other Gaians for art.

Always willing to talk shop, feel free to ask me any questions about art, movies, comics, video games, books-- I love a good conversation.

Thanks again for stopping by, if you have any questions feel free to post or PM me directly.
Army of Darkness is the best film of all time.

ωill Ðraw ♡
✙ Men/Women
✙ Muscle
✙ OC's/From Descriptions
✙ Tattoos
✙ Just ask if unsure

ωon't Ðraw ♡
✙ Will update over time *

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Ꮆɑℓℓɘʀɨ ɘƨ

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Assistant/Sex Slave
Ɛvangeline Ɣittorio
"That's what she said."
Λbout ℳe:
Ʈhe labeled ingredients in the classic variety of Spam are chopped pork shoulder meat, with ham meat added, salt, water, modified potato starch as a binder, and sodium nitrite as a preservative. Spam's gelatinous glaze, or aspic, forms from the cooling of meat stock.
♡ωill Ðraw
both genders ✙
animalistic features (ie. fox ears/tail) ✙
action poses (w/ reference) ✙
*pretty much what I haven't put below.

♡ωon't Ðraw
Armour/Long Weapons (ie. swords)✙
Overly muscular men/women✙
Hats ✙
Eye accessories (ie. glasses, monocle) ✙
Facial hair ✙
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Ꮆɑℓℓɘʀɨ ɘƨ

Working On:
My name is: Aniew
I am consulting with: Evangeline
Here are some references I found: Dagny Hirsch
Order Form
Shopping Cart:
400kG ➀ [Full Body]
50kG ➁[Lineart]
100kG ➂ [Full Color]

TOTAL = 550,000G

EXTRAS: I'm currently questing art of this character wearing skirts/pants and tops from her clothing section.

Looking for a bribe consultation by Evangeline.
Looking for a male/female couple fullbody, lineart, fullcolor, no bg.

References of the couple:

Reference for her (Sin Err Succubus):

Reference for him (Rosc Incubus):

Notes about the art:
- You have an amazing style that we'd love to see our couple drawn in!
- They are from a HalloweenTown setting and Valentines ( Scarentines in their world) is coming up so we would like a scary valentines themed piece of art.
- Posing would be up to you but Rosc (the incubus) giving Sin (the succubus) some jewelry blood red rubies, onyx, or the like? Fastening a necklace on for her, or a bracelet?
- If you could change their outfits we'd love to see them in scary formal wear. Rosc would probably like a black tuxedo with red accents and Sin would wear something scary sexy in black/red.
- Rosc no longer needs his red blindfold if you could instead have him wearing black sunglasses his 'eyes' are no longer there but rather a soft blue glow fills the sockets.

My name is: Viice
I am consulting with: Both of you! I'd like one piece from each of you.
Here are some references I found: I have never had art done of this character
because I have never found artists who were both reasonably priced and skilled
enough in my opinion to draw her the way I wanted, and I'd rather have her not
drawn at all than drawn wrong, but you guys ROCK so here I am. She is the main
antagonist of my underworld-ish themed thread, which borrows from various schools
of mythology [Norse and Greek, mainly]. Her name is Loki, and just like her namesake
she is a sort of embodiment of trickery, deception and madness, she feeds on the plight
of mankind.

She can only exist in Otherworld [the thread above sort of explains this],
basically the rules dictate that the spirits trapped in Otherworld for one reason
or another cannot interfere directly with the realm of the living. There are ways to
indirectly communicate, of course...but Loki wanted as much freedom to pass to
and from Otherworld as possible. To achieve this, Loki managed to be the only one
to ever trick the Boatman, Charon [can you tell I'm a Classics major?], with a riddle
he could not solve, and so he allowed her permission to use clay from the bed of the
river Styx to create a mortal who would be her host, her puppet, in the realm of the
living. That puppet's name is Chell. She does Loki's bidding, Loki can see
through her eyes, control her body, or just whisper things to her mind. She usually
does not have to use force to get Chell to do what she wants her to do because
Chell regards her as her mother, appropriately so I suppose...

Now because Loki made Chell in her own image, you can use that reference above for Loki's
general facial features. I may commission one of you to draw Chell later <3 but anyway, Loki's
appearance differs in the following ways, and I will break them down so they are easy to find
when looking back on this while drawing.


