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Inori Hisagi! 0.10679611650485 10.7% [ 11 ]
Rugi-chan! 0.10679611650485 10.7% [ 11 ]
Ace_Dragon013! 0.097087378640777 9.7% [ 10 ]
viiniry! 0.067961165048544 6.8% [ 7 ]
a sugary death! 0.15533980582524 15.5% [ 16 ]
niji nyan 0.097087378640777 9.7% [ 10 ]
Need more artist's! 0.36893203883495 36.9% [ 38 ]
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Shy Gekko

We will be relocating on october 7th.

'are you ready to order?'

User Image
                                open. full.

                                well, i'm inori, nice to meet you. i'm your everyday asian nerd. i am a big fan of big bang, the korean band, and i am deeply in love with t.o.p <3 school has already started for me so i apologize in advance that i can't tell when i'll finish your commission. i will try best though! c: please don't steal anything (i.e. layouts) i've caught so many people -___- please don't steal!! feel free to bribe with items on my wish list which is located in my profile.

                                don't : shiny things, mecha, yuri/yaoi/hentai, buff people, buck teeth, blood, furry, clutter, couples,
                                do : anything that's not on the 'don't' list. i perfer simple and cute avis

                                chibi style one. sample. sample - 60k
                                chibi style two. - 75k
                                regular bust. regular waist. - 150k-200k

                                    `since school takes most of my time, i won't do full bodies for regular style

                                slots :
                                o1. ...... pg.
                                o2. ...... pg.
                                o3. ...... pg.
                                o4. ...... pg.

                                [quote=Inori Hisagi][/quote]

                                reference(s): (please get a tektek or something i can actually look at clearly)

                                [size=9]thanks for ordering [i]!![/i] [/size]
                                000036 395837[/color][/size]
Rugi-chan's avatar

Romantic Nerd

"May I Serve You?"

Hey all, Rugi-chan here! Nothing much to say about me other than I love to draw chibi's and love to listen to K-Pop! Especially Super Junior x3 I've been drawing for four years and am hopefully going to take my art skills farther into college. I hope you enjoy these little chibi's as much as I do! And Let's talk and become friends!
Full . Open

*Have gone to one slot due to start of college, sorry!

User Image

User ImageUser Image

More samples at my commission DA: [x]
My main DA: [x]

Price: Bribe 100k+

I Will Draw:
- OC's
- Avi's
- Fanart
- Couples (Bribe)
- Yaoi
- Yuri
- Pokemon

I Will Not Draw:
- Mecha
- Furry (Tails and ears are okay)
- Cluttered


1. yingfa93 - Pg32

[b]Ref:[/b] [Picture Reference NEEDED]
[b]Details:[/b] [Any other info? Expression? Pose?]
[b]Offer:[/b] [Pretty tip? :D]
Welcome! I am currently FULL
Hello there! I can draw your avatar to look more like an adult or more of a chibi, I can do just the upper half or just the face, couples as well but please be aware that I do TRA-DIGITAL art, so please specify what style you would like at the time of your order. I do like to take my time on art to make it look as great as possible, so it may take me from a couple of hours to several days to complete an order! ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANT IT DIGITIZED.It appears that I do have set price's HOWEVER I do take bribes as well, just please make sure that they are reasonable.I am a full time college student and completing art's will take me some time, however I promise to get all of the purchased arts to the buyer!
All Styles Of My Art Are Available In Chibi Or Adult Form

User Image

CHIBIS: No Color: 20K Colored: 25-30K Digital(Bribe): 50K+
ADULTS: No Color: 30K Colored: 40-50K Digital(Bribe): 90K+
COUPLES: No Color: 45K Colored: 65-75K Digital(Bribe): 100K+
HEAD SHOTS: No Color: 20K Colored: 25K Digital(Bribe): 45K+
TORSO SHOTS No Color: 25K Colored: 30-40K Digital(Bribe): 70K+

Do's: ☑

- My specialty is females but males are always welcome.
- I do enjoy making your avi's cute and sexy
- I can probably do any avi, but if you're too cluttered I may remove some items

Dont's: ☒-
I haven't come across something I don't do yet, other than custom poses, unless I feel that it'd look good with your avi.



➀- Cupcakes Demise Pg. 22
➁- Da HBK Dwayne Pg. 41
➂- Kingy Yosmemaru Pg. 41

heart The Order Form: heart

Type of Avi (Current or Dream):
Chibi or Adult:
Color (Yes or No):
Couple *Relationship ex. bf&gf, Bro&sis* (Yes or No):
User name added (Yes or No):
Digitize?(Bribe Amount):
aique's avatar


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                                            Nice to meet you all, my darlings. You may call me Vii. I am here to provide you the best service I can offer. I'm not much of an artist, so please do be kind and patient. At the moment, I am offering only fully coloured digital art with either a transparent or simple background. Prices will be set high since this is my bribe slot. 1 mil + offers please. The waiting time will be around 1-2 weeks.
                                            p r e f e r e n c e s

                                            Sorry my darlings, I am a rather strange person and tend to be overly picky. To help you get your orders accepted, please keep the following in mind.
                                            » I prefer to draw feminine looking males.
                                            » I don't like excessive amounts of black.
                                            » Details are my best friend, I don't mind clutter.
                                            » I love blood and sharp things.
                                            s a m p l e s


                                            s l o t s

                                            » 1.

