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Welcome to the Noodle Doodle Sketch Stand.

Post #1: Terms & How to Order
Post #2: Menu & Samples
Post #3: Specifications
Post #4: Quote that post to order

As you can see, I only have enough seats for three, so up to 3 slots at once.
First come, first serve. Seats are for customers only.
Seats taken:

Announcements and Promotions
First 3 customers to the store gets Plain Noodle for 30k OR Noodle w/ Sauce for 70k. Full body OK. emotion_bigheart

By ordering, you accept these terms:
- Only for personal, non-commercial use.
- You may modify the sketch for use as an avatar/forum sig.
- You may not upload the sketch as it is to dA or any other art site.
Not even if you scribble words over it or add filters and sparkles.
- However, you may significantly edit the sketch and colour it
and upload to dA, crediting me for the original sketch.
I'd like a link to the work so I can see it then heart
- I am allowed to upload the original sketch to my dA gallery

How To 'Order'
1. Quote the 4th post. Pick a dish and show at least 1 reference picture.
2. If I accept, send a trade and I'll start ASAP.
3. When I'm done, I'll show a tiny preview.
Pay and I'll give you the full sketch.
4. No refunds once I've released the actual sketch.
5. If I made any errors or if you want minor changes,
I'll fix it and re-send the sketch to you.
I will not make drastic changes such as changing poses.

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yum_onigiri Menu yum_onigiri

+ Plain Noodle: 70k for a barely coloured monochromatic sketch like this (head to torso). 100k for full body.
User Image

+ Noodle w/ Sauce: 120k for a coloured sketch like this (head to torso). 180k for full body.
User Image

+ Complimentary Peas: You may request for a certain face expression or pose regardless of the menu item you choose. Dynamic poses are ok, I can challenge myself.

+ Upsize: You can offer extra gaia_gaiagold for clearer details if your avatar is very cluttered/detailed

If you don't have enough gold or for whatever reason don't want to pay that much, you can still haggle. I'm mainly doing this for practice. The gold helps me get the items I'm questing faster but is secondary.
The cook might dip her thumb in the bowl though. twisted

I accept payment in items too. I have many things in my wishlist but only a few 'priority' items, so I may still reject your offer if it's not one of those I really want. You can offer an item even if it's not in my wishlist. (I love cute things, foodstuff, leg/arm/eye/face mods, backgrounds, wigs and human companions.)

Other Samples:
Linked out for the nippleless chest nudity. Example for full body uncoloured sketch.
Mikasa's abs. Example for full body coloured sketch.
Coloured head portrait. Example for head portrait coloured sketch.
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Specifications so you know what you're getting:

yum_tamago For head to torso, you will get up to 800 x 800 px canvas for the base price.
yum_tamago For full body, you will get up to 1000 x 1000 px canvas for the base price.
yum_salmon For Plain Noodle, you can pick any colour for the monochromatic scheme.
yum_tuna White background by default.
You can request for transparent background
or something like the first sample.
yum_shrimp Depending on how much more you offer,
you can request a bigger sketch and/or
better details if your avatar/OC is cluttered/detailed.
yum_burger The completed work will be in PNG.
yum_burger Prices are for one character only
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May I take your order?
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The stand's open!

Special price for the first three customers. I won't cut back on the noodle ingredients.
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bumping up, swimming back up to the first page
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dig myself out of the forum grave.

updated the promotion, scrapped the head-to-torso requirement.

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