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Thank you for stopping by, my name is Lisa.
This is somewhat of a permanent temp shop.
As well as a bribe shop since I never know how to price my art. lol
Aside from that, that's about it.
(Not good at intros. lol)

Post 1: Intro
Post 2: Updates
Post 3: Rules
Post 4: Samples
Post 5: Prices & Order Form
Post 6: Slots
Post 7: Links
Post 8: Affiliates

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January 15, 2010: Setting up & Opening of the shop
May 12, 2010: I'm done with my school year but I have
finals starting this Saturday. So I have to focus on that for the
next eight days then I'm done. 3nodding

**Note: I'm completely fine with answering questions you
might have regarding your art, but don't don't message me every
single day asking, I'm very sorry but that really does annoy me and
to be quite honest it makes me want to work on your art last because
you're not being patient with me. I don't draw everyday like I use to so
please consider that before sending me a message everyday, thank you for reading this.

August 4, 2012: Updated Shop~Open!

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1. Please don't steal the art I do for others.

2. Post your order here, only pm me if it's a secret order for someone. ^_^

3. Don't stretch the page.

4. Be nice and please don't rush me I also have over things to do like work, babysitting and school work so, I won't be able to go as fast as I normally would.

5. Feel free to stay and chat.

6. I will add more if needed.

** If you cancel your trade without telling me or if you cancel your trade while I have already started your art, I will be very upset and I don't like that. Also I'm sorry but if you do either of those things I will put you on ignore and you can never buy art from me again!
** Usually I'm really nice about messages regarding art and the time estimate that I might take but lately it's non-stop. I know it is my fault as well, but please stop constantly asking or complaining about the wait, if I was able to wait for over a year and a half for art then I'm sure you can to. I never bug an artist I am buying art from so please help me out and keep it to a minimum, I have other things to do and sometimes I lose inspiration to draw. =o

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::: Colored :::

::: Line Art :::

Things I will/can draw:

❤- Girls & Boys (Better at girls though.)
❤- Non-cluttered avis ( simple, cute, cool, etc.)
❤- OCs w/ reference

Things I won't/can't draw: sweatdrop

✖- OC's with written descriptions and no picture ref
✖- Cluttered/ugly/hard to draw avi's
✖- Yaoi, Yuri, & Hentai or anything that has too much nudity
✖- Mecha
✖- Anthros (Ears and tail are fine)
✖- Muscles
✖- Bald head, invisible glitch like thing, Afros
✖- Animals
✖- Tattoos
✖- Real life picture refs
✖-Elemental hair (Not because I don't want to but, because I don't know how) sweatdrop
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Order Form & Trade Process

[color=purple][size=12]Draw me!
[b]Username:[/b] (your name)
[b]Page your order is on:[/b]

Payment: Just bribe me.

Note* The steps for the trade.
1- Send the trade, don't complete it.
2- I will accept the offer, not complete my side though.
3- I will send you a preview of your drawing.
4- You complete your side of the trade.
5- I finish the trade and send you your art.

::: I will also be willing to do Art Trades :::
( Feel free to ask )

My OC's
My Sister's OC's
**I buy art for her too so go ahead and offer. ^_^


::: Slots :::
1- Cuult {Sketched}
2- ~lil_cherry_blossom~ {Coloring}
3- Lovely Gentle Dreams {Inking}
4- Hello Santa {Inked}
5- Mana in the Mirror {Sketched}

::: Waiting List :::

::: Art Trades :::

::: Done/Need To Scan :::
l l a m a p a c a
hitomi 90
Lacey Cupcake

★ Special Slots ★
(You Pay The Old Price)
Eevee Slot --
Mana Slot --
Alex Slot --
Tori Slot --
Squishylkkjj Slot --

