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Post 1 -- Introduction and Explanation of Choices and How To Order
Post 2 -- Prices
Post 3 -- Order Form
Post 4 -- Examples
Post 5 -- Waiting List and Satisfied Customers

Here at The Evil Portrait Shop of EvilWeevil, we offer lots of different choices. The price of your portrait will depend on what choices you make!

To make your order, please read through all the directions and specify what exactly you would like. It will make things MUCH easier for me and if you don't have the order form filled out correctly, I will ignore your order. ^_^; Thanks!

First, decide if you want a Gaia avatar portrait, an original character drawn, or something else. I will assume you want an avi portrait unless you state otherwise. Please include in your post a picture of your avatar as you want it drawn, or a description of the original character.

Secondly, decide how much of the avatar you want drawn -- bust shot (head and shoulders), waist and up shot or full body. Obviously, full body costs more. (Full price sheet in second post)

Thirdly, decide if you want the picture colored (with colored pencils) or in black and white. Black and white will be cheaper.

That's really all there is to it! Rather simple, right? ^_^;