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            WELCOME, to my hopefully permanent grab bags location.

++++++Well hello there! I've missed all of you, even if you don't remember me, or don't know who I am. My name is Finn, and I'm here to draw for you.

++++++The last time I opened up a 'grab bags' joint, I had a lot of fun, but it was temporary. The people I met were all great people, and even though I didn't accept all of the orders that were thrown my way, some even continued to stay to chat. All of you were so very kind to me, when I needed the reassurance that I still had the ability to draw on cue.

I want this place to be a permanent place for me to consider all of your offers. I won't be drawing as often as my temporary locations, because this one is more long term. What offers I get will be documented and saved for a later date. Like all grab bags, these slots will be cheap.

100% of my decision will go towards what
you're asking me to draw, not the amount in
which you're paying


Feel free to offer me whatever you want to pay me. I'll give as much consideration to a 1k offer as I would to someone offering me millions (offering me millions here would be silly, just so you know). I have commissions on my list that will be taking precedent. I have some auctions I have yet to finish my promised piece for, and outstanding commissions from a long time ago. I will no longer be accepting serious commissions on gaia unless they were by auction. Don't even bother asking, sorry! That period in my life is passed. From now on, if you want something serious from me that takes up a lot of my time, you'll either have to win one of my auctions, which are rare now, or you can purchase a slot for real money. I don't expect you to do either, but I want you to know what this place is to me.

++++++I'll be starting University life later in the year, and the time leading up to that will be used working on my portfolio and honing what skills I can before once again receiving formal education, that I've had to put aside for academic courses.

++++++This being said, I still want to draw for you! That's why I'm opening up this place. Depending on just how inspired I am by your offer, you may even get something rendered, either partially or wholly. Some things will just be doodles, others will be colored, it really all depends and not on how much you give me. Just tell me what you want me to draw.

++++++I'll be using this place as a means to warm up, let loose, and exercise my brain and my hand. When I'm starting a serious drawing, I'll go back to these offers and stretch my brain. Maybe I'll come here when I'm bored and don't feel like I can draw my own characters.


++++++Even on days when I can't draw, I'll still be here to socialize, and I'd love for you to join me! I'll answer any questions, and if you would like some drawing advice, I'd be more than willing to help you out there too. I'm actually pretty silly when I let myself go.

* - In addition, I'm not accepting offers over 100k as of 4/16/12
This will make things much less complicated for all of us.
(I didn't think I'd have to mention it but you guys were way too generous for grab bags. [/shot])
I love you anyway!

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What You're Interested In:

My dA
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Literally anything (under 100k).
(I'll even accept offers of
eternal servitude and/or
friendship. ;D)

Anything from
any level of which
I am capable.

- All orders will be maintained on a word document.
- You won't know if you're accepted until I'm finished!
I don't want to raise any hopes by accepting and then changing my mind.
- Trade will be started/completed upon completion of the work.
If you decide to jip me, I'll just blacklist you from further business in the future.
And because I know a lot of artists in the gaian world, I'll probably spread around
just how much of a d**k I think you are.
I'm not asking for much.
Please promise only what you can give me and set it aside if you have to.
- If you want to cancel your order/offer, please just tell me! I won't be mad.
- Behave. And have fun. I know I will~!
- If I'm asking questions about your order, it means I'm interested in doing it,
but I still might change my mind.
- I'm willing to do any kind of content. Anthro, furry, explicit, hetero, yaoi, yuri,
and all to any rating (PG, G, PG-13, R, NC-17, etc.)
- I prefer ORIGINAL CHARACTERS, but I will do avatars if they interest me enough.
- I'm less likely to accept orders that involve couples. They involve twice as much effort. :c
- No, I'm not doing couples. Unless you're offering me a crazy ridiculous amount
of money, which I'm not going to accept because this is a grab bags place, I'm not going to
do couples. It's nothing against you individually because, if you're reading this before
posting, I haven't even met you yet. It's just a lot of work on my part and I would like to have
fun with these orders, rather than stress. Please for the love of little baby jesus, read this
section if you want to know whether or not I'll draw couples. OTL
I won't be rude about it or anything. but I will be miffed if you ask me whether or not I do couples when I have it written here.

Subsequent Eternal Slaves
Macaroni Soup
Menstrual Cramps
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Interested in Selling?

Newsflash! I buy things too! I'm an avid art whore as much as an artist myself.
if you'd like me to purchase from you, simply show me some samples with a price range. If I don't accept, please don't be sad/mad! I've been jipped by gaians before so I'm rather picky now. Right now my pure gold amount is pretty much depleted, but if I like your work enough, I'll find a way to afford it!
If you yourself are broke and literally can't think of anything to give me (I really can't see why), but you still want my work, offer an art trade! I still have MANY on my current to do list but I work on art trades by inspiration, not first-come-first-serve. People who finish their end first get a permanent and guaranteed return. However, I'm picky with art trades, too. If I don't accept here either, I'm really sorry! It's not a comment on your skills or lack thereof, it's really just my personal taste/how busy I am at the time.

Here are my OCs. Feel free to browse!
My Babies~

Received thanks to this shop!
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o uo
i've been stalking this for a couple minutes LOL
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Haha! Yeah that took me way too long to make. xD Sorry about that.
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heart Hi Finn I'm excited to see you open up a shop! When I get off work ill post an offer. How are you dear?
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Huggleberry Finn

aw it's no problem i'm just excited, your art is phenomenal 8DD
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@Caelia:: Heehee! It's been at least a year and a half, two years since I opened up anywhere even remotely stable/permanent. I'm kind of excited too! And no rush at all. :'3 I'm doing okaaaaaaay. You?

@Ouija:: Aww, thank you! It shames me that most of what's on my DA is mooooonths old. :c
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Hnnng rolling around in my dubstep pandora channel~

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