::: Past Customers :::
kintara x6 ---momokoismomo x2---X_x_NicK17_x_X ---Jengle---Kitakyushu
---Elizabeth Meadows---pocky-sama---Chocobu---AFKitti---.a.r.a.s.h.i
---HoboSexual xD---Panda`x---yakko789---Wynn Star---xXx_Hack_xXx---Sheshoumara x2
---Rika Shay x3---Evil_Viet----Nirat---Ojas---gigithestar
---Eevee Kins x24---Anthrax Laughing Gas---Circus Freaks x2---Chef Arzel x2
---Tsuko ---F ii zz B i n x2---CafeFrapp---Care_e---Etna iCe ---Chibi Mana x2
---Io Lotis---hellokitty-wu---DarkestHero---squiishylkj x4--- -Weird Wacky Watermelon-
---iA Y U M I x3---YumeSashiki ---anime.a ---Aiko Akane---Misz_SODA_Pop
---wicked hatter---Kalita-chan---Leafe Lillith x2---PinkCherimu x2---The Top Giver x2
---Dracorion x2---noomfoediskrad---Somethingirl x2---Pastelishous---xX lil azn kitty Xx x4
---L i q u i d M o o n Halo---Emeraldcollector---Akiyomi---kisa_tiger13666---[~]Willy[~]Wonka[~]
---Sweet Otaka Girl---Hylian Child x2---Panda snatcher---X-Ayume_Kishi-X x2
---Chris the Host---I n n a h---nazgurath falanor talik---Coolieo151515 x2---DELICIOUS NAZIS
---Sennari x2---Nidhogg13---TheAngelFromDownstairs x2---The Shock Value-
---Nebula Chaos---iShinobi Naruto ---Mira Mitsuki---iDemonFoxSara ---TheJokeer
---xX_kodex_Xx ---Cream-Of-Me---Tamed Wolf---SkullCandy161---Kiarrii ---OMG Talie O_O
---LilDayDreamer---i Cookie M u f f i n x2 ---Circus Freaks---Xx.Synyster.Vengeance.xX
---xAznxKittyxLovex x3---Hunny-Bunny-Munchkin ---lntelligence lce x2---miacat-chan
---paul777 x2---Akiko_Nakamura00---Emiko Bonnell---Mini Naru-chan---Earthyneko
---RyomaKun1992 x2---Naughty Kitten 13 ---Haruna Mochizuki ---Muxie ---xLexC7x
---Gaara no Sabaku --- x-lily blossom-x ---Evanescent Wings ---kitty shoes ---CloudControl
---H u n g r ii---BabyDucklingLove---Amy Obscurite---LittleMissNotSoPerfect---KonekoTokatomifu
---lntelligence lce---xiCookiesx3 ---ll-Pocky Rawr-ll ---Neko Akera ---inuto500 x3
---Sweet Devil Jo---iNorli---Asian Cookies---Extravagantly Yours---Tackle-Monstah---tkdauronXIII
---Space_c0w_Girl---XxIIAsami-chanIIxX---BiNeko---Kasumiharu---Hyro The Slayer---Aoi Kanda
---Moonzy---BabyDucklingLove---Sakura the Demonic Elf---K a n n o n_S a n---Kyosan Erixon
---Aurora de Silva---Sennari---iGummiBearsx3---Cross Lucane---lil_navi---XxIIR4wRIIxX
---H0T_M3XiCAN_BuNnY---sparrows_poppet---Chibi Mana---l2AY---scorneddreams
---Rika Shay---x_HyperSexay---Aoi Kanda x5 ---Chika Hana Madoka---xXxTonelicoxXx
---xXxEpic_FailsxXx---Rizzy Cola---Toxic Lulz---xXSaveMyLifeXx---iidorkie_love
---Your Little Failure---Roxie0616--- -SilkenxRoses- ---Saffron Leader Miki---Arashi Erina
---i S t e a l C o o k ii s---ShadeNinja X---inuto500---cute_kitty_cat---Rin Magane
---Da Bob-x---Xxonly_the_fallenxX---pegus---tuscana---KhanhTheRipper---Nypem
---x-iRainDrops---Chika Hana Madoka---17- TheAngelFromDownstairs---Pryingdragon
