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Status: |♥Open♥|
Fluffy_mcPanda's slots: |♥Open♥|
XIchiUchihaSamaX's slots: |♥Open♥| |♥2 of 5 slots filled♥|
Events: |♥Advertise to 3 - 5 people with a screen shot for a chance for free art!♥|

✖❥M•U•F•F•I•N❤ C•A•K•E❤ P•A•L•A•C•E❥✖ |ღ◕ ◡ ◕ღ |♥Open♥|
✖Yo yo, The name's Aruiha. I'm one of the waiters here at Muffin Cake Palace, where we serve your every need. Muffin Cake Palace is a co-owned art shop between XIchiUchihaSamaX and Fluffy_mcPanda. The main point of this shop if for us to draw lovely picture for you, with a slight price. Sadly, I'm not the best person to be energetic and be super happy to show you around, so that's my dear co-worker, Bukotsu-neesan.✖

✖Café hours;✖

○Mon-Fri: 8AM - 12AM○
○Sat: 9AM - 2AM○
○Sun: Closed○

✖You can really just post anytime, ya'want. We're jus' usually on, and reply around those times.✖
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1 ~ Welcome

2 ~ TOC

3 ~ Rules

4 ~ FAQ

5 ~ Prices

6 ~ Order Forms

7 ~ Slots

8 ~ Customer Lists

9 ~ Special Limited Items

10 ~ Souvenirs

11 ~ Links


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Follow the TOS!
Bump/convo. Is allowed.
Please place your order in the thread, do not PM us.
We will PM you if we accept your request, along with the link back to out shop to check out progress. (We would like it if you opened a trade after you've read the PM)
We have the right to refuse any request.
Please do not stretch the page, spam, and etc.
Do not quote the front page
Be kind to others, and no swearing.
Do not rush us, after all we have lives too.
Bribes don't always apply to events.
Once the request has been started on, refunds are not allowed.
Please do NOT steal, copy, and/or trace our art! It took us a lot of work, so don’t you DARE.
Please do NOT advertise other shops without my permission, it is alright if it is in your signature, but if you want the link of your shop, give it me and I will add it to our list.
Please do not beg for art, anyone who begs will instantly be on the black list. Do not beg for art, money, or items.
Please do not advertise your shop, if you'd like it advertise, please PM XIchiUchihaSamaX
If our name is on the art, please do NOT remove it.




♣ 3/18 - New Event! None!
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~Please have a seat and you may place your order after you have read the basic rules down below where XIchiUchihaSamaX has written it down.~

While she talks I'll answer some of your questions 3nodding

XIchiUchihaSamaX: "Hey! I'm trying to explain the rules here!"
(Me)Fluffy_mcPanda: "One second geezlets!"




What kind of art can we request?
You may request drawings that both of us are able to "cook up" for you guys: avi-art, OCs, fan-characters, boys, girls, and objects (dolls, still-life, plants, food, structures etc.)

What if I'm broke and I can't afford the prices?
If you're in a tight money situation, you may PM the artist about bargaining or if you have items, or you may ask the artist about bribing.

How will I get my requested picture?
We'll send it through PM.

How many drawings can I request at a time?
Only 1 per person, but when we're done with yours, you can order another one.

~I have a complaint!

If you have a complaint or have any other questions, do not post in the thread.

Just PM Fluffy_mcPanda.~
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What does XIchiUchihaSamaX draw?


What I can draw:

Your Avi.
Fanart&Your OCs.
Cutesy items.
Whatever else, ask me. ;D

What I don't draw:

Violence&Drug abuse.
Cluttered Avis.
People with a lot of muscles.
(It's just weird.)

Whatever else, ask please. ;D

XIchiUchihaSamaX's Prices!


Art Type;

(normal) 3500g [✖]

(chibi) 1500g [✖]

(normal)5500g [✖]

(chibi) 2500g [✖]

(normal)6700g [✖]

(chibi) 3600g [✖]


(chibi) 2500g


(chibi) 3500g

(normal) 7500g

(chibi) 2500g


(chibi) 9000g


(chibi) 9500g


(chibi) 10000g


(chibi) 13500g


(chibi) 14000g


(chibi) 16500g
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Fluffy_mcPanda's Prices

*I don't draw yaoi, yuri, hentai, furries, anthro, or mecha (except Chobits)
*I'm not as neat with my format of prices like xXIchiUchihaSamaXx is!
*I'm not used to drawing guys well and/or they turn out a lil girly xp
*99.9% of my work is drawn traditionally (on occasions, I MIGHT make digitals)
*Please no smoking in the cafe

