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♛ ℳℯℯt tℎℯ Dℯℓiℊℎtfuℓ ℳad ℌattℯr:
Currently, I'm only offering my chibi style for lovely ladies. Meaning I won't be offering any to the lads just now.. so sorry, Dearies. Also, I get busy with life sometimes so the the expected art will take a few days at least. If you offer me a OC please have a picture reference!

♛ : ℋavℯ $ℴmℯ Tℯa!

User Image User Image User Image

♛ Dℴn't ℱℴrℊℯt tℴ ti℘ tℎℯ ℋattℯr:
ℌaℓf-a-ℭu℘ (Chibi): 150,000 (Dℴublℯ for ℭℴu℘lℯs)

♛ Ẽm℘ty $ℯats:
1. Pterrifying
2. Pterrifying (same order^)
3. ℴ℘ℯn

♛ ℭan't wait?(ℬribℯ):
1. ℴ℘ℯn

    x ᵂℎy ¡s ₐ ℛavℯn ℒ¡ᵏℯ ₐ
    ᵂr¡t¡nℊ dℯsᵏ¿
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♛ ℳℯℯt the 𝔇aшɗlinɠ Mad ℌatter:
I guess I'll just go by Sadistic Chibi, since I shan't reveal my real name.Although I cannot be fully open all the time, I'll try my best to keep some slots open
I'll be here most of the time, but I'm splitting my art load on several sites so I'll try to reply fast.

Sorry about the massive amount of Naruto fanbase art I have...Don't mind that.

♛ : ℋavℯ Some Tɛa!

♛ 𝔇on't ℱℴrℊℯt to ti℘ the ℋattℯr:

Ͽuϯ it in ᾙalʄ!(Half body): Min 300k
Ҭhe ωhole tɦinɠ! (full body): Min 400k
ϻake it liʈʈle! (Chibi): 200-400k
Just Ƚhe basics! (Lineart): 200-400k

Couples and backgrounds are bribe only
I will not allow Uncensored, mecha, clutter, furries or anthros

♛ Ҭαkɛ ᾉ Ϩeat:
❶: k i r a i g o u
②: Mqr
❸: [Closed]

    x Why is a raven like a
    writing desk?
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                                ℳℯℯt the Rнɛтσяιcαℓ ℳad ℋαttℯr
                                ❝Why HELLO~! I'm British Vitamin C. I’ve been doing digital art for about a year and a half though I haven’t been practicing that long, due to large amounts of procrastination~ I don’t have a deviantart though I have an art Tumblr that you can check out. My art style often changes a bit as I’m still learning. I’m willing to try just about anything, whether its avis, OCs, pets, etc. My bribe slots are going to run starting at 200k though I’ll do your art first~
                                I’ll take items as well as gold, as long as it’s roughly the same asking price.❞

                                ℋαvℯ Ϩℴmℯ Tℯα!:
                                User Image User Image User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                Dℴn't ℱorℊℯt Tℴ Ti℘ thℯ ℋαtter:
                                Ѳғғ ωιтн тнɛιя нɛα∂ƨ! (headshot) 75k
                                Ħαℓғ α cʋρ (bust) 150k
                                Ɖяιиκ мɛ! (Chibi) 100k
                                Ƨтαят αт тнɛ вɛɢιииιиɢ (lineart) 50k

                                Em℘ty Ϩℯαts:
                                ⒈l vanilla I [pg15]
                                ⒉ANZELIA LA BELLE [pg15]
                                ⒊Lovely damsel [pg17]

                                ʝʋмρ αнɛα∂! (bribes)

                                  x Why is a raven like a
                                  writing desk?
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Fashionable Flatterer

Yay! OPEN!
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Nimble Duelist

Sadistic Chibi

I was wondering, for couples of lines or half body what sort of bribe would you be aiming for? Your art is gorgeous.
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Fashionable Flatterer

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