                                            User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                                            References: Her <3
                                            Description: Sexy, cute, timid but daring.
                                            Theme: Artistic freedom. If you want I can provide a theme though.
                                            Text: Sexy, cute.
                                            Price: 1.2m <3

                                            f o r m

                                            Please fill out the forms fully, otherwise your order will not be accepted.
                                            » References - what you want in the picture, the fewer the better.
                                            » Description - describe what you want in the picture, the more detailed the better.
                                            » Theme - what kind of theme you are looking for. eg, cute, hipster, goth
                                            » Text - any text you want on your picture

THE BAD LADY's avatar

Sex Symbol

9,250 Points
  • Noob wrangler 100
  • Signature Look 250
  • Millionaire 200
reserved :>
Cassy Uzuki's avatar

Timid Kitten

10,800 Points
  • Invisibility 100
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Millionaire 200
a sugary death's avatar

Hilarious Fatcat

User Image

Ohaio~♥ Im sugary-chan i-i dont realy have much to say except i will gladly consider any request and do my best to complete it in the way that you envision it~♥

Head Shot : 30K
Head To Waist :70k
Full Bodies(BRIBES):100k+



I Will Draw:
ღ Avi's
ღ Fanart
ღOC's *if given good enough reference *

I Will Not Draw:
ღ Full On Furry
ღHeavily Blended Avis *EX:colors make it hard to tell one item from another*

poruko's avatar

Shy Gekko

Apply for this slot!

User name:
Art sample :
Art price :
How dedicated are you to this:
How fast can you get art done? :
How often are you on :
When can you start:

poruko's avatar

Shy Gekko

This Artist's is Woowenz

Hi! My nickname is Wowenz,
as you can see I'm still quite a beginner in GaiaOnline.
I like to draw and I would be happy to accept your requests.

User Image
Rules and Regulations:

1. Be Patient.
2. I'll only take 2 requests at a time.
3. Keep your avatar as simple as possible.

(I might give discounts for simple avatars.)
Headshots: 150,000 Gold
Head to Shoulder: 300,000 Gold
Head to Waist: 600,000 Gold
Full Body: 1,000,000 Gold
Chibis: 200,000 Gold
As for couples, the price would just multiply by two, depending on the style above.
1. SonicSweeti(75,000 Gold)
2. Kaomi Simca(800,000 Gold)
3. Memoirs of a Platypus(Modus Operandi: 11th Gen)
4. Empress Boa(500,000 Gold)
5. f0ssil(250,000 Gold)
6. Xahari(900,000 Gold)
7. HisBunni(450,000 Gold)
8. yingfa93(1,200,000 Gold)

Request Form:

Describe how would it look like:

1 : ll chubz ll
2 : bladedANGELWOLF

Strawberry Green Tea's avatar

Peaceful Kitten

Inori Hisagi

        username Rainbow Dollfacekillar
            style: Chibi style two
            reference(s): User Image
            price: 75k
            other: There's a ninja head band under the hair, it's kinda hard to see. x:

            thanks for ordering !!
            000036 395837
Sikhatra's avatar

Girl-Crazy Lunatic

9,150 Points
  • Gaian 50
  • Consumer 100
  • Gender Swap 100

Ref: http://imgur.com/qwCHG [Picture Reference NEEDED]
Details: Anything. o-o That's not very helpful, I know. >_>
Offer: 350,000
Death by Fisting's avatar

Obsessive Receiver

10,350 Points
  • Magical Girl 50
  • Timid 100
Inori Hisagi

            style: Regular waist.
            reference(s): How is this?
            price: 235K? 200K + 25K tip? c:
            other: Err... well, the most I can say is this is an OC, and she's known for being shy and reserved but... that's about it.
            Wait -- and, she's 14. Forgot that. Edited for I am dumb. Sorry.

            thanks for ordering !!
            000036 395837

            Hope I did this right. Did it wrong instantly...haha oh man.
Rainbow Dollfacekillar

                            to-do list ll role play samples ll toy box ll da
                            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                            ah, how cute <3
                            accepted, i have two requests in front of this one
                            so i hope you can wait a little.
                            if so then please send the trade now and i'll accept it
                            after i hand you your art.


                            to-do list ll role play samples ll toy box ll da
                            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                            accepted c:
                            ah, you just forgot to put your name where the 'username' was
                            at but it's pointless because i can see your user anyways. lol
                            it just looks nice lol

                            regular's take me a while so if you can wait a bit, please
                            send the trade now and i'll accept it after i hand you
                            your art c:

                            edit. asdkjfsk i love your avi. maka *A*
                            ah, your fine lol

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