Do I offer digital art at the moment? Yes/No : No sad

~PM me about bribes first before ordering~

PM me if: you think your avi is cluttered; you have a certain character(s) from an anime that I may not know about and PM me the anime it's from and we'll bargain; you have any suggestions on what other things I should sell

PM me if you would like celebration/occassion/holiday items: Cards, Gift Tags, Gift bag covers (which I would just tape or glue onto the side(s) of a gift bag


Full Body = 9,000 gold
Head Shot = 1,000 gold
Waist Up = 4,500 gold
Animal = 2,000 gold (PM me)


Full Body = 3,000 gold
Couple = 6,000 gold
Head Shot = 350 gold
Waist Up = 1,500 gold
Animal = 100 - 500 gold (PM me)



Full Body:
Head Shot:Head Shot Only
Waist Up: Example
Animal(please PM me): Example 1 Example 2 Example 3


Full Body: Example
Couple: Same style as above ^
Head Shot: Example
Waist Up: Example
Animals (please PM me): Moogle Example


Deviantart Account


Regular Pencil Sketches = 100 gold
(includes some-to-no shading, guidelines, sketch marks)
Example 1 Example 2

Pen Sketch or Lineart = 200 gold
(includes simple-to-normal shading, messy or clean lineart, no guidelines or sketch marks)
Example 1
*will be in pen*

Regular Pencil = 400 gold
(includes simple shading, bold or no lineart, no guidelines or sketch marks, smudging)
Bold Lineart
No lineart (Donald = lineart)

Crayola Colored Pencils = 600 gold
(includes shading, lineart, no guidelines or sketchmarks, smooth finish)

Crayola Markers = 800 gold
(includes shading, lineart, no guidelines or sketchmarks, smooth finish)
Example 1
Hair, hat, and to blend eyes

Crayola Watercolors = 1000 gold
(includes shading, lineart, no guidelines or sketchmarks, smooth finish)
Example 1
Example 2

(Ex.) Normal // Full Body // Regular Pencil // 2200 gold (Type + Medium = Total)

Mixed media: Add the total of chosen media (e.g. Sketch + Markers = 1000 gold)
Here is XIchiUchihaSamaX's order form:





Who's being drawn:
Reference Picture:
Type of style(chibi/headshot, etc):
Extra thing you want me to know:

Here is Fluffy_mcPanda's order form:

Artist: Fluffy_mcPanda


Reference pic or Your Avi:
Type (normal/full body/chibi etc):
Extra details:

Hey man...Thanks. Ya'know, for uhm...deciding to get your art here.
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~ Seats (slots) are open for cafe customers!~


~Do not order if slots are full or closed. Slots can close if we are unable to handle them.~

Always check out EVENTS, if your tight on money.

XIchiUchihaSamaX (1-5 slots at most):

1.yummiinmytummi - 32.5%; Her OC; Colored chibi; Sketch-done; Paid
2. Bob_the_evil_Faerie - 0%; Avi; Colored FB Chibi; Paid

Fluffy_mcPanda (1-5 slots at most): (The 50% discount from me is over)

1. Siree Dee // Normal // Full Body // Col. Pencils // Tip: 5000gg = 14,200 gold - PENDING
2. I am RoBoat // Normal // Waist // Col. Pencils // Tip: 2500gg = 7,600(+) gold - PENDING
3. jellykans // Normal // Head Shot // Watercolors // Tip: 500(+) = 2500(+) - PENDING
4. I am RoBoat // Chibi // Full Body // Markers // Tip: 2500gg = 6,300(+) gold - PENDING
5. [closed]

~Get on the Customer List just by being a customer!~


~Get on the Special Customer List by being one of the first customers to buy our limited edition items (drawings)~

~Get on the Black List by disobeying the rules and you don't want to do that!~

(Hopefully we won't get any at all!)
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Special Limited Items


Each last one month - Starting date is included

Souvenirs and Cafe Goodies



(PM me about commissions of your real photo)

Stuffed Animals & Plushies = 650 gold
( For stuffed animals, I will draw a body of an animal and draw you avi's head onto the body // For Plushies, I just draw your avi in plushie form ^^ )
We offer to draw your avi's head on these stuffed animals: teddy bears, pandas, kitties, frogs, puppies/dogs, lambs, tigers, pigs, rabbits, lions, turtles, dragons (cute/normal), chipmunks, duck, penguins, and fish xD

