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Hi 8B 0.35944700460829 35.9% [ 78 ]
Yoohooooo~ 0.17972350230415 18.0% [ 39 ]
Howdy 0.11981566820276 12.0% [ 26 ]
What's up? 0.11981566820276 12.0% [ 26 ]
How do you do? 0.22119815668203 22.1% [ 48 ]
Total Votes:[ 217 ]

You should offer less, your avi is really simple P:

I remember it! xD
Junett's avatar


Nooo I should pay more. razz

And it's almost 1100 pages :O
I have 13 art from you : o
I feel bad. Need to draw more for you

edit: Nope, 16 User Image
Yay, finally got a chance to use Junett's emote biggrin
lol. I forgot you already drew the taco hat XD. You can leave it out if you prefer

Yay! 1100

Wow, 1100! =O

Noo, Junett, you're paying too much ;w;

=OOOO 16, Anna? From me??
And I will give it a shot anyway! If I can't draw it well.. er.. maybe I'll do two versions? Lol
Eheheh, taco hat =w=
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owo Anna I should draw you a better emote.

And ahhh I don't remember how much art I've gotten from you Cheezie, but it's definitely a lot. emotion_bigheart
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How's your OC references going, Cheezie?

xDD I am working on their hair! I want them each to have 2 or 3 hairstyles, at least 2! Unless it's a guy.. cos they can't really change it much ._. Unless it's a bit long? @w@;
And forever working on their outfits cos I am bad at designing P:
I want to show you my sketchbook! But I'm too lazy to scan =w=;;

Guuys, check this game out xD I've played so many times and I don't know how to wiin = 3=
Edit: And here's the link >_> Game
I want to design multiple outfits for my OC too, but I'm too lazy to actually do it

lol. What the... I don't understand the answer to the first question

If I had your skill and creativity ;w; I want 2 or 3 each xD 2 ordinary everyday ones and a winter one *nods*
Man, stuck on 40 something, them buttons @_@
I want to draw a super detailed and elegant outfit, but I don't have any idea of how I want it to look. I want to do a everyday outfit too

Got stuck on 20 something. It's a good time waster XD

Lol xDD That game.. I will have another crack later... eheheh

Oooh, that sounds nice, me too, me too! But I have a lot of restrictions .-. And I don't think I am skilled enough to pull off some things that should look okay but don't because I can't draw it well enough P:

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