---Shadow Star Forever---Shattered Ashes---Nypem---Akiko_Nakamura00---Kureno Umari
---Mana Munch---yukiito san---Little_corner_of_Insanity---0XxLone_WolfxX0
---RyomaKun1992---Hyro The Guardian---Sennari---Moonzy
---Xxonly_the_fallenxX---ShadeNinja X---xXKitiyaXx---xMayaruHimex
---xXYumi-DonoXx---The Valkyrie Ryu---Too Seducing---Water Melan---Paine Ryushiga
---Genius Gal---iMadarai x2---The Phoxie---Unknown Chibi---Gale-VII---Water Melan
--- -_BananaPoptartSundae_----Asphyxiated_Catharsis---Sealed Supplier---Black Vine
---telekineticlizbeth---II-Suki_Rose-II---Myrcury---Madam Raven---Asphyxiated_Catharsis x2
---DeviIs Song---MintGekkou---FrozenVine---Botany---NaomiNaomi---Kiyomaro
---iScarlett Diva---TsukiOokami Angel---MintGekkou---Mukin---Hikaru_Kuuran_Ishino
---A m u ll e t x4---Strawberry_Mew_Meww---devilashes_emo15
---Moonlight Kitten1---XxDarrkangelxX---HELLO my name is Ninja---Armohny
---PixeIs---Purplerosesbeauty---Maja81---iMadarai---Ashar_lover---Hinani Chan
---Full_Moon83---Fonzy x3---Ametra---Coconut Jelly---YoTsunade
---F r u i t i M e l o n---Minoriya---Moke Moo Moo---Jade_kisses13
---The Artic Explorer---Rokumon---Birimu---Sir William Black---Unique786
---devilashes_emo15---P E P O N I---Okiyami---Obelisk Queen Alexis
---VgOtaku---catgurl009---Prince Tbunny---Static Silhouette
---p***s Pixie---Aoi Kanda---Lord Uesugi Kenshin---UyenKhuu---LePuffsx2
---lnvidious---BabyDucklingLove---Pirate Cola x2---Ranger Myst
---Kara-resu Fang x2---Sumrok---pupcorn1010---II Honmei Choco II
---The Omnitrix King---Me121212---Rayout Aliya---Mad Waffle---HeartedWolf
---I Kiesha I---Moonfullite---Iris_virus---Selestia Bell---shadow45067---Bayonetta
---Full_Moon83---Midoriko Kuronew---Sino Rosas---iMarshiie
---Midnight_Caelum---kawazu-jen---Forsaken Incubus---xXiceflamesXx
---Blazegreg---kaikuro---furryfox23---OneUglyFool x2---Moke Moo Moo
---cindermiles---Atomic 0reo---Claudetite---BigByron---l2ouge x2
---yylaayl---II Honmei Choco II---Diary-chan---Banana Popsikul
---Chef Arzel---devilashes_emo15---criz1988--- milly17---MintGekkou
---Ailindrae---Full_Moon83---kelly_baby---Aoi Kanda---Ai Uso---Fetishplz
---LemonLime14---Chromatic Bird---Rage Quits---Claudetite---milly17
---MCYX---xXKoyukiArashiXx---Artificial Deanmination---l2ouge---eevamax
---louisalulu---lue mieli---Crystal_Nightfall---Alikiali---Himecchi
---Maiyuchi---Superstar Angel Izumi---eevamax---Ome Suzumia
---Gabike---Rwibon x2---DarkQueenOfDeath---DarkQueenOfDeath
---Lidreana---Champ_De_Toxic---NaomiNaomi---HellMistress x4
---Divorux---theloverslie x2---barefootfriar---pinkyturnip---Klainer
---Flyshortcake---Azusa Tsukimori---Izzy-chan desu

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Love is Endless, an Art Contest. 600k total in prizes.
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