Cafe Goodies

(Cooking up at the moment)
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✖About us: (The workers)✖


✖Name:✖Kachou Tantou✖
✖Status:✖Manager at Muffin Cake Palace
✖Working Personality:✖Very strict about his policy(s). He likes everything running smoothly if possible. He dislikes working up a sweat.✖
✖Personality:✖Strict, and likes perfection. Outside of work, he is still very strict about what he does, and he also goes to college nearby. He plans to keep his job running, while maintaining his grades. Although, he seems very cold when you first meet him, but after getting to know him, he's actually very nice. He smiles more often too. He tends to like to go to the park and eat there. His favorite food is curry bread, he eats one everyday on his way to work, and after work when he is going to the park. He doesn't like to be very social and when he is, he tends to block out their voice so he doesn't have to listen to them. Which cause a lot of girls to hate him.✖
✖Usually called:✖Meester Manager.✖

✖Status:✖Waiter at Muffin Cake Palace
✖Working Personality:✖Rather lazy, and unappreciative about work. He hates Muffin Cake Palace, but he knows this is the only job he can get at the moment.✖
✖Personality:✖He has a "badass" attitude, and is rather lazy. He hates being told what to do, so therefore some the manager and Chiara don't like him very much. Even though he's very lazy, his grades are rather high. Aruiha does not usually smile, because of his "badass" personality. He enjoys video games, and occasionally hits on women. He likes the people at MCP, but he does not want to admit it. He thinks that Bukotsu is rather cute, and very sweet. Kachou, the manger, as an uptight, anti-social, know-it-all. And thinks of Chiara as a younger, smarter, sister. Even though Aruiha and Kachou don't have a very strong relationship, outside of Muffin Cake Palace; they actually get along very well. He hates Muffin Cake Palace, but he enjoys the great service and quick delivery. *nudgenudge* (xD)✖
✖Usually called:✖Rui✖

ღAge: ღ15ღ
ღStatus: ღWaitress at Muffin Cake Palace
ღWorking Personality: ღEnjoys working and meeting new customers, manages to barely keep her grades up in school and pays her own rentღ
ღPersonality: ღKind to everyone, clumsy at times and is may be attracted to the managerღ
ღUsually called: ღBukotsu-neesan, Young ladyღ

ღName:ღChiara Lampadaღ
ღAge: ღ12 and halfღ
ღStatus: ღWaitress at Muffin Cake Palace
ღWorking Personality: ღShe's diligent, and works hard, but gets really bored sometimes so her work starts to get worse.ღ
ღPersonality: ღShe's young, but she's got the mind of a high school student. So therefore, she's in 9th grade of high school. She gets irritated at Aruiha's laziness so she gives him punishments. She adores Parin the Shibu Inu, and likes to follow Bukotsu around. She respects Kachou for actually keeping Muffin Cake Palace organized. She is very happy, and nice, but teases people she doesn't like, like Aruiha. She likes to wear accessories but not a lot, she thinks it's gaudy to wear a lot. Her grades are at it's highest.ღ
ღUsually called: ღChiaღ
ღFor you to know:ღ Chiara is created by Michelle, who doesn't own a gaia account, and also, Chiara is not part of this here Muffin Cake Palace, but is part of a manga/ web-comic located here: (not here yet).

☆Pet name:☆Parin☆
☆Belongs to:☆Chiara☆
☆Breed:☆ Shiba Inu☆
☆Personality:☆Parin loves Chiara, and likes Bukotsu, but dislikes Aruiha and Kachou. Thinks they are threats to his master's love life (but their not, really). He growls at Aruiha, and glares at Kachou. He is loyal and sweet if he likes you. He is Chiara's pet, breed is Shiba Inu. His age is unknown, for he was picked up in the streets by Chiara.☆


ღThe Artist(s):ღ


✖Creator of:✖Aruiha and Kachou✖
ღName:ღ Fluffy_mcPandaღ
ღCreator of:ღ Bukotsu-neechanღ
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Links -

Love our shop; love Rui? Here's a link to our shop with a picture of Rui! Put it in your signature, or your profile!

User Image

The code:

Rui not your favorite? Here's Kachou, our manager!

User Image

The code:

Not Kachou, or Rui? Here's our adorable female waitress, Bukotsu!

User Image

The code:

So. . .maybe you can't decide what character you like best, oh well, that's okay! Here's them all! made by xXwater_mikkoXx~!

User Image

The code:

Brushes used on banners:

here. :]


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Bad dum da ding!

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