Hair: While they both have long black hair, Loki's hair should be more bellowy, as if she were
under water. It should be voluminousness and sort of wavy, any curls should be only on the ends.

Horns: She has large round ram horns on her head, except unlike the reference they are white
against her black hair, but the small horns coming out on top fade into black.
I hope this part makes sense >< Main horn = white ~ mini horns = black.

Forehead: On her forehead should be the Thurisaz rune, black against her white skin.

Eyes: Her eyes should look like this and this but green, so a sort of back-lit effect
but the greenish yellow of Chell's eyes.

Mouth: Her lips should be black with a white line in the center, going vertical from upper to lower lip.
Her tongue should be black and forked [as serpents traditionally symbolize trickery].

Ears: If they show through her hair, they should be slightly pointed and fade into black at the tips.
Cover them in piercings all the way up to the top. [hoops, studs, industrial, etc, not too picky about this]


Skin: At the elbow and the upper thigh, her paper white
skin fades into black, sort of the way this reference's hands fade to black.
So basically her arms and legs are mostly black, her torso and head are white.
The "I, Gradient" item on gaia can also be used as a good reference for this.

Back: She has black spines going down her back.

Coverings: She is always barefoot and she does not wear clothing, over her boobs
and goods down low, just put something like this but have it black against her white skin.
So a sort of scaly snakish growth, ya know? For modesty's sake.

Pose: As far as poses go, I'm giving you creative freedom. After reading what she's
like, you should have a feel for her personality; trickster, dark, evil, menacing.

For Eva's art I'd like her tongue to be sticking out but still have the line on her lips showing
if at all possible...and her pose should be sort of seductive. She's lean and
shapely, boobs shouldn't be too big or too small just like---C cup? idk...
If her mouth is open enough to show teeth, she has sharp elongated canines.

For King's art no tongue sticking out, just have her smirking. Everything else
the same as above, but I only wanted one piece to have the tongue showing.

Maybe just run whatever idea for a pose you have by me and I'll let you guys know yes or no?
I find when I let the artist choose the pose, it always comes out better and more natural and
it's probably more fun for you guys. (;

One more thing! Since some of the details are kind of obscure and being left to you
guys, could you maybe make sure you both do things the same way so the character
looks consistent between both art pieces? Like say if one of you draws her scaley coverings
exactly like the reference, but the other sort of makes it shaped differently, could the two
of you compromise on which looks best and make sure they are the same between you?

will keep an eye on


My name is: BlackFireKitsune
I am consulting with: Evangeline
Here are some references I found:
-> Original ref
-> Official art from the shop she's from
->And this pretty full body
-> Also her Umbreon on official art
Order Form
Shopping Cart:
_400K_G ➀ [Full body]
_50K__G ➁[Lineart]
_100K_G ➂ [Full color]
______G ➃ [Background]
______G ➄ [Couple]
TOTAL = _550,000__G

EXTRAS: Her name is Seraphine, and she's 18 and about 5'3.5" (without heels) and has modest curves. She always wears dresses that show off her curves and as much skin as possible without showing too much (the last picture is a good reference - she doesn't show much more skin than that). She always wears high heels too. You can pick one of the dresses already pictured or if you're feeling ambitious, design your own! O: I do like her two pictured outfits, but I also love seeing what artists can think up on their own. If you do decide to go with the latter (no pressure though if you'd rather not), her favorite colors are pink and black but she wears white sometimes too, and she loves ribbon and lace. Oh, and she has a tongue piercing - usually a white or pink stud. Also, I would love love LOVE it if you could include her Umbreon, but if not that's okay heart

Miss Conception

My name is: Miss Conception
I am consulting with: Evangeline Vittorio
Here are some references I found:
↬ My OC, Sistine LaMorte. Images here, more information in the third post here.
Order Form
Shopping Cart:
_400k_G ➀ [Fullbody]
_50k_G ➁[Lineart]
_100k_G ➂ [Full Color]
______G ➃ [Background]
______G ➄ [Couple]

TOTAL = _550k_G

EXTRAS: There's lots of information in the thread there, but pose and everything is really up to you!

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